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Chapter 23 - Merely Coincidence

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 23: Merely Coincidence

    “Really, is it really ok?” her clear eyes filled with eagerness, but she immediately shook her head and said: “Then please give me some time, i’ll consider about it…”

    She did not immediately agree, how could she without knowing who Yi Tianyun is, she didn’t even know his name.

    An Ling is so surprised, under normal circumstances people would instantly say yes, but she didn’t instantly accept

    Yi Tianyun tried to guess, and whispered, “Is it because your little brother?”

    “You, how do you know?” Jiu Lingyun eyes widened, she’s surprised.

    “You said it yourself earlier you want to give some silver for your brother right?” Yi Tianyun just guessed the reason out of the blue. Judging from her tattered clothes, she is  definitely not from very good family, and she can’t come with us because she has to take care her brother.

    “That’s… I am sorry young master, I can’t leave my brother.” Jiu Lingyun wanted to go, but she is worried about her brother.

    『Quest: Help Jiu Lingyun’s Little Brother.』

    『Reward:  1.000 exp, increase favorability of Jiu Lingyun by 50, and increase prestige by 5 points.』

    These tasks just keep coming, and the reward was somewhat ordinary. Yi Tianyun kind of understand why,  it’s a common task, and it is optional, so naturally the reward is more common.

    “System, what is prestige?”

    He’s scrolling down his status bar only to realize that there actually is prestige points, how did he miss that this whole time.

    Host: Yi Tianyun

    Level: 12 (Second Level Spirit Refinement)

    Exp: 5820/50000

    Crazy Point: 670 points

    Prestige: 5

    Cultivation Technique: Dark North Divine Art

    Martial Arts: Absorbing Stars Great Technique, Eagle Claw Art, Falling Feather Sword Technique and Floating Cloud Steps

    Weapon: Frost Fist

    Armor: Snow Wolf Battle Boots and Divine Armor

    Divine Ability: Crazy Mode and Lucky Aura

    Profession: Runecraft, Blacksmith, Alchemist

    Under his investigation, the effect of prestige is shown.

    Prestige: More prestige points will increase your luck.

    “It seems that doing good deeds can increase prestige as well. It is just that I don’t know how effective it is.”

    Yi Tianyun thought about it. If his prestige point is quite high then combined with lucky aura will greatly enhance his luck.

    “I accept then!” Yi Tianyun immediately took the task, “We will bring your brother along as well, we can recruit more people in Jade Palace” Yi Tianyun smiled.

    An Ling overhear them, but did not say anything. It’s not a problem to bring back another person. There has been several exception anyways.

    “Is it really ok?!” Jiu Lingyun surprise.

    “Yes, but let’s go buy something first.” Yi Tianyun told her.

    “Then, then I will be waiting for you here.” Jiu Lingyun said: “I can’t go in, people from the slums… can’t go in.”

    Wind City does not welcome people from the slums. The residents of the slums have no money. And mostly all they do is selling herbs in exchange for a few silver. It doesn’t make sense for them to loiter inside.

    So if you want to enter the building you must dress properly. And obviously residents of the slums can’t afford it because it’s too expensive. At most they can only ask somebody else to bring them in and pay a few silver later on as compensation.

    “You will be one respected guest if you come with me, I dare anyone to make a move on you!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

    Jiu Lingyun looked at his gaze and finally nodded slightly, partly because she wanted to go in but never get the chance to.

    Yi Tianyun walked into the Wind Building with Jiu Lingyun, until the guard tries to stop him.

    “Sorry, we don’t welcome people from the slums here.” The guards are quite strong, they are around 5th Level of Body Refinement Realm. They are the guards here, which proves that this is not your average building.