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Chapter 44 - This Is Luck!

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 44: This Is Luck!

    Tan Yongsheng despises Yi Tianyun even more, he want to say something, but he refrain himself from doing so. He just glanced at him, turned away and ignored him.

    The other guards also looked at him with disdain, they didn’t like Yi Tianyun. They are Tan Yongsheng’s men to begin with. Obviously they are on the same page with Tan Yongsheng.

    Yan Lingxue could only apologize: “I am sorry for their behavior Young Master Yi. They are not bad in nature. They just have their doubts about a stranger. Please don’t mind them.”

    Yi Tianyun was speechless, they are not bad in nature? Well they don’t behave that way toward you, it’s toward me This sense of rejection, he can’t wait to show them his true strength.

    “No problem, may I know what kind of spirit herb you are looking for, Miss Yan?” Yi Tianyun asked.

    He wants to find the spirit herb as fast as possible and complete the quest.

    “I am looking for Dragon Tail Grass, it has been sold out in the pavilion nearby, and i have no choice but to pick it myself. I heard that it grows somewhere in Illusory Beast Mountain, but it’s quite rare and hard to find.” Yan Lingxue said.

    “Dragon Tail Grass…”

    Yi Tianyun certainly knows what the Dragon Tail Grass is. He has already known many low-level pills since he has mastered basic alchemy. The quality of the Dragon Tail Grass is not particularly high, its only on the second level, but the rarity is indeed high, unusually difficult to find.

    Although it is difficult to find, it does not mean that the price it fetch is high on the market, because the effect of this Dragon Tail Grass is limited. It is mainly to treat a psychedelic symptom, that is to treat those who are unconscious, and this is rarely happen.

    For example a cultivation deviation, this situation will happen. Otherwise, this kind of psychedelic situation will not occur.

    “Forgive me for asking, does Miss Yan’s family practiced too hard and experience cultivation deviation?” Yi Tianyun asked.

    “Young Master Yi, do you understand the properties of this spirit herb?” Yan Lingxue was a little surprised, and the old man next to him couldn’t help but look at him wondering.

    Dragon Tail Grass is rare, so few people know what the effect is. Yi Tianyun didn’t say the effect was, but has already mentioned the basic use.

    “A little, usually in my free time I study spirit herb, otherwise it’d be troublesome if i happen to come across one and don’t know what it is.” Yi Tianyun explained with a smile.

    “It seems that Young Master Yi is not only strong but also really knowledgeable. Indeed i came here to pick the spirit herb for my family.” Yan Lingxue smiled and her brows were full of grace.

    “Well glad you see it that way,  but Miss Yan does not have to worry, we will definitely find the Dragon Tail Grass.” Yi Tianyun laughed.

    “I hope…” Dragon Tail Grass is hard to find, it’s not extremely valuable but relatively rare, mainly because of its natural habitat.

    “This is enough rest, get ready to depart, or its going to be late when we’re done!” Tan Yongsheng said after seeing the both of them talking quite comfortably.

    They were ready to continue their search. Yi Tianyun didn’t care either way, so he let them lead the way.

    Under the leadership of Tan Yongsheng, they smoothly entered the middle part of Illusory Beast Mountain. There are many monsters along the way, and the monsters are basically around First Level of Spirit Refinement Realm, but they were easily killed by Tan Yongsheng.

    Every time the monster comes, he is leading the charge in order to impress Yan Lingxue.

    Yi Tianyun is tired to get the limelight. Since Tan Yongsheng want it and do his best to do so, Yi Tianyun let him be.

    “This is weird, it’s really hard to find, how can a mere grass be so hard to find?” After Tan Yongsheng circled around the middle of the mountain for quite some times, they still couldn’t find the dragon tail grass, and the sky was getting dark.

    After a circle, Tan Yongsheng proposed: “Miss Yan, it seems that I can’t find it this time, I suggest that we go back for now. It is too dangerous to stay in this area at night.”