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Chapter 175 - Two Sisters

Crazy Leveling System
     Chapter 175: Two Sisters

    Yi Tianyun drew the simplest rune that he could, but as simple as it was, it was still a Fourth Grade Divine Rune and cultivator above Spirit Refinement surely will be able to distinguish the level of the rune. To fix the Great Array of Flight in the Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruin, Yi Tianyun had to become a top-grade Divine Rune Master! Or so Old Xuan said anyway.

    Deacon Liu was extremely embarrassed right now. He really didn’t want to eat a table!

    “I am horribly sorry for ever doubting you. Please forgive me! I would send you a gift as my apology later, but please don’t make me eat a table!” Deacon Liu said while bowing his head.

    “Eat the table!” Yi Tianyun said with a low voice.

    “There is a word that you can’t go back on after you said it. This is, after all, for your Zhu Family, isn’t it? Or did you want me to change my mind about the deal too?” Yi Tianyun added.

    Deacon Liu was panicked a little bit, if Yi Tianyun changed his mind to help them, Zhu Family would be destroyed! After losing so many times to other families, their influence in Star Pavilion would dwindle exponentially!

    “Elder Yi, please let this slide for once. Deacon Liu doesn’t mean what he said. He simply thinks that you are too young to reach a Fourth Grade Divine Rune Master.” Deacon Huang said, trying to persuade Yi Tianyun to forgive Deacon Liu.

    Now, after they know Yi Tianyun has some worth, they began to sugarcoat their word!

    Yi Tianyun was just not having it, he didn’t care about anyone who hurt people he cares about, and clearly, they already hurt Zhu Yuwei.

    “This is not my problem! This is your own fault for looking down on me. I have said that I am a Fourth Grade Divine Rune Master and you thought that I am joking? Did you think that I would make light of Elder Zhu’s freedoms? Any other Fourth Grade Divine Rune Master would have turned their back on you right now!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

    Deacon Liu became silent, he seemed to be thinking about the words from Yi Tianyun just now.

    “Okay, okay! I will eat the table!” Deacon Liu said while picking a piece of wood. He released his aura of Core Condensation to strengthen his teeth and organs to chew and swallow the woods. He felt humiliated for doing this, even if there are just small amounts of onlookers, but he couldn’t help but felt incredibly embarrassed.

    Zhu Yuwei and Zhu Yuxuan that stood beside Yi Tianyun, couldn’t help but laugh, as they couldn’t stand it anymore. They thought Deacon Liu deserved this as he was too arrogant for his own good.

    “I am done, can I leave now?” Deacon Liu said as he was finally done eating the piece of wood from the wooden table.

    “Yes, now go and prepare anything that I need for the tournament. Let me know when you are done!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

    “Yes, of course.” Deacon Liu said while clenching his teeth and immediately left the room with Deacon Huang following him.


    ‘Received a side quest [Win the Divine Rune Tournament – Save the Two Sisters!]’

    ‘Reward: 1.000.000 Exp, 1x Enhanced Lottery Roulette Tickets, 5.000 Divine Rune Proficiency Mastery, 100 favorability for Zhu Yuwei and Zhu Yuxuan.’

    Yi Tianyun felt a wave of excitement, he didn’t expect to find a side quest here in the Star Pavilion.

    “You two wait here for a while, I want to check something.” Yi Tianyun said while quickly left the room, leaving Zhu Yuwei and Zhu Yuxuan for themselves.

    When he was convinced that he was far enough from Yi Tianyun’s Room, Deacon Liu angrily said, “That son of a bitch really made me eat the wooden table! If he is not the Fourth Grade Divine Rune Master, I would’ve hung his head right now!”

    “No wonder he becomes an elder for Heavenly Jade Sect, it looks like the Jade Sect is a real deal! Having a Fourth Grade Divine Rune Master as one of the elder clearly suggests that they are strong!” Deacon Huang said.

    “But how come they suddenly become powerful?” Deacon Huang added while wondering about Jade Sect’s power.

    “It’s better if he doesn’t win the top three later in the tournament, I think. If he doesn’t win, he has no choice but to help us on, and the two sisters can’t escape our clutch!” Deacon Liu said, dissatisfied by Yi Tianyun’s arrogant act.