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Chapter 111 - Investigation

Crazy Leveling System
     Yi Tianyun is feeling really enthusiastic about summoning a black dragon himself. If he really can summon the black dragon as a pet, he can fly with it, which is a very good means of transportation and battle strategy.

    A normal cultivator can fly on their own, but the thing is the ability to fly is a basic ability for Core Transformation cultivator, and he still has a very long way to reach that level. But after a clear inspection of the requirement he notices that he lacks a black dragon soul to summon the beast!

    “Where can I find this Black Dragon soul? I should have used lucky aura before I killed the old man, I certainly saw that Black Dragon Soul is listed in the droppable items for killing him!” Yi Tianyun frowns from his own realization, he should have done everything he can to receive as many rewards from the old man as he can, and now he is very disappointed by himself for not doing so.

    “What would I do now? Is there anyone else out ther who has this black dragon soul beside the old man? Now that the old man is already dead, willI ever get this black dragon soul?” He’s really devastated from the fact that the old man is already dead as he doesn’t know for sure where else can he obtain Black Dragon Soul.

    “Old Ancestor Hei Hun is dead… Old Ancestor Hei Hun is dead!! Great, Old Ancestor Hei Hun is dead!!”

    Yi Tianyun heard a mumbling not too far from his spot. He approaches the directions of the voice. He was a little bit shocked to see that there is still a lot of bandits alive. And strangely enough, they are smiling, throwing Yi Tianyun off a little bit.

    “It seems that a lot of you escape from my earlier purge, but now that I see you it won’t happen again!” Yi Tianyun prepare himself to once again attack the bandits in front of him, but as he charge at them, they fell to the ground and kneel to Yi Tianyun.

    “Hero, we thank you from the bottom of our heart for killing Old Ancestor Hei Hun, you basically saved us! I hope you can find it in you to spare us, we are forced to join Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold, he threatened to kill our family if we refuse! We have no choice but to obey him, we never go outside of this place as we are tasked to do cleaning, cooking, and other daily chores.” They all are shouting the same thing at the same time at Yi Tianyun. They keep kneeling as they afraid Yi Tianyun would kill them.

    Yi Tianyun stops his attacks as he stare at them, what they blab at him makes sense. It impossible to have this much of people without having anyone to do the cleaning and stuff, but he is not sure that’s not the case for all of them.

    “Whether what you said is true or not that is not my position to judge, but if one of you do something funny, don’t blame me for instantly kill you on the spot!” Yi Tianyun proceeds to gather all of the bandits and lead them to walk outside.

    In the outside, Xiao Lian already gathered everyone from the village and do everything she could to make everyone comfortable, as she sees Yi Tianyun walks out the stronghold, she smiles, but quickly she change her looks after seeing the bandits following Yi Tianyun.

    “Young master, what are they doing here?” Xiao Lian clearly doesn’t like what she sees, doubting every move the bandit makes.

    “They told me that they are brought here and forced to join the bandit against their will. But I doubt all of them have the same circumstance, so I hope for all the villager in here to filter those who are actually here against their will from all of these bandits.” Yi Tianyun said explaining things for the villager.

    Soon enough the villager are all shouting one after another claiming some of the bandits as their family. At some point, one of the villager recognize one of the bandit to be one of the bad guys that join the bandits voluntarily.

    Hearing the accusation, the bandit mentioned quickly try to reach one of the villager to be held hostage, but Yi Tianyun is much faster than him and quickly kills the evil bandit by throwing him out at the rocky exterior of the wall.

    “Continue, I hope all of you can work together to recognize all of them, as no more bad thing can happen to the village.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.