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Chapter 8 - Three Moves

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 8: Three Moves

    Even though embarrassing, it’s an efficient counterattack, also easily counter Fang Yun’s sneak attack. After everyone grasp what just happened, they are astonished! nobody expected Yi Tianyun to achieve such accomplishment

    An infamous trash, easily crushed Fang Yun. Fang Yun’s cultivation is not that high, but seventh level of Body Refinement Realm is quite impressive, and belongs to the upper middle level.

    This means that at the very least Yi Tianyun’s cultivation has reached seventh level of Body Refinement Realm. That doesn’t mean that he is a genius or anything of the sort, but at least he definitely is not trash like everyone thought.

    No one actually knows at which level Yi Tianyun’s cultivation is right now, they merely speculate. If your cultivation is higher than other, you can camouflage it.

    “This, what’s going on…” Shi Xueyun was shocked. Being able to talk casually at situation like this is shocking enough. The strength he has demonstrated just now is definitely not lower than seventh or eighth level  of Body Refinement Realm.

    Can you still call him trash?

    Yi Tianyun know that everyone is astonished. He knew this would happen of course. Infamous trash suddenly become so powerful, everyone is dumbfounded.

    Fang Yun died in Zhao Hualong arms, Zhao Hualong drown his anger, unleashed a murderous aura rising to the sky!

    “Hoo, trying to show off arent we? Turns out your cultivation level is higher, that’s why you can kill Fang Chen!” Zhao Hualong looked at Yi Tianyun with resentment: “No wonder you insist on participating, your cultivation is at least eighth level of Body Refinement Realm which is higher than Fang Yun! You don’t need to go so far as killing him, do you?”

    Yi Tianyun sneered: “They both used a dagger to attack and assassinate me, are you telling me to do nothing and let myself get killed? And he said himself this is a battle of life and death, am i wrong?”

    He understands where Zhao Hualong coming from. But since they are the on who’s picking a fight of course Yi Tianyun won’t just let them kill him without a fight.

    They used dagger to assassinate him. If it wasn’t for his tall body and fast reaction speed, the one lying on the ground right now would be him, not Fang Yun!

    Therefore, as long as he feel disadvantage, he won’t let his guard down and do anything to win. Naive person won’t last long in this world! Repaying evil with virtue? That is nonsense for him. The moment somebody pick a fight with him, he’s already dead in his eyes!.

    Zhao Hualong eyes are full of grief. All he can do now is swallow his pride.

    Jade Palace won a round thanks to Yi Tianyun’s victory.

    “How is this a trash? If he really is a trash he can’t be this strong…..”

    “It seems that it’s just a rumor! This kid is not a trash at all, in fact he’s quite talented!”

    Suddenly Jade Palace’s discpile is chattering among themselves, the strength that Yi Tianyun demonstrated just now leaves an amazing impression among them.

    This world respected the strong, and only by showing powerful strength can he be respected by others!

    “Tianyun, you can come down.” Shi Xueyun sighed, she doesn’t care about anything else as long as Yi Tianyun remain safe.

    “Palace Lord, is it ok if i participate again?” Yi Tianyun said calmy, It’s quite ironic actually, back then everyone laughed at him because he is trash, especially their Elder Zhao Hualong, now they are so speechless after seeing what just happened.

    “Oh, impessive, that’s good! By all means!” Zhao Hualong squinted at Yi Tianyun, his eyes can’t fully conceal his wrath, if this not in Heavely Jade Palace, he would’ve already killed Yi Tianyun.

    “Tianyun, hurry down and recover, don’t force yourself…” Shi Xueyun was worried. She  thought that Yi Tianyun could not keep going, and forcing himself.

    “Palace Lord, I am fine, do you want me to remain being a trash like what they said?” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

    Shi Xueyun is quite shocked to hear it, what kind of power is it that caused him to undergo such changes? Did you obtain some kind of inheritance or anything of the sort?