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Chapter 173 - Discontented

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 173: Discontented

    “So, Little Yuwei already became Heavenly Jade Sect’s Elder. That is good, thank you for taking care of our Little Yuwei!“ Deacon Huang said eagerly. Yi Tianyun knew that the deacon’s enthusiasm came from Jade Sect’s power.

    If it wasn’t strong enough, Deacon Huang would surely take Zhu Yuwei away.

    “Sure, we would take care of our own. Elder Zhu is a great addition to our Jade Sect, she can manage the sect very well. She had told me everything about herself, I know that Star Pavilion has a good influence but surely Star Pavilion isn’t that strong.” Yi Tianyun said condescendingly. His word strike some nerve on the other deacon of Star Pavilion.

    “So arrogant! You are a merely Second Level Faction, don’t get ahead of yourself just because you already destroyed Profound Azure Mansion. You are still nothing to us!” Deacon Liu said irritatingly.

    “So you are saying that you are better than Profound Azure Mansion? So how come you want to marry one of your own to them desperately?” Yi Tianyun said while raising one of his eyebrows challengingly. Deacon Huang however immediately stopped Deacon Liu from saying another word.

    “Elder Yi, I’m very sorry about our deacon behavior. I hope this wouldn’t happen again.” Deacon Huang said apologetically.

    “I’ll let it slide for now, but because Zhu Yuwei is our elder, mind your attitude toward her!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

    “Of course, we would treat her with our absolute respect. Now come, let us come inside.” Deacon Huang said with a smile.

    Once they were lead to the VIP room inside the Star Pavilion, Deacon Huang excused himself for a little while. Once he got out of the room however, he was immediately pulled to the side by Deacon Liu.

    “Deacon Huang, why did you stop me? That brat need to be put in his place for acting so arrogant! If it was not because the mysterious expert in the Jade Sect, I doubt that they could destroy Profound Azure Mansion!” Deacon Liu said furiously.

    “That’s the thing here. we don’t know anything about this mysterious expert, and you decide to make yourself their enemy?” Deacon Huang said solemnly.

    “That has nothing to do with him! I don’t believe he is that strong, he is still a kid! Zhu Family needs help right now, and I don’t think a 2nd Grade Faction could help us with that!” Deacon Liu said uttering his dissatisfaction.

    “You mean that we should marry her with other strong faction?” Deacon Huang asked solemnly.

    “I’m not that sure, unless this mysterious expert from Jade Sect help us there is no reason to let them have Zhu Yuwei!” Deacon Liu said with a serious face.

    “Aren’t we going to lose face if we go back on our words?” Deacon Huang said, unsure about Deacon Liu’s way of thinking.

    “No, it’s a fair demand. Zhu Family has spent so much to train her, by her running away doesn’t mean that she completely broke off her responsibility towards us.” Deacon Liu said solemnly.

    Deacon Huang became silent, contemplating Deacon Liu’s words, he knew that Deacon Liu was right, Zhu Yuwei was needed by Zhu Family, otherwise Zhu Family could be destroyed.

    “I think that we could let Zhu Yuwei become their elder with some demands. If there really is a strong expert in Jade Sect, he would have to come to help his elder.” Deacon Huang said excitingly.

    “I would go inside and tell him this demand now!” Deacon Huang said while turning around toward the VIP room door.

    “Wait, I am coming with you!” Deacon Liu said while quickly catching up with deacon Huang. They pushed the VIP room door at the same time, showing their determined faces.

    Yi Tianyun who was drinking tea peacefully, put down the cup slowly.

    “What is it now? Is there anything else that you need?” Yi Tianyun said unbothered.

    “Yes, we in need of something. You know that our Zhu Family is in rather difficult situation here. by letting Zhu Yuwei become your elder, aren’t we losing a fortune with that?” Deacon Liu said challengingly.

    “So, you need some type of compensation, is that it? So let’s hear what you have in mind.” Yi Tianyun said casually.