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Chapter 146 - Truth

Crazy Leveling System
     “Yes, she ran away from a marriage. She was already betrothed to someone, she isn’t supposed to run away. After receiving the news about her engagement she sneak her way out and doesn’t leave any information behind.” Zhu Yuxuan sighed, “I know we forced this matter on her but the this is for her own good, with her marrying someone from the big faction will help her in the future.”

    “Who was betrothed to?” Yi Tianyun asked.

    “Profound Azure Mansion’s Second Elder’s Son, we conclude that the young master she would marry have great influence over there. Had she carry on the marriage, it would be good for her and Star Pavilion. So let me ask you a question. Is it bad to be betrothed to someone from the big faction?” Zhu Yuxuan wondered while looking at Yi Tianyun.

    “Profound Azure Mansion? I don’t think I have a say on this, if she agreed marrying someone from there then she wouldn’t runaway now would she? With her running away like that, I am afraid that I still can’t tell you her whereabouts. But at least I could tell you that she is happy and healthy right now, so rest assured!” Yi Tianyun said although he couldn’t believe that Profound Azure Mansion have a relation with Zi Yuwei.

    “Are we done here? If we are, please give me the materials I need, I still have something to do!” Yi Tianyun said while waving his hand and tuned around planning to leave.

    Zhu Yuxuan quickly moved to block Yi Tianyun’s path toward the exit and say, “Young Master! I beg of you! Please tell me where she is! If I haven’t had a dao companion I would take her place! Please! If she isn’t found soon, Zhu Family is doomed.” Yi Tianyun got startled by Zhu Yuxuan’s determination, Yi Tianyun believed this young lady wouldn’t go this far if it’s not something urgent.

    “Doomed? Can you explain?” He asked while wondered.

    “Zhu Family’s status is declining in Star Pavilion, at this rate, we will lose our standing in Star Pavilion anymore.” Zhu Yuxuan said solemnly.

    “So you going to rely on Zhu Yuwei and Profound Azure Mansion to improve Zhu Family’s standing in Star Pavilion?” Yi Tianyun said bewildered.

    “Yes! I know this is not the best behavior giving away your family, but there is no other way!” Zhu Yuxuan gritted her teeth, feeling guilty for sacrificing her own sister. Yi Tianyun gave her a deep meaningful look and said, “Honestly, you guys are so naïve! There is no point in relying on others. If you really want to stand strong there is no other way than become strong yourself! If you rely on others and they abandon you when you really need them what would you do then?”

    Zhu Yuxuan was at loss for words because what Yi Tianyun said was right! When she was about to say something, Yi Tianyun beat her to it by saying, “This is enough! There is nothing else to say for this matter. Prepare my reward! I have made my decision, I won’t say where she is.”

    Deacon Huang already knew that nothing else can be said to convince Yi Tianyun, he sighed and instructed Zhu Yuxuan to prepare Yi Tianyun’s reward. Zhu Yuxuan looked at Yi Tianyun and prepared his reward and load it into Yi Tianyun’s storage ring. Yi Tianyun immediately took the ring and checked the content of the ring.

    Once he was satisfied by the reward, he quickly said his goodbyes and left the Star Pavilion. In his way out, Yi Tianyun checked the Favorability he had now with Star Pavilion and noticed that the favorability he got earlier from completing the quest already dropped down to 20.

    It seems favorability is not affected solely by a quest. If something happened, favorability could drop in minutes. But he was still quite curious about Zhu Yuxuan. Out of everyone in Star Pavilion, only her whose favorability wasn’t reduced, in fact her favorability increased by 5 points making it at 105 points. Yi Tianyun remembered something and quickly turns back to Zhu Yuxuan and say, “Oh yeah, I almost forgot. If you’re still keen on searching for a sect to back you up, I suggest forget about Profound Azure Mansion!”

    “Why would that be?” Zhu Yuxuan wondered.

    “That sect will be destroyed anytime soon!” Yi Tianyun said while smirking. Yi Tianyun immediately left after he dropped this sentence and everyone in Star Pavilion looked at his back as he walked out of Star Pavilion.