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Chapter 222.4 - Confessed True Feelings Emotions Stirred

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 222.4: Confessed True Feelings Emotions Stirred

    Lou Jun Yao held her hand in his, the expression on his face an indiscernible smile. “Why do I always seem to feel that there are so many secrets hidden in you?”

    Qing Yu burst out in laughter. “You already know most of my secrets.”

    Including being a resurrected soul and that she was living a second life were things he already knew about. The key thing was that he was too smart and she would not be able to hide it from him for long anyway.

    And since he brought up the topic about her having so many secrets, Qing Yu could not help raising an eyebrow and glancing at him. “You already know so much about me but I….. seem to know nothing about you at all.”

    She only knew that he possessed unfathomable high levels of cultivation and was someone of extraordinary identity in Cloud Heaven with many pugilists of remarkable skill appearing around him, all of that highly mysterious.

    He had not said anything about himself, and she had never asked him about it before.

    But if she had asked, he would have told her.

    Sure enough, after she said that, the man then said slowly in explanation: “There are a total of five great powers in Cloud Heaven, the Dark Lands, the Divine Healers Sect, the Hunters’ Guild, the Bright Moon Divine Temple and the Barbarian Tribe. Bai Zhi Yan is the Young Lord of the Divine Healers Sect and I…..”

    He paused for a moment as he turned to look at her and continued: “I am the Overlord of the Dark Lands.”

    The expression on Qing Yu’s face turned a little surprised. Although she knew that he definitely held a rather extraordinary identity, she had never thought that he would be the Overlord holding reign over one of Cloud Heaven’s greatest powers. Moreover….. the name “Dark Lands” did not sound like it was filled with any upright or moral kind of people and she was guessing that they were all just like this fella here, a bunch of unorthodox devils.

    But the fact that Bai Zhi Yan was the Divine Healers Sect’s Young Lord was something she knew all along.

    Bai Zhi Yan had sought to probe where she had acquired her skills from several times before, trying to find out more about her, and he had announced his family background to her on his own accord back then.

    But for such a high ranking member of the Divine Healers Sect to be seen hanging around Lou Jun Yao who did not look like any upstanding person but more like the devil’s incarnate, the people from the Divine Healers Sect….. are not interfering at all?

    Qing Yu contemplated on her thoughts. She had previously thought that the two men were….. Ahem…. That kind of relationship….. And she had even distanced herself from the two of them for a period.

    Afterall, she had never seen those two grown men separated far away from each other for any extended periods.

    But she just realized that the reason they were always seen together was for no other reason than the danger Lou Jun Yao would be in if he came to be wounded due to his body’s unique constitution.

    When that thought came to mind, Qing Yu then pulled out several more life saving elixirs and medicine from her personal dimensional space before pushing them all into the man’s hands. “Keep all these well. They will be useful at critical moments. As Bai Zhi Yan will not be with you, you have to extra careful to not let yourself get hurt.”