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Chapter 148 - Startled Change

Crazy Leveling System
     With Immortal Fire leveled up to Earth level, the speed and success rate of forging the soul tools was greatly improved. He tried to forge 15 Soul Tools and completed it in a mere few days, which normally would take ten days to finish. Yi Tianyun choose to sell all of the soul tools he successfully made, he sold 12 soul tools to the system because three out of fifteen materials failed.

    Yi Tianyun has collected 1.01 million Crazy Points after selling all soul tools he forged just now, and this amount overflow him with joy. He could level up his Crazy Mode with this amount!

    “Level Up Crazy Mode!” he excitedly shouted.


    ‘Deducting 1.000.000 Crazy Points for leveling up Crazy Mode!’

    ‘Crazy Mode successfully leveled up to Level 3!’

    ‘Crazy Mode Effect was Enhanced to 8 times, Due to Leveling up now the user can selectively enhance Damage, Exp, and Mastery. 1.000 Crazy Points per Minute. Next Level requires 10.000.000 Crazy Points.’

    Yi Tianyun had a mixed feeling about this effect, He was happy to have x8 effect but now he had to selectively choose what he would enhance out of three choice the system gave. But he was happy to see that Mastery Points was now available to enhance, making it easier to level up mastery! He believed that next time this Crazy Mode leveled up, he could get Crazy Points as one of his enhance choices.

    “1.000 Crazy Points per minute is not bad compared to Lucky Aura that consumes the same amount of Crazy Points per seconds!” Yi Tianyun thought to himself. The consumption rate of Crazy Mode was very cost-effective!

    Not long after, Yi Tianyun turned his attention to the 10 free draw he got earlier. He immediately opened the Lottery Roulette and use all of the free draw he had. He got a lot of things from it, mainly a lot of Exp Pills and some common iron level Armor and Weapon, none of them piqued his interest! He didn’t need any of it, especially the iron leveled armor and weapon! With his level, it was basically useless!

    He sighed and realized that he needed to get out and find some new information about Profound Azure Mansion. He hasn’t left this place for a full week, he had to investigate about his enemy to be fully prepared to face them later.

    Apparently, he didn’t have to bother searching too far, he hasn’t even gone down the stairs of the inn he stayed in when he heard the discussion some people had downstairs.

    “I don’t know what the real situation is but Profound Azure Mansion seems to send out their force somewhere, I saw 7 or 8 Giant Eagle has been dispatched!” Man A said, stating what he saw.

    “I heard that they are going to seek revenge against some faction, apparently some of their elder and disciple was killed!” Man B said in a serious tone.

    “What! Which sect is powerful enough to make Profound Azure Mansion as their enemy?” Man C said while looking shocked.

    The entire inn seemed to join in after that, every one of them seemed eager to discuss what happened in Profound Azure Mansion. Yi Tianyun’s complexion changed, he quickly dropped a piece of gold on the table rudely and said, “Anyone who knows the real situation about the Profound Azure Mansion will get this Gold if you tell me the information!” People who previously was interrupted rudely by Yi Tianyun was kind of irritated by his rude behavior at first, but it all changed when they see the gold on the table.

    “I know, I know! Based on what i heard, an elder of Profound Azure Mansion was killed by some Third Level Faction!” One man said while standing up. This statement earned some headshakes from a number of people.

    “You know nothing! Stop talking bullshit! I heard that a First Level Faction that has attracted Profound Azure Mansion’s attention has killed one of their elder!” some man said while shouting, from the looks of it, he said it because he disagreed with what he heard earlier. But his statement quickly became the talk to the people around.

    “There is no way a first level faction is able to kill an elder of Profound Azure Mansion! You are the one who talks bullshit! At least a third level faction killing an elder of Profound Azure Mansion is more believable! There is no way a first level faction is able to kill a Spirit Core cultivator!”

    The two of them immediately fell into a heated argument about their own statement. Yi Tianyun quickly slamed the table in front of him to silence everyone and quickly pointed his finger to the man who said about First Level Faction and said, “You! Tell me everything you know!”

    The man became excited when Yi Tianyun chose him and he excitedly said, “I heard that that some First Level Faction provoked Profound Azure Mansion, this is the main information that I heard.”

    “When did Profound Azure Mansion know about this?” Yi Tianyun asked.

    “They know about a few days ago, this morning several groups of Profound Azure Mansion’s force headed to the direction of Earthly Borders Continent. I don’t know where their exact destination is.” the man said, unsure.

    Yi Tianyun’s face suddenly turned pale. He thought that he had three months to prepare himself, but in less than a month, Profound azure Mansion already sniffed out the news about their elder’s death and already took action! This was too fast for his liking. He immediately tossed the gold to the man and said, “This gold is yours!” he quickly left the inn.