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Chapter 71 - Palace Treasure

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 71: Palace Treasure

    The invasion has come to an end. The news quickly spread throughout the faction in the area, of course all of them react the same, shocked! Jade Palace’s strength is considered below average, yet they successfully drive away these three factions and even kill their respective lord.

    What’s left of these factions? They lost their respective lord, leaving everything to their youngster, obviously this will affect the power balance in the area. Despite losing their lords, of course their overall strength can’t be taken lightly.

    In the conference hall of Jade Palace.

    “I’m appointing Tianyun as an elder, is there anyone against my decision?”

    Shi Xueyun looked at everyone, all the elders and deacons. They are all sitting here, with a dignified expression on their face.

    “No one?”

    Everyone nodded confirming that they didn’t object about this decision. Yi Tianyun did save the entire Jade Palace from such grave situation, no wonder Shi Xueyun went as far as making an exception for Tianyun’s sake, and no one is against her decision.

    “I have something to say.”

    It’s none other than Yi Tianyun himself!

    “Palace Lord, I think it would be better if i remain as an outer disciple for everyone and my sake as well, besides you shouldn’t make exceptions like this. And I’m not good at managing things in the palace.” Yi Tianyun didn’t expect this outcome, he came here thinking they would discuss something else.

    He needs to do a lot of things to level up, but as an elder he won’t have time for that. He doesn’t want to be shackled by this kind of thing.

    “You have to. The rules can be changed, you don’t need to do anything as an elder, besides, by declaring you are the elder of Jade Palace will make other faction reluctant to attack us. If it is not because of you, there would be no Jade Palace now!” Shi Xueyun glared at him and make sure that Yi Tianyun couldn’t reject her offer.

    The other elders nodded, accepting Yi Tianyun as an elder, as Shi Xueyun wants. But they still have some doubts about the continuation of Shi Xueyun’s speech.

    “But…” Yi Tianyun saw Shi Xueyun glaring at himself. He suddenly sighed and said helplessly: “Ok, I accept the elder position.”

    The disciples couldn’t help but smile seeing this situation. Most disciples would instantly agree if they’re offered this position, yet Yi Tianyun clearly want nothing to do with it.

    “Okay, that settles it, now onto the next problem. As you all know, we have defeated three major faction lords. It would be fine if this is the end of it, but of course things won’t go that easily, most probably they’ll be back for revenge. Be ready because they could attack anytime, as their goal is to obtain our treasures.” Shi Xueyun said with confidence.

    What is Jade Palace’s treasure? Yi Tianyun wondered, he doesn’t know anything about it, but he can’t just ask it blatantly, as he doesn’t have anything to do with it.

    “The third problem that we need to discuss is the treasure itself. I intend to hand it over to Tianyun for safekeeping, any thought on this matter from everyone else?” Shi Xueyun said all of a sudden.

    Yi Tianyun is stunned, everyone turned their eyes toward him spontaneously, as he was granted the ownership of the treasure out of the blue.

    “Palace Lord, i can’t agree on this one, because no one should keep the treasures other than Palace Lord itself.” Great Elder voiced her regarding this matter.

    Although Yi Tianyun already became an elder for Jade Palace. The only person fit to use the treasure is none other than the palace lord.

    “I have my own reason for this, it’s because he is much stronger than me, there is no doubt that he could use it better than me, and if those three major factions attack us again, he can use the treasure to defeat them with ease.” Shi Xueyun stated her reason to hand the treasure to Yi Tianyun.

    The elders can’t say anything, as Shi Xueyun definitely stated the truth. They have seen what Yi Tianyun is capable of, they can’t object if Shi Xueyun put it that way.

    “Wait, I don’t know even know what the treasure is” Yi Tianyun raised his hand and finally got the chance to ask.

    “This is the treasure.” Shi Xueyun took out a piece of jade, a slight cold is emitted from the jade, everyone in the room could sense this slight cold.