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Chapter 224.1 - Thank You For Being Able to Love Him So Much

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 224.1: Thank You For Being Able to Love Him So Much

    “…..” Bai Zhi Yan almost choked on his own saliva upon hearing that remark.

    He barely just managed to recover from shock as he stared at the man with a complicated look in his eyes, his face filled with doubt. “That lass took advantage of you?”

    It really didn’t seem possible. The lass always seemed so cold and aloof, like she could not be bothered with him, so how could she possibly do something so out of character all of a sudden today?

    Lou Jun Yao scoffed icily, but there was strangely a hint of pride in his eyes as he said: “Why not? She even said that she liked me just now.”

    Bai Zhi Yan could not help himself but feel a chill run through his body when he tried to imagine the scene the man described.

    [Forget it. Don’t want to argue with him on this topic any further. We’ll know when we verify it with the lass the next time we come back.]

    “That’s right, didn’t you mention that Aunt Lan’s soul fragments have all been brought back to the Dark Lands? Why did I not see them?” Bai Zhi Yan suddenly remembered that and could not help but asked in puzzlement.

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes flashed and he said nonchalantly. “They have naturally been returned to where they are supposed to go.”

    [Hmph. Speaking of that, he just could not help but be angry. Is that despicable man immediately provoking him the moment he wakes up? All his hard work from before has been usurped by that guy and taken to gain Aunt Lan’s favour.]

    [But he was not afraid of the guy’s petty tricks anymore now. Afterall, he has the Little Fox on his side and compared to a father whom she had never met before, his relationship with her as her intimate lover would naturally mean she loves him more than that guy.]

    [To make the Little Fox acknowledge him, the guy would surely need to put in quite a bit of effort and maybe at that time, the guy might even have to try to win his favour as well.]

    Thinking about that, the corners of Lou Jun Yao’s mouth curled up and a meaningful smile came to show on his face.

    —- Cloud Heaven —-

    Bright Moon Divine Temple

    Within the rather dimly lit Soul Token Chamber, tens of thousands light specks glittered liked stars in the air, where some shone intensely bright and some were so dim they looked like they were about to be extinguished anytime.

    The soul tablets in here were separated into two different colours, one type blue, and the other type red. Blue represented the male gender, while red represented female. The intensity of its light reflected the person’s lifespan, where the dim and dark soul tablets meant that its owner would not live for very much longer.

    The Bright Moon Divine Temple had control over the life and death of people in the world and that was why they were worshiped as deities, as they had the ability to control when someone would die.

    Or, to extend a person’s life.

    Of course, all of that called for one to pay the corresponding price.

    The Bright Moon Temple’s Grand Head Priest Cang Jian was a handsome looking man who did not look to have reached thirty years of age.