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Chapter 223.3 - Dare To Seduce People, I’ll Make You Cry

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     In addition to that, the young lady’s submissive look really almost killed him.

    That gentle and pleasing voice spoke such moving words, unknowingly plucking at the strings in the man’s heart.

    The violet orbs stared fixedly at the young lady’s face of flawless beauty, the fervour of his gaze seeming like it would incinerate her. Qing Yu was taken aback by the intensity of his gaze, and wondered if it was because he liked her doing this, which made her want to remove her hand instinctively.

    It dawned upon her that the action she had grown so used to to appease Little Bei was being used upon this man before her, one who was highly revered and worshipped, a person used to standing high above everyone else, and such actions could possibly come to offend him.

    But the instant she tried to move her hand away, her wrist was suddenly tightly held in the man’s warm grip. His voice became deep as his gaze looked unblinkingly at her face. “Don’t move. Just put your hand there as it’s very comforting.”

    Qing Yu could not help smiling as she gave in to the man, thinking the way he was acting was a little like a small child, which felt so adorable.

    “Jun Yao, have you fallen asleep inside? It’s been almost two hours already! If we do not leave now, are we going to wait till tomorrow? !”

    Outside the door, Bai Zhi Yan’s voice rang out loudly to reach their ears.

    If this was like the usual situation in the past, it would not matter when they left. But because the Mind Free Peak was about to appear soon as changes had been seen in Cloud Heaven, they need to enter the dimensional portal before the Si hour in the morning to reach Cloud Heaven in time. Otherwise, fluctuations in the direction of flow in the dimensional tunnel might bring them to another place.

    With Cloud Heaven being so vast, who knew what kind of a remote and desolate they would end up in. But the most important point was that they would be delayed with their business at hand.

    Lou Jun Yao said that he was just going to say goodbye but had been in the little lass’ room for so long. Seeing that time was already almost up, Bai Zhi Yan could not help but to rush him from outside the door. [What is that fella up to in there?]

    The heartwarming moment interrupted, Lou Jun Yao’s face turned dark. Looks like Bai Zhi Yan would not be able to escape a good thrashing after he goes outside.

    “Go on now. Be careful out there.” Qing Yu’s hand was still on his face, and just like what he always did, she pinched him a little.

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes narrowed slightly and his hand holding the young lady’s wrist tightened a little. He suddenly bent over and leaned his face in close to the young lady, asking in a questioning tone: “I am about to leave. Do you want to….. Kiss me goodbye?”

    After having made his feelings clear, he no longer needed to hide his thoughts anymore. In the man’s enchanting eyes, they were filled with his love for the person right before him.

    Having a man whose flawless looks seemed to have been exceptionally loved and blessed by the Heavens staring so intently at her, his eyes expectant and hopeful, really just made one want to….. commit a crime.

    Qing Yu did not speak but reached her hands out to pull him in close and pressed her soft lips against the man’s thin ones, even biting them lightly. Her actions suddenly caused the man’s body to freeze.