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Chapter 91: Another Kiss

Fortunately, I Met You
     After Lu Chenzhou asked his question, Cheng Xi felt as if a bolt of lightning had struck her out of the blue.

    She had actually forgotten about the relationship between Donglai and Cai Yi, and had even foolishly tried to ask Lu Chenzhous people to help her stop her own professor.

    No wonder the lawyer had insisted that she come over; shed thought that Lu Chenzhou had taken a personal interest in the matter—all right, he had indeed taken an interest in the matter, but a professional one. As the CEO of Donglai, of course hed be interested in the going-ons of one of Donglais most important laboratories.

    However, she wasnt prepared at all for this!

    Cheng Xi was feeling frantic: her intellect didnt seem enough to handle a problem as large as this, and she was quite annoyed that she even had to deal with it in the first place. Honestly, shouldnt it be enough for doctors to just focus on treating their patients? Why did she have to be involved in all these bureaucratic affairs?

    But she quickly halted these defeatist thoughts. Cheng Xi quickly readjusted her mental state by rubbing her face and letting out a long breath. My apologies, I forgot about that.

    Cheng Xi felt like Lu Chenzhou was about to make a disdainful expression again, and she was exasperated at the thought of it alone. But its alright if youre not able to. If your lawyer isnt able to help me, then Ill find another way on my own.

    As for what Lu Chenzhou had said about giving him a reason, she ignored it.

    But Lu Chenzhou didnt. Perhaps the person who introduced Lawyer Du to you didnt make it clear, but if he cant handle the case, then no one else can.

    Cheng Xi stared at him.

    Lu Chenzhou repeated himself seriously. I can let him help you, but you need to give me a reason to do so?

    If this were a drama, then at this time, Cheng Xis response might have been something like, Alright, Ill give myself to you then.

    But this wasnt a drama, and Cheng Xi would never say something like that. She looked at him and ground her teeth as she begrudgingly asked, What sort of reason do you want?

    How about bringing down Donglai Pharmaceuticals? If Donglai Pharmaceuticals falls, then Cai Yis laboratory will definitely be affected, and she wont be able to conduct any further experiments or take in Chen Jiaman. At least, not in the near future.

    ……This wasnt a drama, and Lu Chenzhou definitely wasnt one of those brain-addled tyrannical CEOs who were only interested in pretty women!

    Cheng Xi very much wanted to praise him for his reasoning. Great idea! But would you help me?

    If youd accept it, then yes.

    In that instant, Cheng Xi was stupefied.

    Because she had realized that Lu Chenzhou was serious, and when she remembered his personality, she couldnt help but ask, Youre… kidding, arent you?

    Lu Chenzhou smiled nonchalantly. You dont dare to?

    Cheng Xi choked, walked over, and inspected him carefully.

    Lu Chenzhou looked back at her, his gaze as calm as usual. There was neither a ridicule nor jest in his eyes; these were his true intentions.

    He truly wanted to bring down Donglai Pharmaceuticals.

    This was really too shocking.

    Cheng Xi restrained the shock in her heart. She didnt make a big fuss, but she felt herself suddenly relax, as if a big boon had fallen into her lap for no reason—after chatting with him so often these last few days, a breakthrough had just landed in her lap today! She responded cautiously, Yes, I dare! If Donglai Pharmaceuticals is guilty of poor business ethics, like if they replace their products with inferior ones, or if their business constitutes a major threat to society, then I would definitely dare to do it. But, does it?

    Lu Chenzhou smiled. No, it doesnt. As he said this, he suddenly leaned in toward her.

    Cheng Xi almost jumped back in fright, but she forced herself to not back down. She saw her image reflected in his pupils. That Cheng Xi seemed like she was forcing herself to calm down while looking… very timid.

    Lu Chenzhous eyes was utterly devoid of his previous smile. He stretched out his hand and lightly lifted her lower jaw up. Are you scared? Let me guess—in the eyes of psychiatrists like you, cold-blooded humans dont have any sense of morality, and they sometimes even hope for the destruction of the world, giving them the potential to do things that would frighten normal humans…… You think that I want to bring down Donglai because my mental condition is worsening, dont you?

    This was why they said very intelligent people were frightening; they could see through everything.

    Cheng Xi didnt deny his accusations. I almost had that notion, but after talking to you now, I dont think that your condition has deteriorated at all.

    It hasnt, he said with absolute certainty as he continued gripping on her jaw.

    Cheng Xi wanted to free herself from his grasp, but she wasnt able to do so. She could only give him a reminder. This is a very impolite gesture, you know.

    He smiled again. How strange. Why am I so interested in a person as dumb as you?

    Cheng Xi was speechless because she realized that she might have just fallen into his trap: his statement about bringing down Donglai was just a test for her, wasnt it? And to think that she had ever believed him.

    I dont like it when you do this, she said gloomily. Do you feel like your high intellect makes you amazing when you suddenly test people like that? She raised her head and looked at him before realizing that she had no other choice but to advise him. Sometimes, you should act a bit dumber, so that other people can feel better about themselves.

    After saying this, Cheng Xi sincerely felt an impulse to throw down all her responsibilities and walk out. This job used to be her sole passion and love, but the recent setbacks it had thrown at her were nearly unbearable.

    When a doctor admitted defeat in front of a patient, that was also a disgrace.

    But someone like Lu Chenzhou couldnt be understood through common logic. The stopgap measure that shed implemented to lighten the tension was something that he took seriously. His pupils stared straight into hers for quite a while even as he continued to hold onto her face. The lamps glare made Cheng Xis eyes stream, its harsh intensity almost bringing Cheng Xi to tears. However, not only did Lu Chenzhou not release her, he instead lowered his head and kissed her.

    ! ! !

    Cheng Xi was so taken aback that she couldnt even react; a teardrop that she had spent great effort to squeeze out coalesced in one eye, reflecting her image like a fool.

    The mood had changed so quickly that she couldnt keep up at all!

    Mr. Lus identity as the quintessential tyrannical CEO had evaporated so quickly that Cheng Xi couldnt even escape from him if she wanted to. After a few trial runs, his skills had improved significantly. He first kissed her directly, and then before Cheng Xi could react, rapidly extended his other hand underneath her shoulder, lifting her up and pushing her down. In the end, Cheng Xi was left pressed up against him in an embrace without any way to resist.

    Peng! As she was forced up, she knocked over the stool she was sitting on. In comparison to the silent room, the resulting noise was as loud as an earthquake.

    Cheng Xi felt a pinch of pain in her heart, but even as she tried and failed to stop him with her hands, the door behind them opened from the outside.



    The two cries came from Lu Chenzhous grandfather and grandmother, respectively, before the door quickly closed again.

    Cheng Xi could hear Lu Chenzhous grandfather complaining to his wife. Why did you go in? Didnt you see what they were doing?

    His wife whispered back in a rather loud voice. His hands bleeding!

    Hes a man. Whats the harm in a little blood? Rather, what he should be scared of is not ever finding a wife!