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Chapter 13 - Luck Aura

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 13: Luck Aura

    “How can you breakthrough to Spirit Refinement Realm, no, how can you even cultivate… As far as i know, you can’t cultivate before, you have to tell me what is going on!” Shi Xueyun pulled Yi Tianyun’s hand and walked down the stage.

    Since the matter at hand is over, Yi Tianyun is not injured as well, so it is necessary to talk to him.

    Yi Tianyun couldn’t think of a better reason and ended up blurting: “A few days ago there is a mysterious expert coming to help me and as you can see now thanks to him I can cultivate and even breakthrough to Spirit Refinement Realm.”

    He was well aware that this is a very random reason but then again, of course he couldn’t say that all of a sudden a Crazy Leveling System inside him awaken.

    “Mysterious expert?” Shi Xueyun’s eyes lit up and immediately believed most of it. This is not impossible. Anything in this world is possible. “Is he sent by your father?”

    Yi Tianyun’s parents ran away, but they weren’t dead. Their whereabouts is unknown even until now, but Shi Xueyun knew that the reason why the previous palace lord left was definitely to go after Yi Tianyun’s father whom was a super genius. If he wasn’t one, Yi Tianyun’s mother won’t be so head over heels for him.

    Yi Tianyun smiled and said: “That is very likely. The mysterious expert did not disclose any information. In any case it’s thanks to him I can cultivate this far, otherwise, I won’t have enough strength to win this fight.”

    Shi Xueyun thought about it, and then continued: “That mysterious expert didn’t say anything?”

    Yi Tianyun shook his head and said: “He didn’t say anything. After the explanation, he left, let me focus on my practice, and I didn’t say anything else.”

    “There should be something, something… but I thought you are lacking blood qi, you lie even to me.” Shi Xueyun looks a little angry, but the expression on her face is not as angry.

    Yi Tianyun scratched his head and was embarrassed: “This is also to give aunt a surprise…”

    He is relieved that his aunt somehow believes his random reason.

    “This is really a big surprise!” Shi Xueyun reached out and knocked his head and whispered: “I will give you a lesson later. I am about to go to meeting now, you should go back to rest.”

    Yi Tianyun smiled and went back to the house, and Shi Xueyun went to take care of her own business. This matter has just ended, Xiaolian quickly approached Yi Tianyun, excitedly held his hand and said: “Young Master, you have shown that you are actually really strong!”

    Yi Tianyun has been underestimated for almost his whole life. She has always looked in his eyes and secretly felt sorry for him. Now that Yi Tianyun is hailed as a hero, he proves himself with his own strength. How can she not be excited proud?

    “Do not worry, this is just the beginning.” Yi Tianyun squinted, obviously not intending to just stop here!

    After returning to the room, Yi Tianyun had spare time to open Gift Pack Lv11.

    “Open Gift Pack Lv11!” Yi Tianyun was very excited, he doesn’t know what will he get.

    『Ding! Obtain all professions basic level mastery: basic level alchemist, basic level runemaster, basic level blacksmith! One chance for lucky draw, Gift Pack Lv15.』

    Yi Tianyu was surprised. He didn’t expect to get these basic level profession. These will be very useful, and he learned not only one but three at once, which means that he suddenly became quite versatile!

    Although it is a basic level, it is already equal to the existence of third level in this world. In this world, no matter what profession, it is divided into first level, second level, third level, fourth level, fifth level, Master, Grandmaster and Creator.

    The existence of third level, no matter which profession, it is a good standard, at least  it is not the lowest level.

    For example, third level alchemist is enough to refine many middle level pill., There is no alchemist in Heavenly Jade Palace

    That pretty much explains how rare an alchemist is. This is related to their internal attributes as well. Because if one’s attribute is ice, they will be having difficulty in alchemy because it uses fire attribute.

    Therefore, Heavenly Jade Palace requesting help from outside for alchemy, forging weapons, etc.