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Chapter 379 - Fish in Troubled Waters?

Medical Master
     “What are you going to do?” Fang Qiu asked.

    “I’m going to find the Heaven Treasure!”

    He Gaoming grinned, turned around, and continued to pack his things while explaining, “It is reported on the Wulin online forum that a Heaven Treasure may in the Western Wetland in Jiangnan. The post starter also posted two photos. There seems to be a huge monster under that wetland. Now a lot of people are going there, ready to compete for the Heaven Treasure. Although my strength is insufficient, I am at least a member of Wulin. I’m sure I’ll try my luck on such a good thing.”

    “The Wulin online forum?”

    Fang Qiu’s heart leaped, and he immediately asked, “What’s the address of the Wulin online forum? Can I log in?”



    He Gaoming shook his head at once and said, “Even if I gave you the address, you wouldn’t be able to log in, because the Wulin online forum is locked. You need a martial arts practitioner’s vouch to log in. If there is no vouch, you can only see the outermost interface, which is a very ordinary forum. Only the members can enter the real Wulin online forum after they log in.”

    “All right, you vouch for me,” Fang Qiu said.

    He Gaoming, of course, dared not to refuse.

    He immediately took out his mobile phone. As Fang Qiu registered the account of the Wulin online, he vouched for Fang Qiu. Then Fang Qiu got the qualification to enter the Wulin online forum.

    When all this was done, Fang Qiu said, “Keep the phone number. Then you can use your cell phone to contact me. Tell the others not to come to school for me.”

    After that, Fang Qiu turned and walked away.

    “You really give me the number?”


    As Fang Qiu disappeared, He Gaoming pursed his lips and mumbled, “A big background is everything. You gave me your cell phone number. Are you not afraid of my positioning you?”

    Then he looked at the number carefully before he recorded it on his phone with a completely ordinary name and burned the note with the number on it.

    It was safe to burn the mysterious man’s cell phone number.

    If the number were leaked, he wouldn’t be able to explain it to the mysterious man.

    Leaving the detective agency, Fang Qiu returned to his school quickly, changed into his usual clothes, and then left for an Internet cafe that was not too far away. Walking into a single room, he directly logged in the Wulin online forum.

    At first glance, he saw the post about the Heaven Treasure.

    He clicked in and read it carefully.


    “Is there any real Heaven Treasure?”

    As he looked at the two pictures in the post, Fang Qiu’s heart leaped.

    If there was really a Heaven Treasure, he would definitely get it.

    The last time he broke through, even the plum blossom almost didn’t work.

    The next breakthrough was bound to be harder. And he was only a second-class Martial Superior. To break through again and re-open the meridians to the Guru Realm, he needed a great deal of Heaven Treasures.

    But the Heaven Treasure was so hard to come by.

    So Fang Qiu couldn’t miss a chance to get it.


    He had to get it for the old master!

    After browsing the Wulin online forum, Fang Qiu immediately returned to school and went to the library.

    “There you are.”

    Xu Miaolin smiled when he saw Fang Qiu.

    “Mr. Xu.”

    Fang Qiu nodded and said, “Actually, I’m here to ask for leave.”


    Xu Miaolin paused.


    Today was his appointment with Fang Qiu to learn the method of moxibustion. Fang Qiu was here, but he asked for leave before starting to learn.

    “You have something important to do?” Xu Miaolin asked.


    Fang Qiu nodded.

    “Well, in fact, moxibustion method is relatively simple.”

    Xu Miaolin nodded and took out a book about moxibustion from his desk drawer. As he handed the book to Fang Qiu, he said, “Take some time to read this book carefully. Through the acupuncture points and methods used in each case, you can summarize why and how to use moxibustion.”

    “Ok, thank you, Sir.”

    Fang Qiu nodded in gratitude.

    He knew it meant that Xu Miaolin had granted his leave.

    Actually, for Xu Miaolin, it would only take him half a day to teach Fang Qiu the moxibustion method, because it was actually easier than acupuncture. Now that Fang Qiu was proficient in acupuncture, he would definitely learn the moxibustion method very quickly.

    In this case, self-learning might be better for him, which would make him understand it more deeply.

    That afternoon should be the turn of juniors to learn to practice Qi. As a result, Chen Yinsheng called the junior and senior students, together with the postgraduate students and doctoral students, to come. Thus Fang Qiu could teach them all at the same time.

    It was the same movements.

    After teaching them, Fang Qiu left quietly.

    In the whole school, except for Jiang Miaoyu, Zhu Benzheng, and Xu Miaolin, no one else knew that Fang Qiu was gone. Of course, they knew Fang Qiu was gone, but none of them knew what he was going to do.

    Fang Qiu wore a tracksuit, carried a bag, and came to the surrounding area of the Western Wetland in Jiangnan.

    On the way to the wetland, Fang Qiu kept thinking that the news would be more complicated.

    After all, that was a Heaven Treasure!

    Seeing a Heaven Treasure, which one in Wulin did not want to take it as his or her own?

    Who would be foolish enough to reveal the Heaven Treasure that he or she had the chance to keep to himself or herself?

    Since it was certain that the guardian beast did exist, there was a good chance that the person who announced the Heaven Treasure’s information had his or her own reasons.

    The only reason the person was willing to make the news of the Heaven Treasure public was probably that he could not defeat the guardian beast, and that the Heaven Treasure was about to ripe. The person had no time to hire an expert, so he or she could only expose the news to bring some people in Wulin over. The person was trying to fish in troubled waters, getting profit from it.

    He was, after all, the first to discover it. Before others arrived, he could take the lead, prepared some plans, and even hid the Heaven Treasure. He could use the guardian beast to attract everyone’s attention, and then quietly pick it himself.

    Fang Qiu got it right.

    At this time, a young man was in a corner of the Western Wetland, holding a telescope to observe all around.

    The total area of the Western Wetland was about 11.5 square kilometers, of which the total length of the river was more than 100 kilometers, and about 70 percent of the area was harbors, ponds, lakes, marshes, and other waters. And there were waterways like lanes, streams like nets, dense fish ponds, and islands.

    In short, the terrain of this wetland was like a rural farm field.

    It was just that the “farm field” here consisted of ponds, lakes, and marshes of different sizes, and that the “ridge” of the “field” here was roads and even small islands with a high greening rate.

    At the moment, the young man was standing on one of the islands.

    Glancing around, he found that the lakes and ponds ahead of him looked like cobwebs and beehives.

    “Why are so many people here?”

    The young man raised his eyebrows, and his face darkened a little.

    Actually, he came here for a tour.

    Unexpectedly, he smelled an extraordinary fragrance when he came here.

    Following the extraordinary fragrance, he found the Heaven Treasure, but the Heaven Treasure was not ripe. He wanted to stand by the Heaven Treasure and pick it when it was ripe. Unexpectedly, less than half an hour later, he met the guardian beast.

    He was not strong enough to defeat the guardian beast.

    Considering that the Heaven Treasure was about to ripe, he had no choice but to spread the news of the discovery of the Heaven Treasure in an attempt to attract people here.

    While spreading the news, he even said there seemed to be a Heaven Treasure.

    He didn’t say that it was confirmed.

    What was more, he did not say what kind of Heaven Treasure it was and what the guardian beast was.

    He kept these key information to himself.

    It was because he was more likely to fish in troubled waters if only he knew the key information.

    In addition, he belonged to a sect that was good at the lightness skill. Compared with other martial arts practitioners, he was much more dexterous.

    That was why he was so confident that he could obtain the Heaven Treasure through the help of others.

    But to his surprise, as soon as the news was released, so many people came.

    Now, at a glance through his telescope, he could see a dozen people scattered about, looking for something. Besides, the number was growing.

    If it went on like this, how could he fish in troubled waters?

    He could not help regretting it. There came too many people.

    Once there were too many people, it was impossible to know who would be the one to benefit.

    Meanwhile, Fang Qiu, who had just arrived in Jiangnan, took a walk outside the Western Wetland before he got a room and stayed in the city six kilometers away from the Western Wetland.

    Later, Fang Qiu searched the computer in his room for the map of the Western Wetland and studied it carefully.

    It wasn’t until the evening that Fang Qiu left the hotel in the mysterious man’s costume and headed straight into the Western Wetland.

    At this time, a lot of martial arts practitioners had gathered at the Western Wetland.

    “Even martial arts practitioners are here?”

    Although there were not many martial arts practitioners in his sight, Fang Qiu could sense the breath of many martial arts practitioners and Martial Superiors.

    He didn’t expect so many martial arts practitioners to come.

    Obviously, it was impossible for the people below the Martial Superior Level to beat the guardian beast, and it was almost impossible for the martial arts practitioner to get benefit from the battle for the Heaven Treasure.

    But even in this case, there were still so many martial arts practitioners. It was conceivable how big the lure of this Heaven Treasure was for martial arts practitioners.

    “There is no fixed growth preference for the Heaven Treasure. It all depends on nature.”

    “But this Western Wetland is so big. Where will it grow?”

    Looking for it in the Western Wetland of an area of 11.5 square kilometers was no joke.

    Despite the pictures of the supposed guardian beast, this place was a wetland, and most of its part looked the same. Therefore, people couldn’t find the location of the Heaven Treasure by pictures.

    Standing on an island near the river, Fang Qiu overlooked.

    He saw at once that many people were also standing at the height of different spots, looking about.

    Martial arts practitioners looked for things almost at night, because at night, the energy around the Heaven Treasure and Earth Treasure would be thicker. Those who could see the energy of heaven and earth could naturally find the Heaven Treasure and Earth Treasure by the light of the energy of heaven and earth at night.

    At the same time, because of the practice of kung fu and internal Qi, almost every martial arts practitioners had the ability of night vision. Needless to say, the stronger a person was, the more clearly he or she saw.

    Looking for a long time, those people still did not find a clue.

    Just then, a strange smell came.


    The crowd sniffed.

    As soon as they smelled the strange fragrance, all the martial arts practitioners in the Western Wetland suddenly jerked and got excited.

    Fang Qiu smelled the strange fragrance, too.

    “That’s it?”

    The fragrance immediately reminded Fang Qiu of the description of a Heaven Treasure which was ranked 28th on the Heaven Treasure List in the Scroll of Heaven and Earth Treasures.

    That Heaven Treasure had this unique fragrance.