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Chapter 131 - Triple Level Up

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 131: Triple Level Up


    ‘Successfully Kills [Giant Walrus]’

    ‘Reward: . . .’

    Yi Tianyun and Black Dragon of his continues to kill many monsters in the island, it’s a little bit of a shame that Snow Wolf didn’t come with him, because if the Snow Wolf is also here killing these monsters would be so much faster, but nonetheless it is still a quick kills for him and the Black Dragon.

    After each kills Yi Tianyun stored the Demon Beast into his storage ring, the Star Pavilion would make a good use of it later on.

    After a while finally Yi Tianyun successfully leveled up!


    ‘Congratulations to player [Yi Tianyun], successfully Breakthrough to first level Spirit Core!’

    Yi Tianyun felt power surging inside his body, he immediately checks his fighting power in his status and sure enough, it rose quite considerably! Before it was around 390.000 and now it rose to 500.000 Combat Power.

    Of course, this is all because of his other buff that he activated, like Crazy Mode and Dragon God Bloodline, rising his combat power that high.

    He immediately tried to kill a couple of demon beasts in his current power, and much to his surprise, the demon beast are all smashed like a paper, it is so much easier to kill each demon beast in his current combat power.

    “This is the power of Spirit Core? This is too strong! I never expect my combat power to rise this high just by improving my cultivation.” Yi Tianyun says in awe with his own power. But there is still something that is not quite right in Yi Tianyun’s mind right now. With his breakthrough to Spirit Core, his own aura surely would be getting more powerful than before, but the demon beasts on this island still ferociously tries to attack him without any fear at all.

    “This is very odd! Have all this demon beast lost their senses?” Yi Tianyun wondered, It’s a common knowledge that a demon beast didn’t have a high intelligence but they still have their own instinct like wild animals. They supposed to still know fear, as they would try to run and hide from something that is much more powerful than them.

    “Well, I suppose that’s not important, it saves me trouble from finding them anyway.” And there’s no end to these demon beasts, they keep coming from the sea as soon as one of them in the island is dead.

    After killing the demon beasts in the island for roughly an hour, the effect of the 10x Exp card and Crazy Point card is gone. He re-activated them again by buying them from the System shop and continues to kill them off. Awhile after that he checks on his status and Black Dragon’s status, he saw that the Black Dragon level is already at Seventh Level Core Condensation.

    Not long after that he get notification about his own level up!


    ‘Congratulations to Player [Yi Tianyun], Successfully breakthrough to Second Level Spirit Core!’

    He kept on killing all the demon beast as fast as he can, he doesn’t want to waste time as he wants to use his 10x Exp Card and Crazy Point Card as effective as possible. But as the time goes, he notices that the demon beast is not as many as there are before. However, as the hour mark of his 10x Exp Card and Crazy points Card timer is almost up, he successfully leveled up again!


    ‘Congratulations to Player [Yi Tianyun], Successfully breakthrough to Third Level Spirit Core!’

    Yi Tianyun didn’t expect to level up once again, but he is happy nonetheless. Now that the demon beasts on the island already diminished, he felt his body become a little bit heavy.

    He quickly kills off the remaining demon beasts that’s still circling the island, at the time he finished all of them the island shore is covered in blood.

    Not long after, the sound of thunder can be heard not far from their location, and it began pouring, sweeping all the blood in the shoreline into the ocean.

    Yi Tianyun looked around himself and saw that there was no more demon beast around. With the quiet atmosphere along with the rainfall, Yi Tianyun finally feels the fatigue of fighting for 2 hours straight. His arm is a little bit numb for holding the heavy axe for so long.