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Chapter 7 - Instant Kill

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 7: Instant Kill

    Afterwards, Yi Tianyun hunt the monsters at night regularly, by riding his snow wolf king of course to the snowy mountains. But since he got no more ten times exp card, so the exp he gained is relatively small, plus there are not that many monsters here to begin with, so he can’t level up that fast.

    Time passed quickly, and half a month was over.

    Today is the day for the duel, it was already crowded, but Yi Tianyun is nowhere to be found.

    “Palace Lord Shi, is Yi Tianyun coming?” When Zhao Hualong did not see Yi Tianyun anywhere near the stage, he makes fun of him.

    Fang Yun’s face is kind of disappointed. If Yi Tianyun ran away, he’ll miss his chance for revenge.

    “He’s preparing himself, he will be here soon.” Said Shi Xueyun contradicting herself because she preferred Yi Tianyun to run away instead of coming here.

    “Glad to hear it. If he actually ran away, you will be held responsible! You can start by giving us quota for entering ancient ruin, Otherwise, Spirit Sect will not just let this matter go!” Zhao Hualong said.

    “Why should I run away? Jade Palace is my home. Why should i bother to escape? I already said i will participate! I will do it!”

    Yi Tianyun came over from a distance. He walks calmly showing no signs of panicking, and people have not yet realized the true power hidden within him. But They do somehow sense he was not the same as half a month ago.

    When Yi Tianyun killed Fang Chen, they all think that it was a coincidence or maybe Yi Tianyun used some kind of dirty trick, because they simply don’t think that Yi Tiangyun is strong enough to kill Fang Chen.

    “I appreciate you don’t run away with tail between your legs!” Fang Yun’s eyes are cold.

    Shi Xueyun sighed heavily, and even though Yi Tianyun didn’t run away, no one is rooting for him or expect him to win, neither Jade Palace nor Spirit Sect.

    Spirit Sect thinks that he is bragging, and Jade Palace thinks that he desperately tries to protect his dignity and forcing himself to come here regardless the result of the duel!

    “Since everyone is already here, Palace Lord Shi, shall we begin?” Zhao Hualong sneered, and now that Yi Tianyun is here, their victory is already guaranteed before it even begin.

    “That’s good, then it will be a best of five, the faction that win three times will be the winner and earned the right to enter ancient ruin.” Shi Xueyun said solemnly.

    “Yes, it is five games and three wins. Who is the first one?” Zhao Hualong squinted his eyes toward Yi Tianyun, as if challenging Yi Tianyun to go first.

    “Then I will go first!” Yi Tianyun volunteered to go first, then walk toward the stage.

    When Yi Tianyun almost enter the stage, he was stopped by Shi Xueyun and whispered to him: “Go admit defeat, even if you this is a duel of life and death, you can admit defeat!” Her expression is very serious.

    “If I admit defeat, I am not worthy of your protection, aunt.” Yi Tianyun smiled at her and went up to the martial arts stage, leaving the Shi Xueyun.

    The distinguished Shi Xueyun, has no problem showing everyone how precious Yi Tianyun is for her, and Yi Tianyun is not afraid to make enemies out of Spirit Sect!

    Shi Xueyun is not even his actual aunt, but that’s not the point, to protect Yi Tianyun, she would even go as far as slapping Zhao Hualong, endangering the relationship between two factions, he is once again reminded how much she meant for him!

    “Very good, then without further ado let’s begin!”.

    When Yi Tianyun came to stage, Zhao Hualong waved to his disciple Fang Yun, solemnly said: “This is a life or death duel, you can’t admit defeat unless you are out of bounds!”

    Zhao Hualong added the conditions for admitting defeat, so Yi Tianyun can’t admit defeat easily, it’s a different story if he managed to get out of the arena though.

    It’s not like that trash can outrun Fang Yun anyway.