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Chapter 114 - Re-Enters Wind City

Crazy Leveling System
     With the speed of Black Dragon, Yi Tianyun arrives at Gong Village at an incredible pace.

    He doesn’t bring the Black Dragon in to the village, he choose to stop at the nearby forest and unsummon the Black Dragon. It’s for the safety of the Black Dragon and the people around him. He doesn’t want some advanced sect to come steal his dragon or do something worse to acquire it.

    Just like Snow Wolf, Yi Tianyun can summon it whenever he wants which can be used for surprise attack. After doing what he must do, Yi Tianyun walks into the village with a smile, but as soon as he enter the village, he still can see that some of the villager still has a sorrowful look in their faces.

    Yi Tianyun quickly understands that it’s a given that not everyone managed to return to their family back in the village. There is still a family member that didn’t return with the group earlier, but it is clear for anybody else what that means, they are all already dead.

    “Young Hero is back!” Yi Tianyun can hear a shout the moment he stepped into the village. The entire villager is quickly flocking into his direction, whether to be grateful or to be remorseful, the later make Yi Tianyun a bit uncomfortable.

    They are bowing their head to Yi Tianyun while said: “Young Hero, we don’t have anything in this village to give you for your reward, if it’s not for you we would’ve died. We are truly sorry from the bottom of our heart. The least we can do is to make you our elder, so that we can worship you with our own way. This is our only request to you, we hope that you’re okay with this!” The entire village falls in to their knees in front of Yi Tianyun, including Xiao Lian.

    “Young Master, this is all we can do to repay your kindness.” Xiao Lian says while kneeling down.

    Yi Tianyun feels helpless of the current situation, in one way, he doesn’t want to be treated like this, but at the same time, he can’t reject them because it’s the same as not appreciating their effort.

    After he lets them express their gratitude toward him, he let them stand back on their feet. He still sees everyone smiling gratefully toward him.

    On the dusk, every villager of the gong village already is busy with their own task at hand to prepare a banquet for Yi Tianyun.

    They took out all their provision like rice, chicken, ducks, and cows to the slaughter house. They cook it all to make this banquet satisfying enough for Yi Tianyun.

    Sacrificing livestock and food stock doesn’t deter them, they already get many treasures from looting the Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold, they can compensate the food stock and livestock later.

    Yi Tianyun saw this atmosphere with smiles, he was happy that everyone in the village is already appeased enough from the bandits attacks.

    In the morning, the atmosphere of happiness from before quickly changed. It is time for Yi Tianyun and Xiao Lian to go back to Jade Palace.

    There is no more reason for Yi Tianyun to remain here, he already did what he can for Xiao Lian. He also healed the leg injury of Xiao Lian’s Father, meanwhile the village is already in good condition to stand on their own, with all that treasure they looted.

    Yi Tianyun doesn’t want them to move out from this village to follow him. They rely from the mountains to live, they’re already a farmer and hunter for as long as they know, there is no way they could get used to new place that easily. Besides, no more bandits left, they no longer live in fear from the bandit attacks.

    However, he did leave some Human Level Martial Arts to some of the young cultivator that has some degree of innate ability, so that in the future they can defend themselves.

    “Xiao Lian, Young Hero Yi is a good person, he has my blessing to take your hand as my son in law.” Old Liu, Xiao Lian’s father says with satisfied grin on his face. This word, however make Xiao Lian blush, coloring her face into a deep shade of red.

    “Father! Stop that, there is no way I am worthy enough for young master.” Xiao Lian says as she longingly looks toward Yi Tianyun.

    “Xiao Lian, you are worthy of what you make effort of, you already join Jade Palace with your own effort, there is no greater honor than to value your own effort.” Old Liu says with a smile.

    Xiao Lian has his eyes red from unshed tears, she knows that this is her father’s way to encourage her to do what she wants.

    To make efforts for what she wants in life and don’t be discouraged from anything.

    “I promise I will work hard!” Xiao Lian nods to her father directions, finally looking at him in the eye.

    “Hey, look at that, you grew more and more like your mother with each passing day. If by any chance she is still here with us, there is no way that she wouldn’t be proud of what you have become.” Old liu says with now red eyes too. They quickly hug, as they don’t want this father-daughter moment to finish yet.