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Chapter 59 - Solution

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 59: Solution

    Yi Tianyun’s cold voice made them scream. Don’t you think there’s something else more important? For example how can you survive this situation!

    The two of them looked at each other and saw fear from each other’s eyes.

    “Winner is hero, loser is villain anything the winner do is justified. Go ahead and kill us!” Zeng Family Head did not ask for mercy and chose to accept his fate. At least his guts is worthy of appreciation.

    “I admit you’ve got some guts, too bad it won’t save you.”

    Immediately Yi Tianyun threw Immortal Fire to him, the moment Immortal Fire touch Zeng Family’s Head it instantly enveloped his body. then, Yi Tianyun activated Luck Aura, double exp pill and Crazy Mode!

    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” since his spiritual is drained and he’s weakened he can’t resist this fire.

    After a while, Zeng Family Head was burned to death, burned into a pile of ash, and there was no sign of life.

    [Ding, killing Zeng Family Head, got 40.000 exp, Flying Soul Seize the Life (human level martial arts), and 1000 Crazy Point.]

    Exp quadrupled into 40,000 which is quite a lot. Thanks to the effect of double exp pill and Crazy Mode, but it’s also because enemy’s cultivation is quite high. First Level Core Condensation can provide 10.000 exp. Because Yi Tianyun cultivation is high, the system can’t consider him a really strong foe.

    Even if enemy cultivation is higher, that doesn’t guarantee that they will become boss, they need certain conditions. Besides, Yi Tianyun doesn’t know how to find one, anyway, he only needs to kill them.

    “Not bad, this can’t be wasted.” Yi Tianyun will certainly not let them go. It is not a matter of experience, but he is worried. If he has not level up recently, he could just die here.

    He never mistreats someone for no reason, but the moment someone pick a fight with him, they better prepare themselves as Yi Tianyun won’t let them escape no matter what.

    Seeing Zeng Family’s Head had been burned into ash in front of his eyes, Wang Family’s head quickly begged for mercy on his knees: “please spare my life, I, I will do whatever you want, my family will will do whatever you want!”

    Wang Family Head is obviously not as strong as Zeng Family Head. He keeps begging for mercy. He does not want to die. As Weng Family Head, he can’t die here just yet.

    “Someone like you will just stab me in the back. I don’t have any interest in people like you!”

    Then he did the same thing as Zeng Family’s head, Wang Family’s head screamed like crazy and rampaging on the ground trying to extinguish the fire. But just like Zeng Family’s Head, with almost no spiritual power left, he also fell victim to Immortal Fire.

    It’s not that they’re weak in terms of cultivation. It’s just Immortal Fire is very powerful.

    [Ding, killing Wang Family Head, got 40.000 exp, Hegemony (human level martial arts), and 1000 Crazy Point.]

    He gained a lot of exp and human level martial arts, but this martial arts is nothing special, their level is too low, he is not interested at all. But since he got it for free anyway, there’s no reason to throw it away

    “I haven’t leveled up yet. It seems that i need quite a lot of exp to level up now…”

    Yi Tianyun opened his status bar.

    Host: Yi Tianyun

    Level: 24 (Fourth Level of Core Condensation Realm)

    Exp: 457281 / 600000

    Crazy Point: 28728

    Prestige: 70

    Cultivation Techniques: Dark North Divine Art and Dragon God Secret Art

    Martial Arts: Absorbing Stars Great Technique, Sky Cloud Step, Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin

    Weapon: Frost Fist, Scarlet Dagger, Wind Chasing Blade, Heavenly Wind Blade

    Armor: Snow Wolf Battle Boots, Divine Armor and Shadow Cloak

    Divine Ability: Crazy Mode and Luck Aura

    Bloodline: Dragon God Bloodline

    Accessories: Forging God Hammer, Power Bracelet, Power Ring and Power Belt

    All item: 20 Recovery Medicinal Pill, 8 Double Exp Pill, Gift Pack Lv31

    “Still need another 600.000 exp to level up, no wonder i haven’t leveled up yet even after sucking them dry…”

    Yi Tianyun shook his head, but realized that he can gain more exp by absorbing his opponent spiritual power first then kill them. Of course that is the ideal situation and he’d lik

    e to do so to any opponent he encounter. But If there are too many enemies, then he can’t do that easily.

    Absorption Star Great Technique is more suitable for dealing with a small number of enemies. If there are too many enemies obviously they will get in the way, maybe Yi Tianyun will be able to accelerate the absorption rate real fast later on if the level of the technique is really high.