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Chapter 29 - Loots

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 29: Loots

    Rain Pavilion’s reputation increased dramatically thanks to Yi Tianyun. They gained a lot of customers going after upper level spirit tool, because of the low price and Yi Tianyun made sure they had enough spirit tools to sell.

    Not long after he realized he has exhausted his spiritual power, he can use recovery pill combined with Crazy Mode to improve the effect, but that has its own limit as well.

    “Ah…” Yi Tianyun’s wobbling and almost fell to the ground.

    “Young Master Yi, are you okay?” Zi Yuwei has been observing him the whole time, she is busy dealing with customers, but never let Yi Tianyun out of her sight.

    “Seems like I overexert myself a bit, I didn’t realize I have been forging for quite a while…” Yi Tianyun shook his head.

    After forging the sixth upper level spirit tools, he knows this is his limit. He has been forging non stop. Even though spiritual power can be replenished using recovery pill, he still needs a good rest to recover.

    “Young Master Yi, you need to rest. The customers can wait until you recover. you have been forging   spirit tools non stop without resting.” Zi Yuwei persuaded.

    Yi Tianyun nodded and asked: “how are things with Wind Pavilion going? Have they made a move?”

    “There is no significant movement for the time being. They don’t have that many upper level spirit tools  to begin with. They won’t be able to sell at the same price as us let alone cheaper.” Zi Yuwei said that Wind Pavilion’s business will crumble soon. “For a long time, our Rain Pavilion has been overwhelmed by the Wind Pavilion. Thanks to the help of Young Master Yi, we can turn things around”.

    “there is no need to thank me.” Yi Tianyun smiled lightly, besides he himself has gained a lot of benefits here. There are a lot of materials available, he can get exp and improve his mastery. This is a very good give and take relationship

    “In any case, I as a representative of Rain Pavilion, would like to express our gratitude to Young Master Yi!” Zi Yuwei looked solemnly: “If you will, can I invite Young Master Yi to become our honorable guest in Rain Pavilion?”

    “I don’t think that a problem, but I won’t come here that often. If you think that I can always provide you with a spirit tool after I become an honorable guest here, then you’re asking the wrong guy.”

    He can’t stay here all the time. He just comes down here to purchase some stuff. If it’s not because of Master Kong, probably it won’t turn out like this. So he will just do as he planned initially, buy some material, return to Jade Palace and forge, then sell it, repeatedly..

    This way, he can strengthen Jade Palace even though slowly, but make no mistake! everything he did is not for Jade Palace but for his aunt!

    “I’m not pressuring you to stay. I just letting Young Master Yi become our honorable guest. You can come again anytime you want.” Zi Yuwei knows that she can’t expect too much. But she knew simply by keeping in touch with Yi Tianyun will bring more opportunities in the future.

    『Ding! Congratulations completed the task Help Rain Pavilion to suppress Wind Pavilion!, gained 5.000 exp, Zi Yuwei favorability 100, prestige 10 points, and 500 gold!』

    『Ding! Congratulations leveled up to 4th Level of Spirit Refinement Realm!』

    “Seems like all my hard work really paid off…” Yi Tianyun is really satisfied, staying here and continue forging is much faster than killing monsters.

    It’s just the rewards is not as much as he expected. It’s the same with killing monsters.

    “Then I will excuse myself to my room and rest, and then I’ll continue to forge later.”

    Yi Tianyun trudged slowly. He felt a little dizzy. After saying hello to the guests, he planned to go back to the room to rest. He planned to go back, after a few days, because there was not much time left for the preparation to enter Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins.

    When he returned to the room, he observed his status bar to see how he is doing so far.

    Host: Yi Tianyun

    Level: 14 (fourth Level of Spirit Refinement Realm)

    Exp: 3780/80000