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Chapter 25 - Low Price Trade

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 25: Low Price Trade

    『Quest:  Help Rain Pavilion to suppress Wind Pavilion.』

    『Reward:  5.000 exp, 100 Zi Yuwei’s favorability, 500 gold, and 10 Prestige.』

    After coming in, Yi Tianyun took the quest . He didn’t expect it to increase prestige as well. As for who Zi Yuwei is, it goes without saying that it is definitely a person who is affiliated with Rain Pavilion.

    “These quest just keep coming, there are too many random quest!”

    His eyes lit up, he can get even with Wind Pavilion, and he can get rewards. Why not? He feels that he can raise several levels by sticking around here. So when the time to enter Heavens Immerse Ancient Ruins come, he can reach enough level of cultivation to defeat everyone!

    The shopkeeper that attend them was extremely shocked after seeing the amount of swords Yi Tianyun bring, Spirit Tool is not cheap, especially the middle level, it can fetch a good price!

    “Sir, please wait for a bit, I will call Pavilion Lord…” The waiter rushed to find Pavilion Lord. After a while, girl in purple clothes quickly went downstairs. It’s the Wind Pavilion Lord, Zi Yuwei.

    Zi Yuwei came down, she is a beautiful and excellent girl. She was already the owner of this Rain Pavilion in her early twenties. She saw ten swords her eyes are full of glitter: “Ten swords, excellent, are you going to sell it to us?”

    “Something like that, but rather than selling at normal price, my condition is that you sell it at a low price, and if you can provide materials for me, i can keep forging Spirit Tools to sell here , you can determine the price as long as it is cheaper than the one in Wind Pavilion, i’ll be responsible for forging and you’re responsible for the management”

    Even though this isn’t so profitable, it’s cost-effective. With their competitive relationship, they are constantly using Rain Pavilion’s material to forge Spirit Tools. Besides earning a lot of exp he can also complete the quest at hand. So why not?

    “It seems that young master have a problem with Wind Pavilion”  Zi Yuwei smiled.

    “Something like that, so? Are you in?” Yi Tianyun looked at her and smiled.

    “Of course, we gladly accept.” Zi Yuwei despite her cute appearance and young age, she already had some plans in her mind.

    An Ling and Qin Xue face each other, what is the situation, suddenly it is noisy?

    “Sisters, can i ask you a favor? please go with Jiu Lingyun to bring her brother here for detoxification, i’ll have my hands full here for a while.” Yi Tianyun of course did not forget about this thing, he originally wanted to buy some materials and immediately go to Jiu Lingyun’s brother, but now that the plan is foiled he had to rely on An Ling and Qin Xue to bring her brother here.

    “No problem, let’s go right away.” The two sisters nodded, and they went with Jiu Lingyun. The younger brother of Jiu Lingyun was poisoned. This matter naturally cannot be neglected.

    No problem occurred while Yi Tianyun prepares everything, everything went according to plan .

    “Fight me, i will never let you buy any material from this place!” Master Kong shouted out of the blue he’s so irritated. When he remembered being humiliated in Jade Palace, he just can’t hold in his anger. He’s thinking about the way to settle this with Yi Tianyun and somehow get the benefit out of it as well.

    “Master Kong, it seems that the Jade Palace has provoked you. But something’s off, but considering the situation of Jade Palace right now, they don’t have their own blacksmith, and incurring your wrath just doesn’t make sense especially they’ll need weapon to enter Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins.” Pavilion Lord Liang give him a piece of his mind.

    Master Kong is quite young, and he surely will become a forging master in the future. That’s why Pavilion Lord Liang favor Master Kong over Jade Palace.

    While they are enjoying themselves, one of the guards rushed in from outside.

    He accidentally bump into the table on his way, causing the tea cup to fell and it broke.

    “What’s with the ruckus? Why are you in such a hurry? How rude!” Pavilion Lord Liang frowned.

    “Pavilion Lord Liang, Rain Pavilion is selling spirit tools for 10.000 silver cheaper than us!” The guard said in a hurry.