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Chapter 58 - Crush

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 58: Crush

    “Yan Family Head, I did not expect you to give such an important item to a child, I don’t think you could be this stupid, are you really that gullible?” Zeng Family Head looked at Yi Tianyun, sneering like he already won: “Not only he isn’t running, but he brings your daughter back.”

    “Kid, I will give you a chance, give me the alchemy furnace. Because you are not part of Yan Family, i will let you walk out of here alive!”

    Both of the family head is watching Yan Family Head and Yi Tianyun with greedy smile on them, Yi Tianyun didn’t believe them at all, he feels that he doesn’t need to hold back against such an unmoral old fart like them, the key here is to make sure Yan Family Head and Yan Lingxue didn’t die at the end of all this.

    “What a bullshit! Do you really think I will believe you?” Yi Tianyun sneered: “All I can see in front of me is 2 greedy old dogs! Even if I give you this alchemy furnace, I’m sure you would bite me nonetheless?”

    Zeng Family Head was stunned, watching Yi Tianyun sneering at him: “It seems that you are not a stupid kid after all, but whatever, if you don’t give that item to me now, I can take it by force, you are gonna be dead anyway, the difference now is that there will be nothing left when I’m done with you!”

    After he finished his sentence, he rushed in to attack Yi Tianyun. The room is immediately filled with oppressing aura of core condensation, nobody in the room couldn’t feel it!

    Yan Family Head instantly jump in and blocked the attack aimed to Yi Tianyun, and he shouted: “Little Brother Yi, GO! take Yan’er with you!” He already knew that he can’t win against opponent in this level yet, all he can do is buy some time for his daughter to escape.

    “Let me handle this.” Yi Tianyun gently pulled his shoulder and drag him to stand beside Yan Lingxue.

    The next moment, Yi Tianyun quickly extended his hand and from his palm, comes a strong vacuum that greatly pulls the person in front of him.

    “Absorbing Star Great Technique!”

    The vacuum power of this ability quickly pulls Zeng Family’s Head, he’s shocked seeing what happened in front of him. He tries to break away from the grip of Yi Tianyun hands, but everything was already too late. His spiritual power, is already being absorbed, making him weaker overtime.

    [4000 exp, 4300 exp, 4200 exp…]

    With the level up version of this absorbing power, and the effect of Crazy Mode and Double Exp Pill, he receives a huge amount of exp in a short time. Zeng Family Head feels his spiritual power diminished really fast, he panicked and rushed to escape Yi Tianyun grip.

    “You, what kind of demon are you!” Zeng Family Head was shocked and angry. He tried to use his other hand to send Yi Tianyun flying, but this attempt is easily foiled by Yi Tianyun!

    Too bad grabbing the target with both hands doesn’t accelearate the absorption rate.

    Yi Tianyun smiled coldly to Zeng Family Head and continues to madly absorb the spiritual power on Zeng Family’s Head.

    No matter how hard Zeng Family’s Head struggles, he can’t break free from Yi Tianyun’s grip, he’s panicking and realized, that such a power only has one explanation. The kid in front of him now, has a higher cultivation than he is.

    Yi Tianyun is younger than them, but he is much stronger than them? How could such a thing happened!

    “Hold on, I will help you out!” Wang’s Family Head will not stand silently and let this insolence continue, he quickly unsheathed his sword, and charge in to stab Yi Tianyun, the edge of this sharp sword flicker through the air, showing the fact that this sword could make a hole in Yi Tianyun’s body.

    Yi Tianyun is bored by this kind of situation, he quickly kicked the knees of Zeng Family Head, dropping him in to the floor. Zeng Family Head screamed and it seems that his leg is broken. Yi Tianyun equipped his frost fist, and catches the sword that Wang Family swinged at him. The fists immediately glowing in light blue, showing that it has more spiritual power than the sword. No matter how hard Wang Family’s Head tried, he couldn’t move the sword at all! Although the level of the Frost Fist is only at the level of Spirit tool, it still has a high durability.

    “What is this power…” Wang Family Head was shocked beyond believe. He already used all his strength to stab Yi Tianyun, but he couldn’t push his sword any closer to Yi Tianyun’s body, a kid stopping his attack like nothing!

    Yi Tianyun drag the sword along with Wang Family’s Head. This however, realizing Yi Tianyun’s intention Wang Family’s Head reacted quickly by dropping his sword. He already knew that he has no chance of winning against Yi Tianyun and chooses to escape, he immediately turned around and fled the scene.

    “You want to escape? Not a chance, come back here!”

    Yi Tianyun raised his hand, and the vacuum effect that he uses against Zeng Family’s Head earlier comes out again. Wang Family’s Head instantly pulled towards Yi Tianyun. He cannot escape Yi Tianyun’s power, and Yi Tianyun finally got his hand on Wang Family’s Head and begin absorbing his spiritual power.

    Yi Tianyun feels exp surging into his body, this is such a satisfying sensation for him. It will be easy for him to break through if this keeps happening.