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Chapter 77 - Going

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 77: Going

    When Yi Tianyun got off the carriage, he saw a few figures who just came.

    They’re all influential individual, but they’re from Second Level Faction, Third Level Faction or above won’t participate because this is not beneficial for them. They don’t see this as something extraordinary as they have better alternatives.

    For Second Level Faction, this is very tempting.

    Their arrival immediately become the center of attention. Jade Palace, the faction capable of driving away three great faction invading them. The factions’ representative around Yi Tianyun react differently regarding their arrival, some of them is shocked, some of them is amazed.

    Jade Palace is only First Level Faction, but they can do such a feat, did their secluded elder help them?

    What they don’t know is the one that drive these three factions and kill their sect leader is none other than Yi Tianyun. That’s to be expected since Shi Xueyun kept this information a secret. The one who knows about it is only several people from Jade Palace, so none of these second level faction knows Yi Tianyun’s strength.

    Being low profile is much better in this situation, so they don’t know anything about Yi Tianyun. After the news about Jade Palace’s victory was spread, these factions respected Jade Palace a little bit, at the very least they recognized their true strength now.

    Which is why other factions is reluctant to intervene. And after their loss Wing Sect won’t attack in the near future as they knew how strong Yi Tianyun is.

    “Basically only Second Level Faction is here, there’s no First Level Faction…” Yi Tianyun glanced at the number, the number is quite a number of them, and the amount of quota each faction is determined by the influence of sect. The greater the influence, the more quota they get.

    Therefore, the number of people combined has at least 30 – 40 people, so it’s quite crowded there. However, Jade Palace has eight quota, this is definitely an advantage for them. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say Jade Palace is the most influential sect here even though they’re only First Level Faction.

    Judging from cultivation, most of them are around the Fifth Level of Spirit Refinement, and the higher ones reach 8th Level of Spirit Refinement. None of them is at Ninth level or above, maybe they purposely wait for Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins to open to breakthrough.

    Gaining experience in Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins before breaking through to Core Condensation Stage is very ideal. The most important thing is that they happen to meet this Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, then come over to Smelting Trial.

    “Our Jade Palace IS a special case, most of the time only Second Level Faction is eligible to come here.” Great Elder explained next: “We are First Level Faction, but in terms of strength we already exceeded the average Second Level Faction. It’s only because our total disciple is not that much, otherwise we would’ve become Second Level Faction.”

    Yi Tianyun nodded, Jade Palace is a special case because it only accepts female cultivators that’s the reason they don’t have that many disciple.

    “Palace Lord Shi isn’t coming this time?” somebody asked, it was Sect Master Huan. When he couldn’t find Shi Xueyun among the crowds, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. He’s a good looking man and from the looks of it his cultivation is not to be underestimated.

    “Turns out that Palace Lord Shi has something to do, so she can’t come here. I am the one in charge this time.” Great elder said, because Shi Xueyun did entrust things to her.

    “I heard the three great factions attacked the Jade Palace, but ended up with a huge loss. Your Old Ancestor is really something else!” Sect Master Huan said.

    “Well, our Old Ancestor is definitely a force to be reckoned with.” Great Elder said with a light smile: “Even if Jade Palace only First Level Faction, but the foundation is unwavered.”

    She purposely said that Jade Palace’s elder is invincible out loud so everyone here thought Jade Palace is really strong if they got serious. And it really piqued everyone’s interest.

    “Seems like those three factions is really out of luck when they made enemies out of Jade Palace.” Sect Master Huan smiled trying to break the ice.

    But seems like their little talk have to end here because Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins is about to open.


    Suddenly the entire mountain range is shaking like there’s an earthquake. Even though they want to talk a bit longer, seems like this is no time for a small talk.

    The door slowly opened, showing everyone an enormous power from from within leaving them speechless.

    “The door is almost opened!”