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Chapter 93: She Wants Me to Woo Her

Fortunately, I Met You
     As soon as Cheng Xi finished speaking, she pulled the door open and left without giving Lu Chenzhou any time to respond.

    A whole throng of people were crowded outside the door, including the two nurses who had just left, Lu Chenzhous lawyer, and Lu Chenzhous grandfather, who had left earlier to chase after his primary doctor.

    The reason why everyone had crowded here was probably to eavesdrop on their conversation. However, none of them had expected Cheng Xi to leave right when they had gotten into position. Cheng Xi looked at them all while maintaining her dominating presence. Finally, she called out Lu Chenzhous grandfather by saying, May I have a few words with you?

    Oh, sure! Sure!

    Cheng Xi went to one side with him.

    He immediately said, Dr. Cheng, whats the matter? Tell me! He patted his chest, his expression indicating that he would take care of everything, as if he hated the fact that he couldnt immediately have Lu Chenzhou marry her.

    The corners of Cheng Xis mouth wiggled in amusement. She paused and said, First, Id like to apologize. My emotions today have been a mess, and I irrationally got angry at Mr. Lu just now.

    Lu Chenzhous grandfather replied in a somewhat embarrassed manner, Its alright. He deserves a scolding, and you were still too kind. He probably doesnt mind at all.

    ......Anyways, if hes not feeling well or anything, please let me know. Afraid that Lu Chenzhous grandfather would say another shocking statement, she quickly continued, May I ask, whats Mr. Lus view on Donglai Pharmaceuticals?

    Lu Chenzhous grandfather turned pale with fright. Youre not really going to try to destroy it, are you?


    So they were indeed eavesdropping, werent they?

    Looking at her face, Lu Chenzhous grandfather rubbed his head awkwardly but then resolutely said, But if destroying it will help you achieve your goals, then its alright with us.

    Cheng Xi couldnt help but massage her forehead. Given Lu Chenzhous grandfathers personality, it wasnt surprising that Lu Chenzhou had turned out the way he had.

    In a somewhat powerless manner, she said, Thank you, but Im not that desperate yet. Theres no need for such trouble. Mr. Lus attitude towards Donglai Pharmaceuticals is very important, and it would be very helpful if you could explain it to me. Or, if you could help me find someone who understands his viewpoints, whom I can talk to, that would be even better. Its very possible that this could be a breakthrough point in Mr. Lus illness.

    Ah, is he still ill? Lu Chenzhous grandfather sounded disappointed. I thought that hed recovered. Look, he already knows how to be in a relationship now.

    Lu Chenzhous grandfather started smiling again toward the end of his sentence.

    Cheng Xi looked at him severely. Grandfather Lu, thats not romance. Following instructions like a robot was completely unrelated to love, joy, or anger. But in his attitude towards Donglai Pharmaceuticals, Cheng Xi could feel something hidden beneath the surface.

    Actually, it would have been fine if Lu Chenzhou had repressed his urges and emotions this way for his entire life. As long as he could control himself, he wouldnt do any harm to society. But on the other hand, given his intelligence and capabilities, if he focused solely on his career, then he could probably achieve miraculous results.

    But clearly, for the Lu family, rather than Lu Chenzhou having an exceptional career, they would much prefer him to marry and have children like a regular person, for him to experience happiness and anger, sorrow and joy. Lu Chenzhou himself likely felt this way as well, or else he wouldnt have become interested in her.

    Cheng Xi thought about a lot, but in reality, only a little bit of time had passed. When she saw Lu Chenzhous grandfather forcefully calming himself down to think about her words, she relaxed. Theres something else that I need to do, so Ill leave first. Due to Mr. Lus attitude towards me, Ill have the department assign another doctor to him.

    Lu Chenzhous grandfather, who had been secretly happy that his grandsons relationship seemed to have noticeably improved, anxiously asked, ……Would you please reconsider? Zhous very picky.

    Dont worry. His new doctor will surely be excellent.

    Lu Chenzhous grandfather looked at her desperately, as if his teeth were sore.

    This was why he had said that being too direct would scare people away. Why didnt his grandson listen? And now shed found an excuse to run!

    He quickly tried to think of excuses to bring the two closer again. Then, as for what you need Lawyer Dus help with……

    Yes, Ill think of a method on my own. Please, dont worry. I wont make things difficult for you.

    In his heart, Lu Chenzhous grandfather regretfully thought that he was very willing to be worried and overthinking things, and that he very much wanted things to be made difficult for himself.

    But Cheng Xi had already made up her mind, and she submitted her request as soon as she returned to her office. Then, at the end of the day when the other doctors were getting off work, Lu Chenzhous family met the new psychiatrist who had replaced Cheng Xi for a medical consultation—he was the director of some psychiatry department, as well as a famous old psychiatry professor with a face full of wrinkles.

    Although he was gray-haired, his features were very balanced with a square face and big ears. Perhaps Cheng Xi was trying to appeal to Lu Chenzhous unique sense of beauty as, while this replacement might have been a little old, his face was perfectly symmetrical, and even the eyebags and wrinkles by his cheeks on either side of his face were equally sized.

    The first thought that went through Lu Chenzhous grandparents mind was that it must have been hard for Cheng Xi to find and invite such a renowned professor like him. They were happy because, given how much effort Cheng Xi must have spent, she must have been serious about telling Lu Chenzhou to woo her.

    Because of Lu Chenzhous willful behavior, he had ended up being saddled with a few more tests and inspections in the afternoon, two of which theyd been told could be skipped upon entering the hospital. From this, Lu Chenzhous family all guessed that this was actually a covert reminder from the primary doctor who had been angered earlier. Dont you have money? Dont you like messing around? Then mess around a bit more, why dont you?

    Lu Chenzhou didnt care either way, as that was just his personality. Before he went to the hospital, he hated it and would avoid it by any means possible. But once he was there, he would adapt to his situation—as long as everything was as he requested.

    He wasnt very responsive when Cheng Xi was scolding him, nor when Cheng Xi had asked him to chase after her. After Cheng Xi left, he had simply continued his previous activity: discussing an acquisition contract with Lawyer Du. His grandparents were sitting by his side, so anxious for him that they were scratching themselves raw.

    When the new doctor arrived, the first thing he did was make Lu Chenzhou fill out a questionnaire. He looked at the responses and started smiling right away.

    Cheng Xi had never made Lu Chenzhou fill out any questionnaires, but he was very familiar with the questions on this one. She had slightly disguised each of them and asked him about them over the course of their regular conversations.

    He quickly answered the questionnaire. After the doctor read through Lu Chenzhous answers, he looked curiously at him before he stretched out his hand out and, in a somewhat kind tone, asked, Shall we shake hands? In the future, Ill be working with you.

    This doctor even had a nice voice—particularly mellow and rich, and imbued with charm.

    Lu Chenzhou stared at the proferred hand, indifferent. Im sorry, I have mysophobia.

    Oh, Im sorry. The doctor smiled as he retrieved his hand, a fingertip resting on an answer from the questionnaire. You answered that you didnt mind on here.


    It had been an instinctive response; old people were wily, and this man was evidently much more sly than Cheng Xi. Lu Chenzhous expression was cold, without a single sign of emotion showing on his well proportioned and handsome face. His hands nearly folded on top of his abdomen as he changed the topic. Are you familiar with Cheng Xi?

    Yes, the doctor answered tactfully. Despite her age, Dr. Chengs a very responsible doctor with considerable skill in what she does.

    She wants me to woo her. Lu Chenzhous expression was cold and his tone insipid when he very calmly threw down this bombshell. Do you have any advice?