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Chapter 52 - Shop Mode

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 52: Shop Mode

    His cultivation has improved a lot, but that is still not enough for him.

    “I will open the free lottery now.”

    “Luck Aura, activate!”

    After activated the Luck Aura, he immediately opened the lottery roulette and used his free lottery. Soon the roulette wheel turned wildly, and the pointer continued to jump between the various areas, after some times passed the pointer slowed down indicating it soon will stop.

    “Divine Ability, Divine Ability…” Yi Tianyun kept chanting, wishing that the pointer will follow his wishes.

    Finally the wheel stopped, and the pointer was landed on the consumables… Even if he using the Luck Aura, he still couldn’t get a good things. Which is why he was not willing to spend his crazy points on lottery. Often neglecting it for the next time he gets the free ticket again, sure its possible getting a high price item but in the end, his chance for getting more common item is much larger.

    『Ding… Congratulations on getting a Third Level Spirit Core.』

    Third Level Spirit Core is much better than a Recovery Pill obtained by killing demon beasts. It is a rare item. Still this item is not worth the thousand points he would spent without the free lottery ticket.

    “Third Level Spirit Core, I will stop doing this lottery now, even though I still can do this for many more times, but its not worth the price.”

    30.000 Crazy Point is enough for him to draw 30 times more. It is still not certain that he would get a divine ability or a heavenly weapon from it, so he thinks better of it to uses it for leveling up his arsenal than lottery!

    “I almost forgot, there is a Gift Pack Lv21 that is not opened yet.” When Yi Tianyun saw the package on his inventory, he felt really excited. This is due to the fact that a gift packs, up until this point never disappoints him. And now, he doesn’t know what will come out now.

    “Open Gift Pack Lv21!”

    After Yi Tianyun issued the order, Gift Pack Lv21 was opened, voicing the content inside.

    『Open Gift Pack Lv21, Ten Times Exp Card (one hour), Double Crazy Point Card (one hour), Double Mastery Card (one hour), open Shop Mode, Gift Pack Lv31』

    He baffled by the content inside. Finally, there was a Double Crazy Point Card, and there was a Double Mastery Card. On top of that he got a ten times exp card. After opening Gift Pack Lv21, he feels his excitement increased even more.

    However, if you think about it carefully, the double crazy point and the double mastery card are for the best now. If the system gave it in the early stage, it will be a waste. 100 Crazy Point he got on early levels are doubled only to 200, now if he kill advanced level demon beast, he can successfully get more than 800, after doubling it, 1600 will be the bare minimum of crazy point he received. this will be the item that surely make his climb on cultivations easier.

    “If there was such a thing before I kill all of this trash, it would be so much better.” Yi Tianyun shook his head and felt quite saddened for this fact. He already kill a bunch load of cultivators earlier, under this Double Crazy Point Card, the amount he got would be not more than 30.000, but more than 60.000!

    “What is this Shop Mode?”

    After Yi Tianyun opened the Shop Mode, many classifications listed in order. There is a Weapons Category, Defensive Equipment Category, Martial Arts Category, Cultivation Techniques Category, Consumables and Treasures Category.

    The classification is very complete, but after he opens it, his excitement fell, all of these items are not new to him, and the prices are quite high too! To put it bluntly, he can get all of them by lottery, killing demon beast or killing cultivator, this item is that common for him.

    “No new goods, what does this mean?” Yi Tianyun shook his head, he looked at it, the Frost Fist is also in it, the price is purchased with Crazy Point.

    The price of the Frost Fist is 5000 Crazy Point. He felt a little bit relieve, he spent a thousand crazy point for this frost fist with the lottery draw, he feels that he is not wasting any crazy point. Among them, Double Exp Card, Ten Times Exp Card, and Double Crazy Point Card are all in it too.

    This fact makes Yi Tianyun somewhat feels gratified, but at a glance, the price is too expensive. Ten Times Exp Card require 50.000 Crazy Point. Double Crazy Point Card also requires 50.000 Crazy Point, the price is obnoxiously high.

    “It seems that this shops are made for urgent matter, so the item would be directly used” Yi Tianyun shook his head, and immediately he realize he still got time from his exp buff cards: “There is still a little time left, I should continue to kill all demon beasts I can see, earn exp and continue to level up!”

    With his earlier usage of exp card surely killing a demon beast will worth his time. But he need to find and hunt them fast!