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Chapter 60 - Frozen

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 60: Frozen

    “What a hero! He is so young yet so strong, he can already kill Wang and Zeng Family Head at such a young age. This is amazing. I wonder who is this little brother’s teacher?” The man smiled and looked quite amiable.

    “Oh, I almost forgot. I am Wind Pavilion’s Vice-Chief Pavilion Lord, Yuan Ping. Pleased to make your acquaintance ”

    Kong Liang, standing on the sideline, looked at the two bodies that already turned into charcoal was felt chill down his spine. He is relieved that he didn’t provoke Yi Tianyun any further earlier, otherwise he could have met the same fate as these two.

    “Wind Pavilion…” Yi Tianyun feels uncomfortable, not a single good memory when the word “Wind Pavilion” comes into his mind.

    When he sees Kong Liang standing there, he realized this is not good, probably he returned to Wind Pavilion and telling them everything he sees. Yuan Ping probably have sent spy beforehand to monitor Yi Tianyun, otherwise he will not be coming this prepared.

    “I am not interested.” Yi Tianyun’s said straightforwardly, they caused many conflicts, and they want him to join them? What a joke!

    “Little brother, why don’t we have a talk before you decide hastily? Holy level alchemy furnace is a very good item to have.” Yuan Ping’s eyes suddenly become sharper, receiving the news on why those two came, there’s only one reason.

    Now even his tone changed, he said “You can hold on to this item under one condition, you have to join Wind Pavilion!”

    “Listening to you just now, makes me wonder, who exactly is the owner of this item? Is it you? Or me? How come you get to decide anything about it and not me?” Yi Tianyun mocked him with sarcasm.

    “Don’t be stupid boy! I am giving you a chance here! Either you join us and you can hold on into that furnace or you can die here like those two” Yuan Ping said, clearly aggravated by Yi Tianyun, “Don’t get ahead of yourself just because you managed to kill those two, unlike new born Core Condensation like them, I’m already far above them, with your third level core condensation, its futile fighting me boy!”

    Yuan Ping immediately released his Fourth level Core Condensation’s aura. The aura is much thicker and stronger than those of Wang and Zeng Family Head released earlier. It’s not shocking at the least to Yi Tianyun, after all Yuan Ping is a Vice Chief Pavilion Lord.

    “You Wind Pavilion, has always stoop so low, not only using dirty ways, you also try to control others by force, and now you want to put your hands on other person’s treasures?” Yi Tianyun shook his head, he thought that his problems with Wind Pavilion is already over the moment he escaped Wind City, he never expect that he has to confront them again, not this fast at least.

    “Boy, I will give you one last chance! Give in now, or die!” Yuan Ping’s eyes filled with killing intent.

    He also brings another elder that has a similar cultivation as him. These two is far stronger than the those two family’s head before. Because of this furnace, they couldn’t control the greed in their heart, preparing to attack to take it by force if necessary.

    As long as he joins Wind Pavilion everything will be okay, but if he didn’t want to, they will take the furnace by force!

    With eyes like a dead fish Yi Tianyun said “And I also give you a last chance, either you fuck off or die!”

    Yan Lingxue and Yan Family Head both took a sigh of relief, they already entrusted the furnace to Yi Tianyun, and they clearly don’t want it to fall to someone like Yuan Ping. They understand that holding to something as valuable like that is the same as inviting death! But they really are feeling grateful for Yi Tianyun to come to help them.

    “Kid, I give you some leeway to save your face, but it seems like you’re too stubborn” Yuan Ping clearly had enough of Yi Tianyun’s arrogances “If that is what you want, then goodbye!”

    When he finished speaking, Yuan Ping charged to attack Yi Tianyun. The storage ring on his hand is flashing with bright lights, revealing an upper spirit sword that he instantly grabs. He immediately took a stance to slash the sword into Yi Tianyun’s body. With his fierce swordsmanship he released all his killing intent into the tip of his sword, trying to kill Yi Tianyun in an instant.

    “Frost Fist, activate!”

    Yi Tianyun immediately uses the special effect of the frost fist, and the group of people in front of him, is already encased in ice. They are stuck to their place, clearly can’t move and can’t speak.

    Yi Tianyun walked over and smirked.

    “Crazy Mode, activate!”

    “Double Exp Pill!”