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Chapter 17 - Forging

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 17: Forging

    Shi Xueyun’s words truly put him at ease, she’s the only one who would trust him when everybody else around him wouldn’t and that’s enough for Yi Tianyun, enough to keep him going.

    Yi Tianyun smiled lightly and said immediately: “I will live up to aunt’s expectation who believes in me!”

    Following Shi Xueyun, everyone came to the temporary forging room, which was originally built for Master Kong. Considering there will be more people helping to forge weapon here, it would be better to build a new forging room that is bigger.

    Since this room is relatively new, there is not that much equipment here, that being said, it is enough to forge spirit tool.

    “These are the materials originally prepared for Master Kong to forge spirit tool, but we only prepared five sets of materials, in other words only two failure at most for him.” But now that it becomes a challenge for Yi Tianyun, he only needs to successfully forge one Spirit Tool which means he can fail 4 times.

    “I won’t fail, not even once.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

    He is well aware of the level of the blacksmith skill he obtained earlier, and he’s convinced that he can forge a good spirit tool, but due to the level of his blacksmith skill, he can only forge a low level spirit tool, but that’s good enough, what matters is to prove that he can forge a spirit tool.

    “You won’t fail? Not even once?, that’s big coming from you, unless you reach have reached fifth level blacksmith. Your blacksmith level is already that high or what?”

    It’s as if Yi Tianyun made fun of him, because even at his age and level he can’t guarantee 100% success to forge a spirit tool, at most he can guarantee 50%. So when Yi Tianyun said he won’t fail, he was so irritated.

    “I am indeed not a fifth level blacksmith , but who said to forge a successful spirit tool, you must be at least fifth level blacksmith?” Yi Tianyun said a faint sentence, then immediately looked at Shi Xueyun and said: “What kind of weapon should I forge?”

    “A long sword, we mostly use long swords here.” Shi Xueyun said.

    Yi Tianyun nodded and picked some materials, then he approached the furnace. This furnace is full of ordinary flames, so the process will take a while.

    However, this won’t be a hindrance, this is just enough to forge a spirit tool .

    “I want to see how long you can keep this farce up!” Kong master thought that Yi Tianyun was bluffing, he wanted to see his expression when everyone knows he just pretend to be able to forge a spirit tool as revenge for declining his offer.

    Yi Tianyun is after all an infamous trash who doesn’t possess blood qi and can’t cultivate, now that trash thinks he can forge a spirit tool?

    Yi Tianyun completely ignored him and was getting ready to put in the materials into the furnace.

    The three elders chatters inconspicuously, they are so skeptical toward Yi Tianyun. They thought that Palace lord treats Yi Tianyun specially. If he fails, not only we will suffer a great financial loss, but also attract Master Kong’s hostility. It’s like rubbing salt on your wound.

    “Palace Lord, if he fail…” Third Elder couldn’t help but say.

    “You can hold me responsible for that.” Shi Xueyun faintly replied.

    “Palace Lord, you can’t act on a whim like this, I know that you are pampering him, but you must make decisions logically! What shall we do if he fails? How do we enter the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, if we have no suitable weapon!” She kept worrying about the worst possibilities. She is already unable to get the quota to enter ancient ruins for her disciple. Now, if he fails, even the weapons to enter the ruins are gone.

    The price of these materials is not cheap, so every failure is extremely distressing.

    “I will bear any consequences regarding this matter.” Shi Xueyun responded so faintly.

    Third Elder filled with doubt and dissatisfaction, but since their position and authority is below palace lord, all they can do is retreat to the corner.

    Third Elder  did not intervene with the forging, but Second Elder is getting impatient and she keeps jabbering nonsense.

    “If he fails, we will report this matter to the ancestors, and leave the decision to them!” Second Elder suddenly added another sentence.