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Chapter 132 - Sin Shop

Crazy Leveling System
     : Sin Shop

    Seeing his own status, he kind of understands the difficulties to level up. There is opponent many enough for him to level up faster. But after carefully investigating his status he found something unusual.

    “Wait, what is this Sin Points? I never seen this one before.” Yi Tianyun notices the Sin Points in his status. He proceeded to investigate it as he wanted to know what kind of parameter it was.

    Sin Points: With the current level of the user, Novice Protection has been turned off, successfully activated Sin Points System. As long as the user kill any life form, Sin Point would be rewarded as an additional reward. The higher the Sin Points, the easier it is to attract any hostile life form. The more wicked life form the user kill, the higher Sin Points would be rewarded. Sin Points can be used to redeem Crazy Point, Mastery, Experience Point and purchase items from Sin Shop.

    “What? I am still in Novice protection this whole time?” Yi Tianyun was a little bit shocked, he didn’t know he was still in Novice Protection all this time, with that fact, he concludes that reaching Spirit Core is the lowest requirement to move from Novice level in the Crazy Leveling System.

    He wonders how high is the system standard, Spirit Core should already be a high cultivation level, but no! the system seemed to regard it as intermediate level. But he didn’t dwell on it too long, he is more excited about the Sin Shop.

    He got another shop, he hoped this shop didn’t turn out to be a complete rip off like the Crazy Shop. Before checking into the Sin Shop, he considered opening the Level 31 Gift Pack first.

    “Open Level 31 Gift Pack!” Yi Tianyun says, commanding the system to open his long-awaited leveling reward.

    ‘Successfully opened Level 31 Gift Pack, get 20x Experience Card (1 Hour), 3x Crazy Point Card (1 Hour), 4x Mastery Card (1 Hour), Level 41 Gift Pack, Sin Shop Opening Permission.’

    He was very satisfied with the items he got from the gift pack, especially the 20x Exp Card! He can combine the Exp Card effect with lower ones, multiplied it even more!

    “This is great, I can’t wait to hunt again! But what is this Sin Shop really is? What is the difference with Crazy Shop?” Yi Tianyun wondered to himself, and proceeded to open the Sin Shop.

    After the Sin Shop opened in front of Yi Tianyun, he feels stupid for expecting something out of the Crazy Leveling System. The shop only consists of one category only, the Sin Shop only sells Suit! And it is ridiculously expensive too!

    He investigated the Suit in the shop directory and saw that only 2 suit that met his requirement for now.

    ‘Evil Dragon Suit’

    ‘Requirement: Lv30’

    ‘Effect: Power x10, Defense x20, Flight, Phagocytosis, Suit can turn the user into a huge Evil Dragon with 100 meters high.’

    ‘Price: 10.000 Sin Points’

    ‘Sword Master Suit’

    ‘Requirement: Lv30’

    ‘Effect: After equipping the [Sword Master Suit] the user will be given the ability to control sword array. Sword Array would give the user the power to control any Long Sword within the rank of High-Grade Spirit Tool and below. The user would be able to control up to 10.000 Long Swords at a time.’

    ‘Price: 10.000 Sin Points’

    “Great! Another godly equipment with unreasonable prices!”

    Yi Tianyun was shocked after seeing the suit effect. Although only 2 suits that met the minimum requirement, the effect is completely above any other items he ever encountered, but it comes with a purely hard to get prizes.

    To have 10.000 Sin Points he must kill 10.000 demon beast! And he doesn’t know how much he could get for killing cultivator. But one thing is certain, he can’t just go killing anyone he wants.

    If the person isn’t a bad person, he wouldn’t get any Sin Points, moreover he’s afraid that he would get a reverse effect on killing innocenct people.

    He was afraid his Sin Point would be substracted as penalty or worse! His level could drop as his Sin Points reached zero!