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Chapter 626 - You’ll Be Destroyed If You’re Overly Outstanding

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 626: You’ll Be Destroyed If You’re Overly Outstanding

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    She could not reject the Xia Family’s request, and neither did she have any reason to turn them down. Just like what Chen Linfang had said, she would benefit from the Xia Family being in an advantageous position. After all, she was indeed not the rightful heiress of the Wen Family and the Xia Family was the only family whom she could rely on. Besides, she had also fallen out of favor with the Wen Family.

    She had to bear with the Xia Family even though she despised them.

    Xia Ruya was utterly disgusted by how mercenary the Xia Family was. She felt incredibly ashamed by their behavior and how desperate they were to bootlick and socialize with the members of the upper-class society. She could almost feel them staring at her in disdain.

    Had she known earlier that this would happen, she would have just endured with the embarrassment and canceled her coming-of-age ceremony. She also would have refrained from letting the Wen Family help her.

    At this moment, Jiang Ruoyin and Jiang Yuqian walked towards her.


    Jiang Yuqian smiled and scanned Xia Ruya from head to toe, then complimented genuinely. “Ruya, you’re so beautiful.”

    She took pity on Xia Ruya who had put in lots of effort for her coming-of-age ceremony. Yet, she still could not outshine Wen Xinya and even made Wen Xinya look much more glorious in comparison.

    Jiang Ruoyin smiled and said, “She’s just like a beautiful princess.”

    She appeared beautiful and gentle in her princess outfit, which made her look attractive and youthful.

    Blushing shyly, Xia Ruya said, “Stop teasing me.”

    She clenched her fists tightly and thought to herself,

    Jiang Yuqian stared at her in awe and said, “We wouldn’t dare to tease you. You’re the lead for today, and you’ve outshone all of us.”


    Jiang Ruoyin chuckled as well.

    Xia Ruya felt even shyer.

    Jiang Yuqian scanned her surroundings and said, “I saw Old Mr. and Mrs. Wen just now, but I didn’t see Wen Xinya. Is she going to be absent today?”

    If she were to attend the ceremony, she would definitely show up with the Wen Family.

    Shaking her head, Xia Ruya said, “I don’t know if she’ll be coming either.”

    Logically speaking, Wen Xinya would definitely show up to see how much of a joke Xia Ruya had become, and leave shortly after. However, Wen Xinya was not there at all and she could not help but wonder what Wen Xinya had up her sleeves. She began to panic at the thought of what happened during Wen Xinya’s coming-of-age ceremony three days ago.

    Jiang Ruoyin sneered. “Why do you care about her? Good that she’s not here, lest she wreaks havoc and embarrasses Ruya.”


    Jiang Ruoyin was filled with resentment towards Wen Xinya at the thought of her father making her apologize to Wen Xinya during the Wen Corporation annual gala last year. Back then, Wen Xinya refused to accept her apology and even made her look bad in front of everyone.

    Xia Ruya’s face stiffened and remained silent while hanging her head low.

    However, she actually harbored the same thoughts as Jiang Ruoyin and felt a little lucky about Wen Xinya’s absence. Although Wen Xinya’s coming-of-age ceremony was held three days ago, Wen Xinya was still enjoying lots of glory and attention. She could completely imagine how much Wen Xinya would steal her glory if she were there.

    Noticing her emotions that were written all over her face, Jiang Yuqian held her hand and said, “Ruya, Wen Xinya is just throwing her weight around and putting on airs because she’s the heiress of the Wen Family and her grandfather is the esteemed Old Mr. Mo. She’s just showing off, and she’s stolen the limelight of all the heiresses in the city.”

    She would be filled with hatred and jealousy whenever she thought about the clout and attention that Wen Xinya enjoyed because of the coming-of-age ceremony. She used to just be a gangster and no amount of glory could hide her boorish nature.

    Jiang Ruoyin chimed in. “Yuqian is right. The actual wealthy and prestigious people often keep a low profile, unlike her. She’s such a showoff. It’s as if she needs the entire world to know that she has transformed from a lowly gangster to the most elite heiress in the city.”

    Xia Ruya stared at them and said, “Yuqian, Ruoyin, thank you for comforting me. I feel much better now.”


    Jiang Yuqian said smilingly, “Wen Xinya is probably feeling smug and arrogant. Yet, she doesn’t know that she has already offended all of the heiresses in the city. She was just a gangster, how could she compare herself to us and be termed as the most prestigious and elite heiress of the city? How does that saying go?”

    Jiang Ruoyin sneered and finished her sentence for her. “It’s the taller trees in the woods that get their tops blown off.”

    Jiang Yuqian applauded and guffawed viciously. “Exactly.”

    Xia Ruya was entirely amused by their banter and began laughing as well.

    Noticing that her mood had improved greatly, Jiang Ruoyin tried to comfort her again. “Ruya, you’re so kindhearted and pure. You’re pretty and intelligent too. You’ve managed to become a member of the Zhishan Club using your own abilities. That’s something that lots of heiresses and wealthy ladies of the upper-class society cannot achieve. Wen Xinya is simply relying on the Wen Family’s influence and status to give her her pride. She’s nowhere comparable to you at all.”

    Jiang Yuqian chimed in. “That bitch Wen Xinya can’t hold a candle to you at all. Without her family, she’d be nothing more than a gangster. Yet, you’ve become the subject of envy of everyone using your own abilities.”

    Xia Ruya finally felt much better.

    Jiang Yuqian then said, “Ruya, Ning Shuqian has garnered lots of attention because of her fake pregnancy. You have to be careful now that you’re living with the Wen Family. There’s bound to be trouble when you live under the same roof as Wen Xinya. Be careful not to let her harm you.”


    Staring at her pale face, Jiang Ruoyin reminded. “Everyone is castigating Ning Shuqian for being vicious. I know that you’re on good terms with her, so be careful of that bitch Wen Xinya. Don’t let her get you implicated!”

    Wen Xinya had always been scheming and unpredictable.

    Xia Ruya bit her lip and said, “I’ve already moved out of the Wen Family home on the afternoon after Wen Xinya’s coming-of-age ceremony.”

    Jiang Ruoyin and Jiang Yuqian were both bewildered and stunned, not expecting that she would actually move out of the Wen Family home.

    However, they could already guess that Ning Shuqian must have implicated Xia Ruya because of her fake pregnancy. Jiang Ruoyin rebuked. “That bitch Wen Xinya is really such a troublemaker.”

    Jiang Yuqian groused. “The Wen Family is in such a mess because of her.”