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Chapter 223.2 - Dare To Seduce People, I’ll Make You Cry

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     The fact that Lu Ji liked women was something that he had come to hear about before. But besides that slightly unusual preference, she was outstanding in all other areas, her skills among the top few among the twelve courtesans and was highly intelligent. That was the reason Lou Jun Yao was placing Lu Ji by the little lass’ side.

    He was naturally confident of Lu Ji’s loyalty and her ability to do her duty.

    But if the lass were to go flirt and seduce the woman, who knew whether anything unexpected could possibly happen?

    “Fall in love with me?” Qing Yu burst out laughing and fell onto him. “Thank you for thinking so highly of me. This is a great testament to the charm I possess and I am honored.”

    It looked like she thought he was just joking.

    Lou Jun Yao’s face turned solemn and he held her shoulder to straighten her body that had doubled over in laughter. He then said in a highly serious tone, pausing in between each word. “I am not joking here. Lu Ji likes women. If you dare to really go flirt and tease her recklessly like you always do to the other women in here and make her develop feelings for you, you’ll see how I am going to deal with you when I come back.”

    Qing Yu’s face that was laughing dismissively suddenly stiffened up. “…..”

    [She likes women?]

    [Why does it feel like she has just realized something strange…..]

    [That day, when Lu Ji had stood up for her….. Didn’t she do it out of a sense of righteousness but it was because she liked women and was just subconsciously defending her because she was a girl?]

    [And it seemed like….. the way she looked at her had been rather thought provoking as well!]

    Qing Yu’s eyes immediately widened helplessly. “Is that really true?”

    [Is it something she should be laughing about now?]

    Lou Jun Yao murmured softly to her: “Heed my words. Don’t go stir that hornet’s nest for no reason.”

    “Alright alright. I know already.” In order to stop Lou Jun Yao from nagging any further, Qing Yu quickly nodded her head without hesitation. “I’ll be good. I will not stir up any trouble and will not let myself get hurt. I will also definitely not go flirt with or tease any men or women. Will this now set your mind at ease enough for you to leave already?”

    [He said it was an important matter but the guy did not seem to be anxious at all. He has dawdled for so long and if he drags his feet any longer, the sun will set.]

    Her clearly patronizing words however sounded very differently when they reached the man’s ears.

    The devilishly enchanting eyes narrowed dangerously and his voice was low and deep. “Are you chasing me away?”


    Qing Yu felt so wrongfully accused, and she really did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

    “I was merely afraid that you would be delayed in your personal matters. I would of course like you to be able to remain here to accompany me but….. you’ve got to look at the bigger picture.”

    The beautiful slender fingers that were tinged with the uniquely faint fragrant scent of herbs felt comfortingly cool as they slowly came to caress the man’s cheek. As if they were imbued with an amazing power, they quelled the displeasure in the man’s heart in an instant.