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Chapter 382 - Get the Heaven Treasure!

Medical Master
     “Buzz…” Under Fang Qiu’s feet, the big mouth of the turtle was intimidating.

    Fang Qiu didn’t hear the turtle’s roar, but he did hear a huge buzzing sound coming from its mouth as if it was a bottomless pit.

    Fortunately, Fang Qiu was a guru.

    “Swish.” Under the vulture-like mouth of the huge turtle, Fang Qiu made a move and immediately rushed out.

    The turtle failed to reach Fang Qiu.

    It was furious when it saw Fang Qiu run right up to the Rogue Fruit.

    It struck the ground with its front paws, rushing towards Fang Qiu like an angry bull.

    “It’s powerful!” Feeling the current brought by the huge turtle as it rose, Fang Qiu was worried.

    He immediately turned around.

    At this point, he knew that he wasn’t able to dodge it.

    Because the Rouge Fruit was right in the front, once he dodged the attack of the turtle, then the turtle would definitely swallow the Rogue Fruit.

    If he went straight for the fruit, the turtle would directly swallow him and the Rogue Fruit.

    The only way to solve this problem was to block the turtle.

    Turning around, Fang Qiu faced the giant turtle.

    He took a deep breath, lowering his body and reaching out his fists.

    As the turtle came up to him, Fang Qiu immediately grabbed the turtle by its mouth edge.

    Then he pressed with force.

    He channeled all the internal Qi from his two reopened meridians. With tremendous force, the turtle was thrown to the other side.

    “It’s really strong.” Fang Qiu was taken back.

    The strike of the turtle was about the strength of a sixth-class Martial Superior.

    Moreover, they were still on the island. If they were in the water, this giant turtle might be able to show the power of a seventh-class Martial Superior.

    However, even though it was a sixth-class Martial Superior, it wouldn’t be a problem for Fang Qiu.

    Throwing the giant turtle to one side, Fang Qiu no longer wanted to be entangled with it but directly turned around to grab the Rogue Fruit. Then he immediately flew out.

    The turtle went crazy as it saw that.

    However, it seemed that the turtle didn’t know how to roar.

    It just kept pounding on the floor with its paws, making loud crashes. And its sharp claws went deeper into the ground.

    With the lighting speed, it raced towards Fang Qiu.

    Perhaps because the Rogue Fruit was picked by Fang Qiu, or the turtle was so angry that it forgot to control it, the water curtain which covered the whole island turned into raindrops and collapsed all of a sudden.

    In the distance, the people who had been waiting immediately saw that Fang Qiu was being chased by the giant turtle.

    The direction where Fang Qiu was heading was the lake they were staying in before.

    The White-dressed Man roared furiously, “Give me my Heaven Treasure!”

    Then he immediately jumped into the water, stepping on the floating log in the water and chasing Fang Qiu.

    But Fang Qiu didn’t run at full speed.

    Actually, he had been deliberately keeping a certain distance with the turtle, so as to lure it to pursue him.

    The turtle truly got some powerful strength after all.

    Maybe the White-dressed Man would be able to confront with the turtle on land, but once in the water, he couldn’t beat it at all. Since the Rogue Fruit was taken away, the turtle had already gone mad.

    The reason why Fang Qiu made himself as a bait to lure the giant turtle was that he was afraid that the crazy turtle might attack other people and hurt them.

    “Stop right there! Give me the Rogue Fruit!” Stepping on the log, the White-dressed Man shouted angrily.

    On the shore, everybody pursed their lips as they heard what he said.

    You couldn’t even get on the island. How on earth would he give it to you?

    Even if there were no mysterious man, this Rouge Fruit would only fall into the turtle’s mouth. Who the hell did you think you were?

    Apparently, everyone was dissatisfied with the fact that the White-dressed Man was trying to make the fruit his earlier.

    Heaven Treasure was what you got when you were lucky.

    “Let’s go!” Seeing the White-dressed Man chased it, everyone started to get on the boat and chased them.

    He Gaoming, who had been hiding in the crowd, decided not to pursue them.

    Anyway, it was his master who had the Rouge Fruit. He couldn’t take it even if he chased them. Maybe he would even implicate his master to lose the Rouge Fruit, so he couldn’t do such a thing to him.

    Therefore, as he saw the martial arts practitioners scrambling for the boat, he left right away.

    He was afraid that anyone would come to their senses and asked him for money.

    Besides, he had to rush to other ships to collect the money. He did earn some money back by charging people on this boat, but that was not enough. He would make a fortune as he collected all the money from all the ships.

    As Fang Qiu saw the White-dressed Man and other martial arts practitioners run after him, his face changed, and he immediately sped up.

    He was not afraid that those guys would come up and snatch the Rogue Fruit away from him.

    With his strength, none of the people present could take away what he had in his hands.

    What he was worried about was that these people would only be hurt or even killed by the giant turtle if they caught up with him blindly.

    So now he had to speed up and take the turtle somewhere further.

    As a result, as Fang Qiu ran faster, the giant turtle also relentlessly thrashed the water and chased him.

    The White-dressed Man also hastened to catch up furiously.

    However, Fang Qiu was too fast.

    After leading the turtle to a vast expanse of water, Fang Qiu vanished all of a sudden.

    The giant turtle flew into a rage as soon as Fang Qiu disappeared…

    Even the White-dressed Man was furious.

    “John Doe, come out here and give me back my Rogue Fruit!”

    He roared ferociously the moment Fang Qiu disappeared as if he had totally forgotten that the giant turtle was right in front of him.

    However, the giant turtle that was in a rage and got nowhere to vent its anger heard the White-dressed Man’s roar. It instantly turned around and glared at the man, giving him an unexpected strike.

    As it could see, human beings were all the same. They were all doomed to die.

    The White-dressed Man was also furious.

    Witnessing that the turtle struck him, he lashed out and also vented all his anger on it.

    The turtle fought back as it would never back down.

    They got into a serious fight.

    The waves surged by the fierce fight continually shook the boat, making them feel like they were in the ocean.

    Looking at the giant monster and the White-dressed Man get into a fierce battle, people were dumbfounded.

    The man who was driving the boat already slowed down before he realized it.

    “Go back!” At this point, a voice came out of nowhere.

    The crowd followed the voice and looked up.

    A dark figure suddenly appeared in front of them.

    It was the mysterious man.

    When they saw the dark figure, everyone couldn’t help but gasp.

    “The giant turtle has already gone mad. Even the White-dressed Man can’t defeat it. You’re only digging your own grave if you try to confront it. Leave right now before you get hurt.”

    Fang Qiu warned them before he turned back.

    “Shoo!” At this very moment, a middle-aged man suddenly flew out from the boat like a hidden weapon. He ran straight to Fang Qiu at an incredibly fast speed.

    Taking a closer look, the man was exactly the person who posted the message on the Wulin online forum.

    He was really fast and agile.

    However, Fang Qiu was much faster than him.

    It would be too ignorant if one wanted to race against a guru.

    Just as he was charging forward, Fang Qiu turned around and moved his right foot.

    As the man lunged to him, he kicked him right in the chest and made him fall into the lake.

    At that moment, the middle-aged man was dumbfounded.

    Speed and agility were his own forte.

    However, he didn’t expect that with that kind of speed he possessed, the mysterious man could still move faster than him. What was more, he didn’t even realize it before he was kicked directly into the lake.

    This mysterious man was indeed a talent.

    “Who else wants it?” Fang Qiu asked, turning to look at the crowd on the boat.

    Hearing that, everyone fell into silence.

    “Ah!” Suddenly, on the boat, a man covering his mouth shouted as he pointed Fang Qiu’s feet.

    The crowd looked at the spot he was pointing.

    Then they finally noticed that the mysterious man was treading on the surface of the water, which looked like he was on the flat.

    Only a guru was capable of standing on the water like that.

    In an instant, the martial arts practitioners were in shock!

    On the water, Fang Qiu didn’t explain anything to them.

    In fact, a seventh-class Martial Superior who got enough internal Qi would be able to tread on the water. Unlike flying in the air, water was a practical thing that one could truly feel it.

    With the aid of internal Qi, it wasn’t difficult to tread on the water.

    However, without any help from practical tools, only the guru would be able to fly in the air.

    Hearing no response from anyone, Fang Qiu didn’t bother to stay there, so he turned around and disappeared in the dark.

    “Damn, that guy is a guru!”

    “The mysterious man is a guru. No wonder he is so powerful.”

    People were exclaiming.

    “Start the boat and get out of here.” At this point, a man shouted from a distance.

    Just as the man finished his words, the crowd saw that the White-dressed Man fled in a panic.

    The giant turtle had gone completely mad!

    It was stirring the lake as if it just went through a violent storm.

    Seeing what happened, no one dared to stay there anymore. All of them fled in a hurry.

    After the practitioners had run away, He Gaoming, who had left in advance, secretly came back after receiving the money from all the boats. He needed to take the boats back and returned them to the owner.

    After all, integrity came first in terms of business.

    The giant turtle grew angrier after stirring the water because it got nowhere to vent its anger.

    Therefore, it headed towards the shore as if it was going to lash out on the land as well.

    “Humph!” As soon as the turtle came ashore, a snort was heard from the sky.

    Fang Qiu already flew in front of it.

    “Smack! Smack! Smack!” The giant turtle pounded the land with its front paws and pounded the water with its rear paws, ready to attack Fang Qiu.

    “Come if you can!” Fang Qiu shouted, releasing all the force as a guru and pressing fiercely on the turtle.

    When that happened, the turtle instantly prostrated on the floor as if its anger had dissipated. Instead of pounding around, it drew its head back into the shell.

    “I will not spare you if you dare to kill anyone!” Fang Qiu warned it seriously.

    As Fang Qiu finished his words, the giant turtle stretched out its head to look at Fang Qiu, then immediately turned its head and ran away.

    Now it just wanted to run as far as it could because this human in mid-air was awfully scary.