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Chapter 378 - Seems to Have Found the Heaven Treasure!

Medical Master
     “What organization are they from?” Fang Qiu asked, frowning.

    “They come from an organization that is trying to block the rise of Huaxia. It’s actually controlled by a foreign fund and it’s called HNS, and the full name is Neverrise, Huaxia,” Li Ji replied.

    “Huaxia, never rise?”

    Fang Qiu narrowed his eyes.

    A fit of vague anger rose within him.

    Huaxia was never afraid of any enemy or obstacle.


    But the name of the organization was so blatant. This was a provocation.

    Being Chinese, Fang Qiu was not happy with the name!

    “Any specific information so far?”

    Fang Qiu puckered his lips and asked, “When will they come, and how many people?”

    “There’s no word yet,” Li Ji answered with a sigh.

    “All right.”

    Fang Qiu nodded.


    He knew that the organization must be confident enough to use such a blatant name.

    If the movement of this organization could be easily investigated, it would have been eliminated, let alone destroyed and stopped Huaxia.

    That was why Fang Qiu’s heart tightened.

    Fang Qiu had to be on his guard when he knew that his enemy was going to retaliate, but he didn’t know anything about the enemy’s actions.


    In the evening, the List of Martial Superiors on the Wulin online forum was updated again.

    This update surprised everyone.


    It was because in the update, the mysterious man who had been getting everybody’s attention all the time actually jumped from No. 3,123 to No. 989 with astonishing speed.

    This person went straight up to over 2,000 places.

    Such a long span of promotion was unprecedented in the List of Martial Superiors.

    You know, an ordinary martial arts practitioner had to train for several years before he or she got the opportunity to break through to be a Martial Superior and get on the List of Martial Superiors.

    After appearing on the list, even if the martial arts practitioner worked hard every day and had great talent, it was good enough for him to improve to three or five places a month.

    After all, he or she was not the only person to practice and improve the strength. Others in the list also practiced daily.

    In this case, it was quite good for those talented martial arts practitioners to be in the top 1,000 of the List of Martial Superiors within a few years.


    But how long had the mysterious man been on the list?

    Besides, this man was the only one at the peak of the martial arts practitioner who entered the List of Martial Superiors and was ranked No. 3,123. Now only a few months had passed. This person directly rushed to the top of 1,000, a place where others had to spend a few years to reach.

    How was that possible?

    For a moment, everyone began to check the introduction to the mysterious man on the list.

    The mysterious man.

    Strength: A second-class Martial Superior.

    Record: He defeated the Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest on his own!

    Everyone was shocked to see this introduction.


    “What the hell is this?”

    “Is it crazy? Did the people who updated the list get it wrong?”

    “How is that possible? A second-class Martial Superior could defeat the Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest?”

    “Of the Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest, four are fifth-class Martial Superiors and one is sixth-class Martial Superior!”

    “That’s not real! No matter how strong the mysterious man was, he couldn’t reach such an amazing level! He fought against the five by himself, and all the five were stronger than him. But in the end, he won? This is ridiculous!”

    “Yes. The fifth-class Martial Superior is an expert who has opened 10 meridians; the sixth-class Martial Superior is an expert who has opened 12 meridians. How could they not win a battle with a second-class Martial Superior who had only opened two meridians?”

    “Yes. And the five of them fought against one person!”

    No one dared to believe it.

    Everyone thought there was a mistake.

    A lot of people began to look up the rankings of the Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest.

    As long as the person on the list had experienced a major battle that had influenced the ranking of the list, it was bound to be recorded on the list. Everyone wanted to see whether the Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest were really defeated by the mysterious man who was only a second-class Martial Superior.

    However, they looked it up for a long time, but no one found the rankings of the Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest.

    “It’s strange. How did the rankings of the Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest all disappear?”

    “I remember that Mo Qingzhu was ranked 1,034, and Liu Dongzhu and the other three were ranked between 1,800 and 2,000. Why are all five gone?”

    “It’s not scientific.”

    “Don’t look it up anymore. There must have been a mistake with the updated list, which caused the mysterious man’s ranking to rise inexplicably.”

    “Maintain and update immediately. It’s been 10 years. How could they make such a stupid mistake?”

    People were asking for a new update.

    As a result, the forum administrator made no response.

    Half an hour later, just as everyone was making a terrible scene, a post suddenly appeared.

    “My god! The Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest are unexpectedly here!”

    Seeing this post, everyone on the forum rushed in.

    Those people took a closer look and saw a screenshot in the post. This screenshot was the “Passing List” that no one paid attention to all year round on the forum!

    The Passing List!

    It was a special list to record why people who once had a great reputation in Wulin quit Wulin.

    It was actually not a list.

    It was just a list of records, without ranking or sequence.

    And at this point, the Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest were at the last place of the list.

    “What the hell is this?”

    “The Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest unexpectedly quit Wulin?”


    Seeing this screenshot, everyone was very curious and went to browse the Passing List.

    As a result, they did see the Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest.

    The Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest: Mo Qingzhu (the sixth-class), Liu Dongzhu (the fifth-class), Zhang Sizhu (the fifth-class), Tian Zhongzhu (the fifth-class), Wu Xinzhu (the fifth-class).

    The five people did evil, bullied others, and were the scum in Wulin.

    They quit Wulin in Jiangjing.

    The five of them fought against the up-and-coming mysterious man in Wulin and failed. In the end, the mysterious man abolished their cultivation, broke their Dantians, destroyed their meridians, and cut off their ways of martial arts!

    Although there were only a few simple descriptive words, everyone was shocked to read them!

    It was a complete and utter shock!

    The Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest were ruined by the mysterious man unexpectedly!

    At the moment, everyone did not know whether to cry or laugh and had extremely mixed feelings.

    They all knew that now that the Passing List had recorded this matter, it was true that the mysterious man alone defeated five people.

    Still, it was not acceptable.

    How could a second-class Martial Superior be so powerful?

    The Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest were scum.

    For the failure of the five, they were all happy at the bottom of their hearts, feeling that the mysterious man punished the wicked.

    But, what about this mysterious man who showed up suddenly?

    How could there be such a formidable second-class Martial Superior in the world?

    Even the Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest were no match for him. Then the vast majority of people on the List of Martial Superiors were inferior to him, a second-class Martial Superior?

    The result was unacceptable to all.

    Just when everyone’s attention was attracted by this matter, the news which made everyone excited suddenly appeared on the forum.

    “There seems to be a Heaven Treasure in the Western Wetland in Jiangnan Region!”

    As soon as this post appeared, apart from others, the “Heaven Treasure” in the title immediately attracted everyone’s attention!

    Instead of thinking about the strength of the mysterious man, everyone rushed into this post.

    In just a few minutes, the post reached the hottest position in the forum.

    There was nothing useful in the post.

    There was only one sentence, which was exactly the same as the title.

    Seeing the content of the post, everyone could not help but have doubts. But because the temptation of the Heaven Treasure was too great, they did not leave but raised questions.

    “Is this true or false?”

    “Is there any Heaven Treasure?”

    “It can’t be a lie, can it?”

    “If someone really found a Heaven Treasure, would he or she be so proud to tell the world about it?”

    “Where’s the post starter? Come out and explain. Is the news true or not?”

    Countless people asked the truth.

    Soon, the popularity of the post was completely extraordinary.

    It seemed that because this post received too much attention, the post starter appeared and replied in the public expectation.

    There were no words in the reply.

    There were only a few pictures.

    The first was a picture of the environment around an island in a wetland. There was a great whirlpool, and a great shadow was beneath the ground.

    The second picture showed the whirlpool and the disappearance of the underground shadow.

    There was no doubt that these two pictures were taken by many photoshop experts to check once they were posted.

    It turned out that the two pictures had not really been modified. They were all real!

    For a moment, everyone was startled.

    “What a big whirlpool and shadow! Did anyone really discover the Heaven Treasure? Is this shadow the guardian beast of the Heaven Treasure?”

    “It seems true!”

    “It’s a real Heaven Treasure!”

    “I didn’t expect that the Heaven Treasure could grow out of that place.”

    That was when everyone went crazy.

    They all wanted to find the treasure.

    After all, that was a Heaven Treasure!

    Even if that was not a Heaven Treasure, that was at least a top-grade Earth Treasure.

    The attraction to martial arts practitioners was simply too great. They couldn’t resist that temptation at all!

    After reading the post, many people packed up overnight, heading for Jiangnan, ready to try their luck.

    It would be nice to get the Heaven Treasure. Even if they couldn’t get it, they could treat it as a trip.


    In the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, after Li Ji left, Fang Qiu thought about it and felt that it seemed a little inappropriate for martial arts practitioners to come to his school to him from Jiangjing. Wasn’t it clear to tell the world that the mysterious man was in the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine?

    What if a challenger from another province came straight to his school?

    With that in mind, Fang Qiu just set a mysterious man’s number on the phone that Li Ji gave him and left school. In a hurry, he soon arrived at He Gaoming’s detective agency.

    He Gaoming was sitting in the detective agency, smoking a cigar and packing excitedly.


    Fang Qiu swooped in and stopped at He Gaoming’s desk.

    “I won’t be working recently. If you need help, come back next month.”

    He Gaoming didn’t stop. He was still picking up his things in thrill and excitement.

    Fang Qiu was stunned.

    Why was this guy who loved money refused to make money now?

    Confused, Fang Qiu took a pen from the desk, wrote down a cell phone number, and then gave it to He Gaoming, saying, “Here’s my phone number. Call this number if you need later.”

    As soon as these words were spoken, He Gaoming turned around abruptly and looked at Fang Qiu, who had turned into the mysterious man!

    Then, a big cry of surprise sounded.


    He Gaoming jumped up with a look of surprise and tried to hug Fang Qiu, but Fang Qiu stretched out his right hand and pressed it directly onto his face, putting him a meter away.