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Chapter 133 - Meets Again

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 133: Meets Again

    “Slow down now, Little Shi!” he walks back to the feather carriage’s side and gave his umbrella to someone inside the carriage. But, that person didn’t take the umbrella from him and and just walked out on her own.

    The one who walked out from the carriage is a beautiful young lady with a hard and cold expression on her face. She didn’t seem to like this Qing Liuyun much. A voice was also heard from the carriage right after the young lady got off the carriage.

    “It’s alright, I can come out by myself.” The voice came from another young lady exiting the carriage.

    The lady from before that Yi Tianyun saw with his appraisal eye with the name Yu Shiqian, look at Qing Liuyun and coldly said “Why did you tag along anyway? We’re here to gain some experience by fighting demon beasts! There is no need for you to follow us here!”

    Qing liuyun just smiles at the young lady and said “I am here because I am a little worried about your safety, if Little Shi and Little Yu get injured, I would be sad!”

    “There is no demon beast here! Are you blind look around yourself!” the person called Little Yu went ahead and look around proving her point when she noticed Yi Tianyun was on the outskirt of the woods watching them.

    “Who are you? How come you arrived here earlier than us!” Little Yu said to question Yi Tianyun.

    Qing Liuyun quickly turned his attention to Yi Tianyun and asked “Hey you! When and why are you here?” Qing Liuyun shouted at Yi Tianyun.

    Yi Tianyun decided that he didn’t have to pay attention to any of these people and ignore the question. Then, another person shouted at him from inside the carriage, that person slowly got off the carriage.

    “Big Brother asked you a question, why didn’t you answer him out! Are you stupid?” this person walks out from the carriage wearing the clothes of Profound Azure Mansion proudly.

    Seeing that all of these people have a high cultivation, Yi Tianyun knows that they are the genius young generation of Profound Azure Mansion. Yi Tianyun just watched them with empty eyes, too bored to answer their stupid question.

    “Young Master, you came here earlier than us, did you see any demon beast around here?” Yu Shiqian talks to Yi Tianyun with a mannered attitude.

    “There certainly are demon beasts here, but they are already dead by my hands.” Yi Tianyun answered the lady’s question with almost no interest.

    The last person that walked out from the carriage who Yi Tianyun came to know as Xiao Jianren said to Yi Tianyun “You killed them all? Are you serious? Hahaha. Where is your proof? There is no demon beast corpse seen here, now tell me who really did it, or the old man from Star Pavilion is just a lying old man!” he didn’t believe Yi Tianyun even one bit.

    Yi Tianyun just looked at this person with slant eyes, he’s not obliged to tell him anything anyway.

    “Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter to me.” Yi Tianyun turned away from them and proceeded to walk into the center of the island.

    He wanted to investigate what caused the demon beast from earlier acting all weird, there is something more to this island than just a large amount of demon beast.

    Plus, he didn’t want to kill these young ones from Profound Azure Mansion, clearly they come here with other sect’s disciples knew where they were going to, if he kills them here, he would attract unnecessary attention.

    “Hey you! Don’t you dare walk away!” Xiao Jianren shouted at Yi Tianyun and went after Yi Tianyun, but he was soon stopped by Qing Liuyun “Don’t be impulsive, there is Little Shi here with us now, it will not look good if we spill some blood here!” he whispered to Xiao Jianren.

    “Okay, okay! I will hold back for now.” Xiao Jianren said coldly.

    “Qing Liuyun turned his attention to Yu Shiquan and said “Little Shi, let’s look around the island for now. Perhaps we can find some demon beast around here. There is nothing else we could do, not even a trace of treasure either here.” Qing Liuyun said heartily.

    Yu Shiqian didn’t look that happy hearing Qing Liuyun and snapped “Please be more respectful of people around you, don’t get all chummy with me!”

    She quickly went after Yi Tianyun afterwards, and Xiao Yu followed her swiftly. Qing Liuyun seemed insulted by Yu Shiqian’s word but he can’t lash out at her.

    He looked at Xiao Jianren and they went after Yu Shiqian. Yi Tianyun who walked toward the forest first, didn’t see anything except for a stone tablet inside a circle in the middle of the forest, so he chose to come back into the circle after he found nothing else in the jungle.