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Chapter 49 - Dragon God Bloodline

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 49: Dragon God Bloodline

    Dragon God stared at him intensely. The actual Dragon God is already dead, this is just his will to pass on his heritage.

    Therefore, even if Yi Tianyun is a human, Dragon God isn’t aware of it and pass his heritage to him.

    “Take out the Dragon God Grass, swallow it and accept my heritage!” After Dragon God finished his sentence, the bones of his whole body turned into dust and liquid of gold, wrapped the entire throne.

    “This thing is called Dragon God Grass?”

    Yi Tianyun took out the Dragon God Grass, which looks like a Dragon Tail Grass, there is only a slight difference with ordinary Dragon Tail Grass. Perhaps this difference is what makes it called Dragon God Grass.

    Immediately, he swallowed Dragon God Grass. It doesn’t taste so bad, and there was a sweet smell faintly entering his body. Immediately, enormous power welling inside him and and filled his entire body in an instant! His veins began to bulge one by one.

    “This Dragon God Grass’ power is too strong…”

    Yi Tianyun realize the effect of Dragon Tail Grass and Dragon God Grass is not the same, Dragon Tail grass is used for healing purposes especially psychedelic meanwhile this Dragon God Gras….

    Power surging through his body! It enveloped his whole body and he felt his body began to undergo some changes

    His bloodless qi that could not be cultivated, is filled with power! This is different from the system’s forced effect, the strength of the blood qi in his body began to change drastically like stimulated by something.

    Immediately, dragon scales began to appear in the surface of his body. In the blink of an eye, a layer of dragon scales covered the surface of the body, but it was not thick. It’s only a thin layer and looked very domineering!

    He became Dragonoid!

    『Ding, got 8000 exp, 9000 exp, 12.000 exp…』

    Exp overflows like crazy. It was obvious that after taking this Dragon God Grass, the energy source was constantly transformed to exp!

    “I actually become a Dragonoid…”

    Yi Tianyun stunned. He remembered about his parents. Although he didn’t know much, he heard that his father was a super strong expert. It is very likely that he inherited the dormant power from his father. And Dragon God Grass completely awakens it.

    Perhaps that’s the reason Dragon God thought that he is a dragon descendant!

    “Now the most important thing is to quickly accept the heritage!”

    Yi Tianyun did not think too much. These parents’ things have nothing to do with him. After all, he has no memories of them anyway, the closest person to him is his aunt Shi Xueyun! All he wants now is to level up, then return to Jade Palace to avoid any problem arise in Jade Palace!

    After approaching the throne, the golden light suddenly completely shrouded him. After a while the light became even more intense, before finally completely integrated into his body and disappearing.

    『Ding, completed the quest ‘Dragon God Heritage’, get Dragon God Secret Art!』

    『Ding, obtains Dragon God Bloodline (First Level)!』

    Yi Tianyun slowly opens his eyes and got these two things out of the blue. First is Dragon God Secret Art, then Dragon God Bloodline!

    “What is this…”

    Yi Tianyun quickly investigate and see what effects these two have.

    Dragon God Secret Art: Transform into dragon, heaven level, the stronger Dragon God Bloodline the stronger this art becomes.

    Dragon God Bloodline: Bloodline of the Dragon God, make your strength on par with dragon!

    “These are amazing. If these two are combined, it will be really flawless! If I use these two together. I wonder how much stronger i’ll become?”

    Yi Tianyun was so excited about this, it’s totally worth it to come here and pass the tes. In addition, there is no major difficulty too. Fortunately, there is no strong palace guardian with cultivation Core Condensation or above.

    “Let’s see…”

    Immediately, Yi Tianyun opened his status and looked at how far he got.

    Host: Yi Tianyun

    Level: 19 (Ninth Level Spirit Refinement)

    Exp: 86892 / 130000

    Crazy Points: 8728

    Prestige: 50

    Cultivation Techniques: Dark North Divine Art and Dragon God Secret Art