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Chapter 99 - : Heart Awe

Crazy Leveling System
     Yi Tianyun took out all of the martial arts he got from the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins and give them to Shi Xueyun.

    “These are all human and earth level martial arts! How did you get your hand on this many martial arts?” Shi Xueyun is completely baffled from all the martial arts Yi Tianyun shoved in front of her.

    “And how did you come out of the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins? Everyone told me you are left behind even after the gate was closed!” Shi Xueyun can’t contain her curiousness about Yi Tianyun’s safety.

    “That is a long story aunt Shi Xueyun, I rather have that conversation elsewhere. For now let us focus on refining pill and cultivate the disciple, yes?” Yi Tianyun didn’t want to talk about his circumstances in front of the elders as he doesn’t exactly trust them that much.

    Shi Xueyun just nods her head as she understand she will be talking to Yi Tianyun later on, and the elders fell silence because they know that they wouldn’t get the answer they want to hear from Yi Tianyun now.

    Yi Tianyun then excuse himself to start on refining the pills and forging weapons in the workshop. As his level of blacksmithing and alchemy is now good enough, Blacksmith at middle level and Alchemy at basic level, but he is sure that his alchemy would be leveled up into middle level eventually later.

    He immediately starts by refining all material he gets to make Body Refinement Pills, which is the best pill to have to accelerate the cultivation progress of Body Refinement Cultivator.

    Yi Tianyun is greatly absorbed is his refining works causing him to lose track of time, and he doesn’t even realize how much pills he already refined.

    [Ding, successfully refining Body Refinement Pill, earning 3.000 experience, Alchemy Mastery increased by 50 points.]

    [Ding, congratulations to Player ‘Yi Tianyun ‘, Basic Level Alchemy successfully Leveled Up to Middle Level Alchemy!]

    Yi Tianyun is overcome with joy hearing this information “It finally leveled up!” this middle level alchemy is equal to Fourth Grade Alchemist in this world rank system, which is relatively high by the standard of his age, as very few people are able to achieve this stage at early age.

    However, he didn’t stop there as he becomes more determined to refines as much pills as he could, his refining speed and success rate already improved with the level up so he could refine at much pace than before. But the thing is Yi Tianyun finally got bored of this repeated process.

    After depleting all material he has to refines pills, he starts forging High Grade Spirit Tool.

    [Ding, congratulations to host. Middle Level Blacksmith promoted to Advance Level Blacksmith!]


    He is overwhelmed by sense of pride as now he can refine a peak grade spirit tool with high success rate. “I shall began forging this peak grade spirit tools!” he began forging like a madman, not resting as he forges day and night!

    Xiao Lian who is constantly checking Yi Tianyun’s need becomes worried because Yi Tianyun never stop forging even neglecting eat and sleep.

    “Young Master, You can’t go on like this. You should take a break once in a while and have something to eat! You could get sick from overwork if you keep this up!”

    “You are here Sister Xiao Lian! Here, I already organize your pills, weapons and some gold for you to use inside.” Yi Tianyun pauses his work and hand Xiao Lian a storage ring. Xiao Lian looks at the storage ring hand and becomes confused.

    “Young master, I can’t take this, I don’t deserve it!” Xiao Lian thinks that with her Seventh Level Body Refinement cultivation she doesn’t deserve this much item from Yi Tianyun.

    “You have to accept my gift as you’ve been taking care of me ever since i begin refining and forging, this is all I can give to you at this moment. And I can’t help but notice that you never took your time to visit your hometown anymore. You didn’t miss your family?” Yi Tianyun asks.

    Xiao Lian was startled by Yi Tianyun’s question as she doesn’t expect Yi Tianyun to ask this kind of question. She doesn’t know how to answer Yi Tianyun’s question.

    “Sister Xiao Lian, we are not strangers here, we practically grew up together and I already considered you as my own sister.”

    Yi Tianyun assures Xiao Lian to speak out her mind. Xiao Lian looks at Yi Tianyun and sighed in relief.