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Chapter 223.4 - Dare To Seduce People, I’ll Make You Cry

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     But that was not all. He had not expected the young lady to be so bold and daring, as he felt a little playful fish slip right into his territory, swimmingly happily inside.

    The man’s body wasn’t just frozen in shock at that moment, but almost transformed into a ravenous wolf under the young lady’s audacious incitement, as he submissively allowed the young lady to shower him with love for a good while.

    Qing Yu had always been direct and passionate with her feelings. Once her mind was set, she would not be coy and hesitant, so being intimate occasionally was something she liked as well and it would also improve their relationship.

    But, someone’s completely frozen state made it seem like he was shocked and overwhelmed by her actions.

    After a while, Qing Yu finally ended that highly moving kiss and she looked smilingly at him to ask: “Satisfied?”

    She had probably been too ferocious just now as the young lady’s petite lips looked a little red and swollen. But that made her look even more captivating, driving someone almost out of his mind.

    Lou Jun Yao breathed out heavily as roiling surge rose inside his eyes, almost able to drown a person looking into them. He buried his head into the fair and smooth skin exposed under the collar that had come loose and bite hard onto it. His voice turned hoarse and raspy as he said: “If I did not have to leave right now, I would definitely make this bold and daring little demoness cry.”

    “I’ll be waiting for you to do that.” The expression on Qing Yu’s face did not look embarrassed in the slightest at that moment but she had said those words with a radiant beaming smile on her face.

    Lou Jun Yao did not say anything in response as he stood up and just turned around to leave the room.

    He was afraid that if he still did not leave now, it would become harder and harder for him to do it. [What a tormenting little one she is. Did she have to stir up such a scene just before he had to go, making him miss her so much now.]


    His eyes narrowed as he raised his long fingers up to gently touch his lips. [Didn’t that kiss from the little one seem too well practised?]

    [Or did that mean that she had done it with other men before?]

    [Regarding that, he would have to find out clearly once he returns.]

    Lou Jun Yao’s lips had always been thin and colourless. With them looking so alluringly red and luscious at that moment, any fool would be able to jolly well guess what had happened inside the room just now.

    Bai Zhi Yan glanced at the man and said to the man: “What? You took advantage of the lass again? See that lascivious look on your face.”

    Hearing that, Lou Jun Yao looked at him with violet orbs that were calm without a single ripple in them and said expressionlessly: “She was the one who took advantage of me.”