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Chapter 149 - Being Stranded

Crazy Leveling System
     “Find them! They ought to be around here somewhere!” Kang Haotian, a Core Condensation Expert leader of Profound Azure Mansion currently searched for disciple of Jade Palace at the dense forest in the outskirt of Wind City. He led a dozen of Spirit Refinement Cultivator with him.

    The forest was searched thoroughly by Kang Haotian’s men and the once peaceful forest was filled by killing intent at the moment. Fortunately, there was no civilian around the forest or they could be killed by this massive killing intent alone!

    Inside some cavé in the forest, some disciple of Jade Palace and Elder Mo Yu currently hid and they could sense that there are some people nearby heading toward them fast. Elder Mo Yu could sense the fear and panic in her disciple’s faces, “Elder, are we really safe here?” One of the female disciples asked Mo Yu worriedly.

    “It should be okay, as long as they don’t get too curious they could easily miss the secret passage.” Great Elder Mo Yu tried to console her disciples, but the truth is she was panic as well. This was supposed to be a quick in and out, they just procured some food and was on their way back to Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruin.

    They already made arrangement with Wind Pavilion to prepare food for them, although Jade Palace was self sufficient in the past, but as many of them now currently focused on cultivating their martial arts and cultivation, plus they just recently moved to Heavens Immersing Ancient ruin. There was just not enough time for them to be self sufficient at the moment.

    After they explained their situation to Zi Yuwei, the current Pavilion Lord of Wind Pavilion, she immediately agreed to help them and conducted the transaction at a secluded place. They never expected the Profound Azure Mansion to be able to sniff their path. Elder Mo Yu figured Profound Azure Mansion’s movement a little bit too late, making her late to respond and evacuate.

    Great Elder Mo Yu tried to keep calm, she racked her brain trying to think of some way to escape this situation. She could in fact escape by her own, but she couldn’t bring herself to abandon her disciple to die here. Suddenly, they could hear some noises approaching their location.

    “Check that side!” Elder Mo Yu heard a man’s voice. The sound was gradually closer and closer by every second, Profound Azure Mansion’s force was just too many for Mo Yu to handle alone. They even had 2 Core Condensation expert with them.

    “Great Elder Yu, what should we do?” All Jade Palace’s disciple trembled from fear.

    Mo Yu just sighed deeply and thought for a second before looking at her disciples with a sad expression, “Maybe this is the time were we must stand and fight for our lives!”

    The noises from Profound Azure Mansion outside became louder with each passing second, they all quickly realize they couldn’t stay here any longer, for they didn’t have another exit, they could be trapped here and that would be their end.

    “We have to sneak out from here! We would escape one by one and if you get caught, prepare yourself to fight till the end. Don’t let yourself get caught!” Elder Mo Yu steeled herself and her disciples to prepare for the worst if they got caught!

    “We will!” all her disciple said at the same time, with resolute on their eyes! Although they still didn’t want to die, but it was better than what could happen if they were captured. Elder Mo Yu quickly paced herself and her disciple to exit the cave sneakily. Mo Yu observed that there was no one outside the cave and quickly made their way toward the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruin.

    After just a few steps from the cave entrance, they were startled by a man shouting, “They are here! They are here!”

    Immediately Profound Azure Mansion man that are scattered around the forest looking for them, surrounded the in front of the cave, leaving them no place to escape!

    “Elder of Jade Palace, why so eager to leave? Can you tell us what happen to our elder and deacon that we send here not too long ago? They disappeared without any news.” Kang Haotian said while smirking at Mo Yu, he knew that Jade Palace must be the one responsible for that, seeing that they quickly escaped and leave behind their palace.