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Chapter 624 - Si Yiyan, You’re Great!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 624: Si Yiyan, You’re Great!

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    The bright rays of the moon shone through the thin glass windows and into the house, and the crisp sounds of toads croaking in the darkness of the night filled the air. Wen Xinya rested her head on Si Yiyan’s chest and the pain in her abdomen made it impossible to sleep. However, she dared not move an inch at all because she was afraid that she would disturb Si Yiyan. Hence, she remained still for a prolonged period of time, causing her body to stiffen uncomfortably.

    “What’s wrong? Are you feeling uncomfortable?” Si Yiyan asked, holding her waist and easing her into a comfortable position.

    She had previously had a good sleep. However, her body began to stiffen all of a sudden at midnight and she was too afraid to move.

    Feeling much more comfortable, Wen Xinya said in a raspy and feeble voice, “I’m alright.”

    Si Yiyan could tell that her voice was a little nasal. He turned over and switched on the lights beside the bed.


    The lights were lit up all of a sudden, causing her eyes to feel a little uncomfortable. Her temples began throbbing and she subconsciously closed her eyes.

    Si Yiyan finally saw that her face had turned extremely pale. “You look so awful. Yet, you still say that you’re alright!”

    He then touched her hand to see that it was cold and clammy. He instantly tensed up and became much more nervous.

    Wen Xinya pressed both hands on her stomach and stared at him pitifully like an injured animal. “My stomach feels terrible.”

    Menstrual cramps were common amongst women and Wen Xinya was no exception either. When she was leading a wandering life, she would be in excruciating pain whenever she got her period and no medicine could relieve her menstrual cramps at all.

    Her condition had improved greatly ever since she returned to the Wen Family, because of the help from Old Mr. Du and the herbal baths that she had been taking. However, she was a premature baby and her health was weak, to begin with.

    Si Yiyan instantly understood what she meant. He said, “Lie down for a while. I’ll get you some medicine.”


    He knew quite a fair bit about her menstrual cramps and he was also aware of the pain that came with them. He thought that her condition had significantly improved after the herbal baths and Old Mr. Du’s medications. Yet, she was not completely in the pink of health yet. It seemed… he still had to help her nourish her body with more medicinal herbs.

    Wen Xinya watched as Si Yiyan hurriedly put on his clothes and left the room.

    Her heart was filled with warmth.

    For the past few years, she had been suffering alone in silence. Yet, she now had a man to dote on her.

    Wen Xinya slipped into a daze and felt extremely chilly.

    Soon, Si Yiyan returned with a cup of hot chocolate. “Drink some hot chocolate while it’s still hot. Warm your stomach up.”

    The common cause of menstrual cramps was poor blood circulation and hot chocolate would aid in improving blood circulation.


    Wen Xinya exclaimed coquettishly, “I feel terrible and I don’t want to move. Feed me!”

    Si Yiyan stared at her pale face which made her look weak and pitiful. He agreed. “Sure!”

    Si Yiyan continued to feed her, spoon by spoon. Wen Xinya enjoyed the tastes of the sweet and fragrant hot chocolate bursting in her mouth. It then moved down her throat smoothly. She felt as if Si Yiyan was caressing her heart.

    Soon, she finished the piping hot cup of hot chocolate which warmed her gut and made her feel much more comfortable.

    “Lie down for a while. I’ll go out to get you some medicine,” Si Yiyan said. He pulled the duvet across her body and exited the room again.

    He then grabbed his mobile phone and called Wan Niang.

    At this moment, Wan Niang, who was sound asleep, was jolted from her deep slumber by the loud and sudden ringing of her mobile phone. She grabbed the clock to see that it was already two past midnight.


    She picked up the call.

    Si Yiyan asked eagerly, “Wan Niang, do you have any solutions for relieving period cramps? Do they have to be relieved with medication or injections?”

    In a daze, Wan Niang thought that she had heard him wrong. She suddenly found it hilarious that he had made such a request in the middle of the night.

    Realizing that she was not saying anything, Si Yiyan continued, “Wen Xinya is having menstrual cramps. She seems to be in terrible pain. Her body is cold…”

    Wan Niang interrupted. “Don’t worry, menstrual cramps are common amongst women. Cook her a bowl of ginger and brown sugar soup. Let it warm her up and she’ll be fine after an abdomen massage!”

    Before Wan Niang could even react, Si Yiyan thanked her and hung up the phone.

    She guessed that he was definitely rushing to cook some ginger and brown sugar soup for Wen Xinya.


    She shook her head.

    Like father, like son.


    Wen Xinya clutched the duvet tightly and leaned against the headboard of the bed.

    Shortly after, Si Yiyan returned with a large bowl.

    Smelling the ginger soup from afar, she was filled with a warm and fuzzy feeling at the thought of the various times that Si Yiyan had brewed her ginger soup.

    Si Yiyan handed her the bowl and said, “Wan Niang told me that ginger soup will relieve cramps.”

    Wen Xinya smiled feebly and said, “Actually, it doesn’t hurt that badly.”

    Si Yiyan said with a frown, “Drink it while it’s still hot.”

    Wen Xinya obediently scooped the ginger soup and drank it spoonful by spoonful.

    After finishing the entire bowl of ginger soup, Wen Xinya broke out into a sweat and felt a huge relief as the spicy and warm liquid alleviated her pain.

    Si Yiyan grabbed the bowl and asked, “How is it? Do you feel better?”

    Wen Xinya answered with a nod, “I feel much better!”

    Si Yiyan placed the bowl aside and climbed onto the bed, after which he lifted her clothes.

    Wen Xinya grew flustered and hurriedly stopped him. “What are you doing!?!”

    Si Yiyan answered, “I’m going to help you rub your tummy. You’ll feel much better.”

    Wen Xinya then let go of his hand, only to find that it was warm and moist. After Si Yiyan placed his hand on her tummy, she felt like her pain had faded, though she was unsure if she was just imagining things.

    Wen Xinya began to feel a little sleepy and exclaimed, “Si Yiyan, you’re so good to me!”

    Women were the weakest during their periods. Be in the past or present lifetime, she had never had anyone shower her with so much care and concern before. Neither had she ever… found that periods were much less terrifying than she had thought.

    Noticing that her breathing had become more rhythmic, Si Yiyan smiled, well aware that she had already fallen asleep.

    However, he was afraid that she would be jolted awake by the pain again. Hence, he slowed down but did not stop.

    Under the dim yellow lights, she looked pretty even while asleep. Blood began to flow to her face again, making her less pale than before.

    It was truly a blissful thing to hold a ravishing beauty in one’s embrace.

    Yet, he was banished to hell and became sexually frustrated because of the annoying period.