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Chapter 30 - Killing

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 30: Killing

    “Martial arts stealth, a shadow cloak, and a scarlet dagger!”

    When Yi Tianyun learned about the effects, he was at shock. Luck Aura really worth the price, he got a lot of gold, and reward items are increased.

    Martial Art Stealth: completely hide user’s physique, increases the speed by two levels, enhance the damage by two levels!

    Shadow Cloak effect: Invulnerability for five seconds!

    Scarlet Dagger effect: vampiric attack, restore vitality upon attacking, build-in toxin effect, and ability to instant kill when used on certain parts of the body!

    Unfortunately, these weapons and the skills can’t be upgraded, the levels are fixed. However, he also discovered that he was unable to upgrade the weapons he had acquired so far, but the grade is not bad so it could be used for quite a while.

    Basically, it’s all about grade, at least these three rewards are definitely the assassin set, which is definitely enough for him to use for a while.

    The shadow cloak is the most amazing among these, invulnerability for five seconds, which means this item could save the user at clutch situations. No matter how strong the opponent is, you can be invulnerable for five seconds! There is no information about the limit, but he was sure the limit is high.

    “I’m starting to understand how the system works! Turns out it’s not that hard to earn Crazy Points! The higher the cultivation of the opponent the more crazy point will be rewarded. This way, all he needs to do is find the suitable opponent”.

    Yi Tianyun was very satisfied with the treasure he got. The reward he got after killing somebody is always low prior to this, so low that he’s so reluctant to use it because it’s simply not worth it. Now that he got quite a lot of Crazy Points and the trick to earn more, he will last quite a while.

    Immediately after the excitement, his eyes chilled: “That assassin! He’s either hired by Wind Pavilion, or Master Kong!”

    He thought about it, and finally searches whatever left of that assasin, all he saw is icy dust. Well he was shattered into pieces after turning into solid ice. Back when he fought the snow wolf he was really struggling to use the fist, now he already mastered it like it’s nothing. In Crazy Mode, his punch broke the assassin.

    However, he was able to procure a storage ring belonged to the assassin. After rummaging through the things inside, he found that there are not many things in the assassin possession. They are all some kind of medicinal herbs, but he found two spirit tools.

    There is no specified mark on the spirit weapons, but considering the quality, it should be created by Kong Shengfeng.

    “I’ll go to Wind Pavilion first to find who is behind this!”

    Yi Tianyun activated his stealth skill, and instantly merged with his surroundings. Immediately, he jumped from the window and thanks to stealth skill whatever he does is completely inaudible. When he is about to go to the Wind Pavilion, he heard a familiar voice in a dark alley.

    “What takes him so long? He is an assassin from the Shadow League, how can he takes this long just to finish one job!”

    The person who speaks is none other than Kong Shengfeng himself!

    “Of course it would be his doing, there is no one else that want me dead so bad!” Yi Tianyun’s glaring at him, and he had a scarlet dagger in his hand. In such darkness scarlet dagger should be shining bright red. But due to his stealth skill, all kinds of light, color etc is blocked.

    『Quest: Kill Kong Shengfeng.』

    『Reward: 10,000 exp, 300 blacksmith mastery, 300 gold, 300 Crazy Points.』


    Yi Tianyun immediately accepted the quest, and his eyes locked to Kong Shengfeng coldly, and additional information is displayed.

    Name: Kong Shengfeng

    Cultivation: Second level of Spirit Refinement Realm