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Chapter 45 - Dragon God Heritage

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 45: Dragon God Heritage

    “Dragon Tail Grass!”

    Yi Tianyun pointed at the bottom of the tree, he did not expect to find it so easily. What a luck!


    Yan Lingxue looked in the direction pointed by Yi Tianyun and found that it really is a Dragon Tail Grass. She had read detailed descriptions about it, so she can tell at first glance whether this is a Dragon Tail Grass or not.

    “It really is a Dragon Tail Grass!”

    They’re all stunned, they didn’t expect to find the Dragon Tail Grass Yi Tianyun to find it this fast. What can they say to Yi Tianyun now that he easily find Dragon Tail Grass?.

    Yi Tianyun walked over and saw that it was a Dragon Tail Grass, he plucked it. When he pulled it up, his hand stung!

    “Weird, is it because of this grass?” Yi Tianyun felt strange. He checked it carefully and found that this Dragon Tail Grass was somewhat different, slightly bigger than normal Dragon Tail Grass.

    In addition to this strain, there are several other plants that look ordinary, and they have been taken down by him. Even if they are holding the Dragon Tail Grass, they come over.

    “You really find it?” Tan Yongsheng still has a skeptical attitude. He really refuses to believe that Yi Tianyun actually find the Dragon Tail Grass, and in a very short time to boot!

    “Miss Yan, here is your Dragon Tail Grass.” Yi Tianyun handed it up to her.

    When Yan Lingxue took the Dragon Tail Grass, she took a closer look and smiled at Yi Tianyun with amazement: “It really is a Dragon Tail Grass. I didn’t expect Young Master Yi to find it just in such a short time. It’s amazing!” She is grinning from excitement.

    He thought it will take a while to find it, because it’s quite late, and they need to return because it’s too dangerous, turns out he managed to find it almost instantly, obviously it saves them a lot of time.

    “now that we find it, let’s go back now.” Yi Tianyun laughed.

    Everyone else can’t hide their embarrasment and it’s really an awkward situation. They mocked him. Yet now he finds it so easily.

    Yan Lingxue nodded with a smile, and now she can go back.

    『Random Quest Completed.』

    『Reward: 10.000 exp, 20 Yan Lingxue’s favorability, 15 Prestige.』

    Finding the Dragon Tail Grass means he completed the quest.

    When she was about to leave, suddenly there was a loud noise, and there was a ray of light rising from the sky. The colored light filled the sky, and it seemed to be the case of the birth of treasures, a constant stream of spiritual power. Fluctuations, coming from afar. The most important thing is that this light then covers Yi Tianyun’s body as if he’s a choosen individual!

    Everyone here is shocked, everything just happened so suddenly they can’t process everything!

    “Time-limited mission ‘the inheritance of the dragon god’ begins, the time limit is three days, completion reward: get the inheritance of the dragon god.”

    『Limited Quest: Dragon God Heritage.』

    『Reward: Obtain Dragon God Heritage.』

    『Fail: Exceeding the time limit, host will be killed by Dragon God.』

    “What the fuck!!”

    Yi Tianyun is dumbfounded, What is going on here? If he fails, he will be killed by the Dragon God! What ‘s that supposed to mean?

    Immediately, he looked toward Dragon Tail Grass in Yan Lingxue’s hand and had a suspicion: “Is it because i pick this earlier?”

    Now that he thinks about it, this Dragon Tail Grass is a bit strange, definitely not like normal Dragon Tail Grass. The normal Dragon Tail Grass would not sting him anyway. His hand bleed after plucking Dragon Tail Grass, after the blood was absorbed by the soil suddenly he was shrouded by the light.

    Then he realized, that Dragon Tail Grass triggers this quest!

    “I was selected by the Dragon God? Is it because i activated Lucky Aura?” Yi Tianyun shocked: “My luck is so amazing it scares me!”

    Hearing the failure consequences is to be killed by the dragon god, suddenly his excitement is gone?

    “This… what happen?” Yan Lingxue and everyone else are all dumbfounded, and somehow there is a beam of light shrouding Yi Tianyun.

    However, this light beam did not last long, after covering him for a while it completely disappeared. However in the distance there is a constant stream of light fluctuations. When you look at it, you will know that there will be many treasures.

    “Miss Yan, I must leave now, I hope this Dragon Tail Grass can help you!”

    Yi Tianyun hastily run and quickly disappeared from their sight. Time limit is only three days. It seems that the item he needs to find is still inside the forest. He can’t drag this too long. If he takes too long, he will be killed by this Dragon God.

    Although he does not know what Dragon God is, but the name Dragon God is already pretty scary.

    “Young Master Yi…” Yan Lingxue wanted Yi Tianyun to ask Yi Tianyun to stay, but he disappeared in the blink of an eye. She wanted to invite Yi Tianyun to go back to family. She didn’t expect him to leave so soon.