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Chapter 381 - I Disagree!

Medical Master
     Seeing that the White-dressed Man made such a decisive move, everyone was getting cold feet on the boat.

    Although the Heaven Treasure was tempting, compared with their life, the treasure didn’t mean anything at all.

    Just when everyone was about to retreat, someone suddenly hurled a question.

    A man looked at He Gaoming and asked, “Shipowner, we got nothing from this trip, maybe you should return the money to us.”

    “Yeah, refund, refund.”

    “It’s not so much money. Only five hundred each.”


    For a moment, many people echoed and shouted together.

    As He Gaoming heard that, his face turned dark.

    “Why do I care whether you get anything or not?”

    Turning his head to look at the people on the boat, He Gaoming said justly and severely as if he would fight with those who dared to ask money from him, “The reason why you all got on the ship was to let me take you to the place where the Heaven Treasure was. Now I’ve brought you here. It’s you who don’t have the ability to take the treasure. And I have nothing to do with that. You’ve already used my boat and arrived at your destination. Why do you let me refund?”

    When that came out, everyone on the boat was stunned.

    He seemed to make his point.

    “But we haven’t reached the destination yet.”


    One of them stood up and pointed around. “You said we’ve arrived. Then show us where the Heaven Treasure is. Why don’t we see anything?”

    Hearing that, all the people on board immediately seized the opportunity and again demanded a refund.

    He Gaoming’s face was dark with rage.

    Not only did they not dare to provoke the White-dressed Man, but they also vented their anger to He Gaoming. He was about to lash out.

    “Indeed.” At that moment, the White-dressed Man who was standing on the wood stared at He Gaoming. “Since we haven’t found anything, and you haven’t brought us to our destination. Do me a favor, and just give them a refund.”

    He Gaoming already flew into a rage.

    It wouldn’t hurt if the White-dressed Man didn’t say anything, but now what he said just completely irritated He Gaoming.


    “Why?” He Gaoming shouted angrily.

    “Just because you took our money,” one of the men on the boat said. “Now that you have received the money, you must either take us to our destination or give us a refund.”

    This just directly pushed He Gaoming to the eye of the storm.

    If he kept going and led them to the Heaven Treasure, the White-dressed Man would definitely try to stop and even attack him.

    If he gave them the refunds, then all the effort he made to earn the money would be in vain.

    The answer was no. He Gaoming would never be willing to take such a loss.

    “Forget about the destination. Just leave.” The White-dressed Man waved his hand, asking He Gaoming to leave with other people on the boat.


    “Bullshit!” He Gaoming snorted. “I don’t give a shit whether they get nothing. Who makes them get nothing and unable to go to the destination. It’s not me, it’s you!”

    “Even if someone has to refund the money, it’s you who should give money to them. You let them go on a wild goose chase, but now they need to leave because of you. At least you should cover the cost of the trip for them.” He Gaoming roared furiously.

    Everyone was dumbfounded in the first place. They didn’t expect that He Gaoming would dare to talk to the White-dressed Man like this.

    As they pondered over what he said, it seemed that He Gaoming was just telling the truth.

    Since they were willing to give the Heaven Treasure to the White-dressed Man, it was reasonable that he should pay for their trip.

    Of course, although they agreed with what He Gaoming said, no one dared to echo his words.

    At the same time, they were also thinking that finally, someone dared to confront the White-dressed Man.

    Waiting for the show, they were now all shifting the attention from the refund.


    “Humph.” Being challenged by He Gaoming, the White-dressed Man looked gloomy and snorted, “No one dares to let me pay anything.”

    “Whoosh!” He jumped to He Gaoming’s boat and stared at him. “You really don”t want to consider it?”

    “No!” He Gaoming also snorted.

    He wasn’t afraid of death. Besides, his master was around him.

    He believed that he wouldn’t just stand aside and let him die.

    “Ha-ha.” The White-dressed Man made a move and directly struck toward He Gaoming.

    In an instant, Fang Qiu already stepped in front of He Gaoming.

    “Wait!” Fang Qiu shouted at him immediately.

    The White-dressed Man was stunned and stopped right away.

    “I think you just asked who else didn’t agree to give you the Heaven Treasure, right?” Fang Qiu asked.

    “Yes.” The White-dressed Man looked up arrogantly.

    “Me!” Fang Qiu added.

    “Hmm?” The White-dressed Man paused, seeming to not understand what was going on.

    “I don’t agree to give it to you,” Fang Qiu said differently.

    On the boat, everyone was taken aback by the words of Fang Qiu.

    Following the voice to have a look, they found that Fang Qiu was a masked man.

    Who the hell was that?

    All of a sudden, everyone was confused.

    “Ha-ha…” Different from others, after hearing what Fang Qiu said, the White-dressed Man suddenly laughed out loud strangely.

    “And you are?” On the boat, a curious man couldn’t help but ask Fang Qiu.

    “John Doe,” Fang Qiu replied.

    Everybody froze.

    John Doe? What kind of person would have a stupid name like that?

    Everyone was disdainful at first, and then they paused for a while. Suddenly, some of them reminded themselves of the mysterious man who rose on the List of Martial Superiors on the Wulin online forum.

    The mysterious man was also called John Doe.

    Both of them were wearing the same outfit!

    With that in mind, everyone on the boat was startled.

    “Fuck! John Doe?! The mysterious man, John Doe?”

    “He’s the mysterious man?”

    “Is he the mysterious man who went from 3,123 to 989, one rank higher than the White-dressed Man?”

    “I heard that this man seems to have only the strength of second-class Martial Superior, but he managed to take down the Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest.”


    For a moment, everyone on the boat started to discuss.

    Hearing Fang Qiu’s name, the White-dressed Man squinted his eyes and looked at Fang Qiu carefully from head to toe. “I was just looking for you. What a surprise. I just met you here. You’re only a second-class Martial Superior, and your ranking is actually higher than mine. I’d like to see what you are capable of!”

    Finishing his words, the White-dressed Man was going to strike.

    “Woo…” But at this critical moment, there was a growl.

    Suddenly, a strange fragrance filled the air. It was so strong that everyone could smell it.

    “The Heaven Treasure is ripe!”

    On the boat, a man suddenly shouted, pointing to the spot of the lake not far in front of the island. “It’s the Rouge Fruit!”

    Hearing that, the crowd all looked at the direction.

    In the middle of the island, there was a plant like a fishing rod. At the top of the plant hung a fruit with a pink light, which was like the bait on a fishing pole.

    The fruit was only the size of a thumb. At first glance, it looked like a ball of pink rouge.

    If they took a closer look, they would find that in the place where the fruit and the stem linked, there were some silver patterns like a chain.

    Everyone couldn’t help getting excited as they saw the Heaven Treasure.

    A couple of them were ready to take it.


    Just at this moment, there was a burst of water all of a sudden.

    On the lake in front of the boat, the water was surging, creating a huge eddy.

    “Here comes the guardian beast,” someone shouted.

    Those who weren’t so powerful immediately flew toward the shore in panic as they felt the irritable factor.

    In the meantime, the White-dressed Man coldly glanced at Fang Qiu and then looked at the lake in front of him.

    “Boom…” As soon as he turned around, a surge of water which was about two meters high rose from the center of the eddy.

    The crowd was taken back.

    The water reaching five meters high and then fell down, soaking all the people on the boat.

    Fang Qiu and the White-dressed Man instantly channeled their internal Qi to block the water.

    As the water spread, a huge shadow suddenly showed up as a sailing boat in the vast sea. It rushed out of the lake.

    Everyone froze as they witnessed the figure.

    That enormous shadow turned out to be a huge turtle with a shell of 10 meters in length and eight meters in width.

    Each claw of its paws was about one meter long, which was extremely sharp as if they were made of steel.

    “Pah… ” It jumped up and fell back into the water.

    The giant turtle started to stir the water in the lake, causing enormous waves that violently shook the boat. It was so powerful that the boat was about to capsize.

    Most of the people didn’t dare to linger on the boat and immediately used their internal Qi to fly swiftly to the shore.

    He Gaoming was one of them. “Go.”

    The White-dressed Man immediately jumped off the boat and grabbed the hands of the four beautiful women who were about to fall down, taking them to the shore.

    In the meantime, the turtle came up again.

    This time, instead of a surge of water, it created a huge water curtain that was going to wrap up the island, where the Heaven Treasure was grown.

    “No,” Fang Qiu uttered a word.

    He immediately rushed toward the water curtain, trying to get to the island before it completely covered it.

    The White-dressed Man also noticed this, so he pushed the women to the shore in the mid-air and instantly rushed toward the water curtain.

    Once again, the huge turtle suddenly fell into the island like a mountain.

    The water curtain, broken by the turtle, closed quickly.

    “Shoo!” Seizing the opportunity, Fang Qiu immediately burst all his force and raced into the island before the curtain closed.

    The water curtain had been completely closed by the time the White-dress Man rushed in.

    “Open it!” he roared.

    The man fiercely struck the water curtain.

    No matter how powerful he was, his strike would be instantly dissolved by the current.

    No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t break the water curtain, which made him furious.

    Since he could do nothing about it, he hurriedly returned to the shore to wait. He would get the Rouge Fruit no matter it was held by the mysterious man or the huge turtle.

    Inside the water curtain, Fang Qiu, who was pulled into the island, happened to land on the back of the turtle.

    The turtle kept crawling forward as if it hadn’t noticed Fang Qiu. It opened its mouth widely, trying to swallow the fruit in one bite.

    “This is mine.” Fang Qiu chuckled and immediately stepped on the shell of the big turtle. In an instant, he rushed to the head of the big turtle. He was about to use his strength to rush forward. When he grabbed the Rogue Fruit three meters away in front of him, the big turtle, which had not been paying attention to him, suddenly raised its head and was going to bite Fang Qiu ferociously.