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Chapter 190 - Pavilion Lord

Crazy Leveling System
     After Yi Tianyun left, Deacon Liu confronted Zhu Tianhong on why would he let them go, “Zhu Family Head, he is a 4th Grade Divine Rune Master! Why would you let them leave just like that?” He said frustratingly.

    Zhu Tianhong only glared at him and slapped his face hard! Breaking some of his teeth on the process, “Do you have no shame! If it weren’t for your stupid mistake, we would have him as our Official Guest right about now! Force him? Don’t you know that he is a young 4th Grade Divine Rune Master! We don’t even know what kind of backing the kid has, considering he’s that genius! If they could destroy Profound Azure Mansion, they could destroy us even easier! If you’re that eager to die, then don’t drag me along with your idiotic way of thinking!” Zhu Tianhong said furiously.

    Deacon Liu finally realized the dire mistake that he had done and bowed his head in shame in front of Zhu Tianhong.

    “In any case, as the issue has been resolved, I hope that the damage done is not that great, and we can cooperate with him again in the future. This is all because of my own incompetence that we lose him!” Zhu Tianhong said and then he left the place with Deacon Liu.

    A shadow emerged from the corner of the place that Zhu Tianhong stood not too long ago.

    The shadows formed quickly into Yi Tianyun, he decided to eavesdrops on Zhu Tianhong to know if he possessed a threat to Yi Tianyun and the two sisters in the future.

    From the conversation that he listened in, he knew that Zhu Tianhong was upright like he thought himself. Yi Tianyun knew that Zhu Family wouldn’t be a threat anymore.


    ‘Successfully completed [Wins the Divine Rune Tournament! Save the two sisters!] quest!’

    ‘Reward: 1.000.000 Exp, 1x Enhanced Lottery Roulette Ticket, 5.000 Divine Rune Mastery Mastery Points, 100 favourability for Zhu Yuwei and Zhu Yuxuan’


    ‘Congratulations to the host, Middle Level Divine Rune Mastery has been upgraded to Advanced Level Divine Rune Mastery!’

    Finally, Divine Rune Mastery has leveled up! Yi Tianyun was trying his best not to scream as he felt delighted to be able to increase his Divine Rune mastery this fast!

    To level up his Divine Rune Mastery again, he required another 100.000 mastery points, which could be very tricky to achieve! He immediately walked out and proceeded to meet up with the Zhu sisters. After walking for a while, he bumped into He Qianhan.

    “Young Master! Thank you for helping me finish my Divine Rune earlier. I am He Qianhan of the Heaven’s Top Mansion, I forgot to introduce myself to you earlier. Can I know your name, Young Master?” He Qianhan said politely.

    “Sure! My name is Yi Tianyun of Heavenly Jade Sect.” Yi Tianyun said with a light smile on his face.

    “There is no need to thank me, I don’t deserve any credit, your skill made it possible, not me!” Yi Tianyun added.

    “Yeah, but I still need to say my thank you nonetheless, Young master Yi. I didn’t expect a 2nd Grade Faction would have such a genius like you! If you ever have free time, come over to our Heaven’s Top Mansion, we will throw a banquet on your arrival!” He Qianhan said while smiling excitedly.

    “Sure, I will stop by in the future, as of now, I still have something to do.” Yi Tianyun nodded as to agree with He Qianhan.

    “Then, I will be waiting for you at Heaven’s Top Mansion!” He Qianhan said as she walked away cheerily.

    Yi Tianyun proceeds back to his lodging to meet up with the two sisters. As he arrived, he was a bit startled to meet the two sisters exchanging a meaningful look.

    “What’s wrong? Why do you two look at me like that?” Yi Tianyun said wonderingly.

    “it’s nothing, Elder Yi. We were just wondering, can we talk about our surname?” Zhu Yuwei said wonderingly.

    “We were orphans when we were adopted into the Zhu Family, now that we have been freed from them, we don’t want to use their surname anymore!” Zhu Yuxuan said with a serious face.