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Chapter 55 - Alchemy Furnace

Crazy Leveling System
     Generally, alchemy does not need a pill furnace, there are only two kinds of people, the stupid kind, and the other is a powerful alchemist with extraordinary fires!

    Yi Tianyun is undoubtedly the latter, he is not a fool, but a high level alchemist! His technique alone is enough to render Kong Liang speechless, without any pressure, they are not at the same level.

    Under Immortal Fire, Dragon Tail Grass melted rapidly and turned into a liquid. At the same time, Yi Tianyun quickly took out the blood in the jade bottle, and mix it with the Dragon Tail Grass which has melted into a liquid. In this thick green, there is a touch of red.

    With his superb control, the medicinal drug quickly condensed and formed a medicinal herb and falling into his palm.

    『Ding, successfully refining Second Level Dragon Tail Pill, gaining 1000 exp and a 50% increase in mastery.』

    After the successful refining, exp and mastery were increased.

    “Yes.” Yi Tianyun said faintly.


    Their eyes widened, can’t say anything, they just looked at the pill in Yi Tianyun’s hands. This is different from Kong Liang’s refining. Although he mixed Dragon Tail Grass with something else, theoretically it’s not other foreign things but Family’s head blood itself. The most important thing is Yi Tianyun which is beyond their imagination. Even if he add Soul Returning Grass, they would still believe in him.

    “Miss Yan, give this pill to Yan Family Head, and then he will wake up.” Yi Tianyun handed over.

    Yan Lingxue took it with excitement. Without any doubts, he took the medicinal herbs to the bedside. After checking with her spiritual power, she gave it to her father.

    “Is there something you want to say?” Yi Tianyun looked at Kong Liang who is too speechless to say anything.

    Kong Liang’s face is glum, seeing how Yi Tianyun Refine earlier, he can’t say anything back except : “we’ll see! ” he snorted

    He simply won’t admit the fact that Yi Tianyun is a better alchemist than him.

    After a while, Yan Family Head moved a little, and then he woke up and wondered, “Why are there so many people?”

    “Ah, you woke up!” Yan Lingxue was so excited that this pill already show its effect. It didn’t take long to cure Yan Family’s head and make him conscious again.

    “Well, I feel much better. Dragon Tail Grass is really effective. The quality of the pill that pharmacist Kong Liang refined is really good.” After Yan Family’s Head got up, his mental state seems stable, although he’s not fully recovered yet, at least he regain his consciousness.

    Kong Liang felt awkward. This pill is not what he refines. It is completely refined by Yi Tianyun.

    “Oh, this Dragon Tail Grass is not refined by pharmacist Kong Liang, Young Master Yi next to him is the one that refine it. I did not expect that the normal refinement is not enough, turns out the Dragon Tail Grass must be mixed with your blood. Luckily Young Master Yi know this and refine the pill this way, because wee really have no idea!” Yan Lingxue is so excited seeing her father is getting better.

    “It’s not pharmacist Kong Liang’s pill…” Yan Family Head stunned and immediately looked at Yi Tianyun. When he saw such a young pharmacist, he didn’t believe it at first. He thought Yi Tianyun was an apprentice brought by Kong Liang.

    Things are not looking good for Kong Liang, Yan Family’s Head seems to be in a good state of mind, even though he had just regained his consciousness, after persisting that much that Yi Tianyun won’t be able to cure Yan Family’s head. Now he’s undoubtedly regained his consciousness and it’s all thanks to Yi Tianyun.

    “Since Yan Family Head has regained his consciousness, I will take my leave!” He has no face to remain here, then, he turned away and did not say anything.

    Yi Tianyun didn’t say anything, just saw him walk out with shame. Yi Tianyun doesn’t really care, as long as he doesn’t provoke him, there’s no need to complicate this matter even further.

    『Random Quest Completed.』