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Chapter 172 - Coming Back

Crazy Leveling System
     After Yi Tianyun understood the meaning behind the steps of the Main Quest, he stopped complaining. He finally understood the meaning behind the word ‘everything has its meaning’ to the heart.

    After a few days, Yi Tianyun finally cleared all his schedule for a couple of weeks. He also prepared some material if, by some chance, he needed it in the Heavenly Border Continent.

    “It seems that I need to go by myself, Heaven’s Top Mansion here I come!” Yi Tianyun said sarcastically. He immediately walks out of his room to announce his departure to Shi Xueyun, but Zhu Yuwei was already waiting outside of his room, looking nervous and worried.

    “Have you made up your mind?” Yi Tianyun asked.

    “Yes! There is no more Profound Azure Mansion, so there is no more marriage. If so, then there is no more reason for them to force me into anything. I also miss my sister, I wanna see my family too.” Zhu Yuwei said boldly.

    Yi Tianyun only nodded and said, “That’s good, now prepare yourself. Bring anything you need for a few nights. Meanwhile, I will announce our departure to Sect Lord Shi.” Yi Tianyun said casually.

    Zhu Yuwei nodded and immediately left to prepare for the departure. Yi Tianyun goes to find Shi Xueyun, and once he found her, he immediately explained to her the reason he was going back to Heavenly Border Continent.

    “Aunt, I am going to Heavenly Border Continent, and I am bringing Elder Zhu with me. I need to go to Heaven’s Top Mansion, this place originally belonged to one of their masters. So I hope that somehow we can become an ally or better yet merge together. And Elder Zhu wanted to check her family’s well being in the Heavenly Border Continent too, so I will bring her with me.” Yi Tianyun said, explaining all his plans to Shi Xueyun.

    “Sounds good. Heaven’s Top Mansion wasn’t weak, if somehow they really want to join us, then there is nothing wrong with it.” Shi Xueyun said seriously, and she immediately changed her expression as she said, “You need to be careful out there, there is no need to force yourself into anything. And always remember that I will be waiting here for your return.”

    “I will always remember that aunt. In fact, all that I have been doing up until now is for you. You already helped me a lot in the past, so I will help what is dear to you now. In all due respect, I strengthen this faction only for you, aunt. If by any chance you no longer cared about this faction anymore, then so do I!” Yi Tianyun said boldly.

    “I also use this place to carve your future, Yi Tianyun. Without this, I doubt that you could get any chance to become stronger.” Shi Xueyun said while smiling warmly.

    Hearing Shi Xueyun’s reason, Yi Tianyun immediately hugged her and said his thanks for her unwavering support to him.

    “Now go, don’t let Elder Zhu wait too long!” Shi Xueyun said warmly. Yi Tianyun only nodded and immediately left the room.

    When he made his way outside, he saw Elder Zhu has been waiting for him there. They nodded to each other, and they both climbed into the black dragon’s back and took their leave to the Heavenly Border Continent.

    When they left, Shi Xueyun also came to see Yi Tianyun off.

    “Yi Tianyun, you’ve become much stronger than me. I need to become stronger so that I can continue to protect you in the future.” Shi Xueyun said steadily. She immediately went back inside the Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins.

    With the Black Dragon as their mount, they reached the Heavenly New City in no time. They quickly landed as they got close enough to the city gate. However, Zhu Yuwei became more and more nervous as they got closer to the city.

    When she ran away from the star pavilion, she wanted to come back as soon as she became powerful and can protect herself.

    Now, instead of becoming independent like she said she would, she became dependent on Yi Tianyun instead. She was a little bit embarrassed about that fact, and because of that, she became more nervous as they got closer to Star Pavilion.

    “Let’s go!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile while grabbing Zhu Yuwei’s hands to the gate of the city. As they passed the gate, Yi Tianyun noticed that some man was eyeing Zhu Yuwei and immediately ran off somewhere. Yi Tianyun knew that this was a spy or at least, someone who worked for them.

    Sure enough, as they walked through the city to reach Star Pavilion, they immediately stopped midways. Fortunately, one of the people who stopped them is none other than Zhu Yuxuan, who immediately shouted Zhu Yuwei’s name loud enough and hugged her immediately.

    Zhu Yuwei did almost the same thing, as they cried in each other’s arms. This was reasonable, as they didn’t see each other for a long time. They didn’t exchange many words, as crying and hugging was the only thing they do.

    “Aren’t you the elder of Jade Sect?” suddenly Deacon Huang broke the not so silent atmosphere with a smile on his face, looking a little bit surprised too.

    From Deacon Huang’s looks, he already figured out that Yi Tianyun was secretly hiding Zhu Yuwei inside Jade Sect as he already flashed the picture of Zhu Yuwei around Wind City and the only info that he managed to get was that Zhu Yuwei was missing after going to help Jade Sect.