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Chapter 135 - Reminder

Crazy Leveling System
     Xiao Jianren was easily pinned down to the ground. Xiao Jianren had a decent cultivation but Yi Tianyun was much more powerful.

    Yi Tianyun twisted Xiao Jianren’s arms while pinning him down on the ground, making Xiao Jianren scream so loudly from the pain. It’s definitely fractured from the sound of the bones cracked in Yi Tianyun’s palm.

    “AAAAAAAHHHH!!! My arm! Get off me!” Xiao Jianren screamed and shouted while also struggling to break free from Yi Tianyun’ grip.

    Yi Tianyun is starting to get fed up from the struggling of the boy pinned beneath him, quickly grabbed Xiao Jianren’s short sword that fell as soon as he was pinned down and stabbed Xiao Jianren right on his heart.

    Xiao Jianren fell into silence with wide eye, stared at Yi Tianyun in disbelief.

    Soon enough, his eyes lost its light and his body stopped moving.


    ‘Successfully kills [Xiao Jianren]’

    ‘Reward: 68.000 Exp, 1.700 Crazy Points, Transforming Heaven Palm [Earth Level Martial Art], Netherworld Step skill, Recovery Pill.’

    Yi Tianyun feels a little strange when he realized everyone from Profound Azure Mansion that he killed was using exactly the same martial art, but it’s still Earth Level Martial Art nonetheless so he didn’t complain much about it. He can sell it or fuse it for mastery, in the end earth level martial art still has some good value.

    Yi Tianyun quickly turned his attention to Qing Liuyun, who was already in a stance to attack Yi Tianyun.

    “Its your turn now!” Yi Tianyun said playfully. Qing Liuyun feels threatened by Yi Tianyun’s power, he got scared after seeing what Yi Tianyun was capable of doing. The long sword in his hand was shaking because his hand was trembling.

    “You killed my junior brother! Do you know who we are!” Qing Liuyun said with disbelief on his eyes and scared at the same time.

    He knew there’s no chance he could defeat Yi Tianyun in 1 on 1 duel, he wasn’t that foolish for not realizing the difference between their power.

    He honestly thought that Yi Tianyun was just some mouthful brat that passing by this island, he didn’t expect that Yi Tianyun would be this strong.

    “Now you threaten me using your sect? Is that wise? I certainly know from what sect you are if you flaunt it everywhere on your clothes. Did I care? Profound Azure Mansion doesn’t scare me. Even your Elder Wei and Inspector Ge is already dead by my hand, don’t you think you are an easier prey compared to them?” Yi Tianyun said in mocking manner.

    Hearing Yi Tianyun’s word, Qing Liuyun was shocked in disbelief, “Elder Wei and Inspector Ge is dead? How can this be?”

    He knew, in fact every disciple of Profound Azure Mansion knew that Elder Wei is at Spirit Core Cultivation, if he was killed by Yi Tianyun, then just how high is Yi Tianyun’s cultivation? Yi Tianyun already expected this kind of reaction from Qing Liuyun. The news about the death of Elder Wei and inspector Ge didn’t come all the way to their headquarter.

    “Of course, he is dead. He came all the way to Jade Palace demanding us to surrender and force our Palace Lord to become your Mansion Lord’s concubine, so I kill them as a punishment for being disrespectful. They act like Profound Azure Mansion is invincible, how pathetic. Hahaha.” Yi Tianyun laughs heartily remembering the time he killed Elder Wei.

    “I didn’t want to kill you, you seem like a gifted youngster, but you force my hand. Don’t blame me, blame your own bad luck and bad attitude for your own death.” Yi Tianyun added.

    “Jade Palace? You are THAT rumored person constantly being spoken about? So, when you said you killed all the demon beast in this area you didn’t lie?” Qing Liuyun trembledafter knowing who Yi Tianyun really was. He wondered how Jade Palace had such a strong expert with them.

    “I have been telling the truth all along but you decided to not believe what I said, now that you finally realize it all, it is already too late!” Yi Tianyun rushed at Qing Liuyun with an unbelievable speed, Qing Liuyun unable to react fast enough to defend himself.

    Qing Liuyun swinged his sword randomly as he panicked seeing Yi Tianyun’s Speed. Yi Tianyun didn’t even care about Qing Liuyun’s futile struggle, he moved Qing Liuyun’s hands which holds the sword to the side and hit Qing Liuyun with his shoulder.

    This move by Yi Tianyun easily thrown Qing Liuyun to the nearby trees with such a force that his body almost split the tree in half.