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Chapter 223.1 - Dare To Seduce People, I’ll Make You Cry

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Lou Jun Yao could do nothing but laugh, as he kept the things the young lady pushed into his hands carefully away.

    “The trip to Cloud Heaven this time might take me away for a very long time and I will not be able to come back within this period.” Lou Jun Yao knitted his brows. “You must take good care of yourself and not get injured again. Qing Tian Lin probably has too much on his plate now and he would not have the energy to find trouble with you for quite a while.”

    Upon hearing that, Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow and asked: “What did you do?”

    “I merely gave him something to occupy himself with, so that he would not have the time to hatch any scheme against you.” Lou Jun Yao narrowed his eyes and said in a haughty scoffing voice.

    Qing Yu bit her lip and smiled at him. “Then does that mean I can go back to the Faint Mist Sect now?”

    “Mm. The Faint Mist Sect is comparatively safe for now but accidents happen. Although the Lightning Blaze Unicorn is there, he is afterall not human and there would be some things that he would not know how to deal with adequately. Moreover, having a male creature following you around all the time is not something I can come to like.”

    Lou Jun Yao creased his brows together and contemplated deeply for a moment. “I’ll get Lu Ji to go back with you to protect you closely instead.”

    “Lu Ji?” Qing Yu blinked her eyes. She seemed to have some recollection of that name. “Is it that pretty lady dressed in green clothes back at the Fragrance Court?”

    She remembered that the lady had stepped up to stop the man who had come to find trouble with her, a rather righteous lady.

    How could she have known that the lady had stood up for her because that lady had fallen for her?

    Lou Jun Yao glanced at Qing Yu and said in a strange and indiscernible voice: “I’m putting her by your side only to have her protect you. As she is also a woman, she can be more thoughtful and conscientious than men in certain things but there is one important thing you must remember…..”

    His words spoken till there, he suddenly stopped.

    Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow. “Hm?”

    [Remember what?]

    He suddenly held her dainty pointed chin in his hand, raising her head up to look straight into his face.

    Thereafter, Lou Jun Yao leaned in close and his thin lips parted slightly to say softly. “Listen carefully here. You must never do to her like what you did to Lian Ji before, all that teasing and flirting.”

    This little fox had crossdressed herself for too long and her actions were sometimes a little too uninhibited and lacking in restraint, reckless and flirtatious like a man.

    He had seen it himself once. She was able to make an old hand like Lian Ji who had been immersed in a place like Fragrance Court for so many years look so helpless with her teasing, which surprised him greatly at that time.

    Hearing the man’s words, Qing Yu could not help but laugh out loud. “But why?”

    [Would he be jealous if she teases a woman?]

    Lou Jun Yao looked at her with a serious expression and said: “Because she will fall in love with you.”