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Chapter 112 - Black Dragon King

Crazy Leveling System
     The door was easily opened as Yi Tianyun push it a little bit, behind the door itself lays a dark passageway, it’s not entirely pitch black, but the light that shimmer in the end of the passageway is so faint that the path to it seems so dim. After Yi Tianyun walks through the door, a seductive voice can be heard so close to him.

    “Do you want power? Would you like to be the strongest among all living creature?” The voice says so sultry, and it also says “If you want power, come over to me, accept me, and I will make make you the strongest!” This voice kept on tempting Yi Tianyun, and he is clearly a bit tempted as well.

    The power itself is very strong, he himself already figured that out as he fought against Old Ancestor Hei Hun, so without any hesitation he walks forward to see what is waiting for him at the end of the passageway.

    After he reaches the end of the passage, he sees a dragon head sitting on a pedestal. The dragon head is surrounded by the black power, more potent than the one Hei Hun used beforehand. He inspects the head immediately and sees detailed information about the head. The detailed information is immediately presented: Black Dragon’s head, cultivation base None, Weakness None. Possible drop items : Black Dragon Soul, Black Dragon Skeleton, and Black Dragon Spiritual Vein Crystal!

    “Black Dragon Soul!” Yi Tianyun’s eyes lit up with excitement, he’s finally able to find something else that would drop a Black Dragon Soul.

    “Human! Do you want a superior power?” the head flashed a bright light as a voice can be heard speaking to Yi Tianyun, but the head itself didn’t move.

    “I guess no need to rush things? You need to talk? then talk! I will listen for a while.” Yi Tianyun says, as he didn’t really need to rush down here. He will listen to whatever the head would say and then determine his next move after that.

    “Very good! A wise choice for a human like you. I already sensed your power upstairs, you are clearly very strong, if you combine my power into yours, you will be stronger than everyone.” The head speak with such eagerness that Yi Tianyun actually started to believe it a little bit.

    “What about the old man from before? Isn’t he with you? I think he is weak!” Yi Tianyun says as he remembers the Old Ancestor Hei Hun is not as strong as the head said.

    “That trash is too weak to withstand my full power, if I gave him more power he would explode!” The black lights by the head continue to flash as the voice keeps coming.

    “So what condition do you need to get this power?” Yi Tianyun ask, as he always knew accepting something like this would always have the catch!

    “There is no need for any conditions whatsoever. All you have to do is accept me by fusing with me and keep offering me sacrifice so I can make you stronger forever.” At this point, it’s clear for Yi Tianyun that the one actually speaking to him is the black light.

    “If you keep accepting sacrifices and I am to be fused with you, what is the effect of that stuff for me?” Yi Tianyun keeps asking a hard question to the head.

    “There is no effect for your body, all it gives is unparalleled strength beyond everyone else, reaching spirit core stage will be easy and core transformation stage is not that far fetched.” The black light keeps tempting Yi Tianyun to accept him.

    “It sounds good.” Yi Tianyun says while walking over to the head.

    “What should I do now?” Yi Tianyun says while inspecting the head a little bit more.

    “You don’t need to do anything, just relax your body and let my energy enter your body. All will be over soon after that.” The black light says excitedly.

    “That sound easy enough, all you have to do is give me energy?” as soon as he asks Yi Tianyun grabs the dragon head and use his Absorbing Stars Great Technique.

    “Like This?” Yi Tianyun says while smirking.

    “Aaaaah! What are you doing?” the black light flashed wildly, screaming voice continued to ring as he absorbs the head’s spiritual energy.

    “You said it yourself that you want to fuse with me by giving me energy. So I will just do something easier for you, so we will not waste our time” Yi Tianyun is still smirking.

    “No! I don’t mean it like this! It needs to be from my own power! It’s not gonna work like this!” the black light keep flashing wildly.

    “Yeah, but I like it better this way.” Yi Tianyun says innocently. The Black Dragon Strength aura that so potent in the room is continuously become thinner as Yi Tianyun keeps on absorbing it with incredible rate.

    Hearing that Yi Tianyun would not let him go, the black light flashed brightly and the area began to tremble and the ground shaken, like it’s gonna collapse anytime soon. Immediately, countless black energy like the one used by the Old Ancestor Hei Hun starts to appear and tied themself to Yi Tianyun to forcibly pulls him away from the head.