Medical Princess

Chapter 312 - Being Slapped Repeatedly

Chapter 312 Being Slapped Repeatedly This slap removed the peacefulness and tenderness from Qin Yuru’s face. With her face immediately darkening, she covered her face with resentment and said angrily, “Qin Wanru, you…” Before she finished speaking, she was slapped heavily again. The slap directly irritated Qin Yuru who had never suffered such a loss. She put her hand down and intended to slap Qin Wanru back. During her lifetime, she had never suffered such a loss, especially a loss from Qin Wanru whom she despised most. “Qin Yuru, as long as you dare to slap me, I dare to call others to see how the First Miss Qin, who is tender and dignified, suppress her indignation!” Qin Wanru stared directly at Qin Yuru and said with a sneer, “I don’t care whom you plot against, what you intend to do and why you pretend to be so pitiful. But since you dare to pretend, you must bear it!” The words almost rolled off her tongue without the least effort. Qin Wanru’s beautiful eyes showed no trace of warmth as if soaked in the icy water of the bitter winter. These two slaps, along with the grudges and some unsolved mysteries of the last life slowly surfaced. Madam Di and her daughter were so good at plotting, or she could also say that Madam Di and her daughter and Madam of Duke Xing were so good at plotting. They had a set of interlocking stratagems, and now even included whether Qin Yuru was Madam Di’s biological daughter in their stratagems. It explained the matter… With her hand stopping in front of Qin Wanru’s face, Qin Yuru looked ferocious and hesitant. She had pretended to be a girl with filial piety and good manners in front of others. If others found that she slapped Qin Wanru, everything she had done would be completely in vain. Some of the wounds on her arm were real and hurt a lot. If it weren’t for the glory and wealth, Qin Yuru would never really hurt herself like this. For her future, for her life, for better cleaning up her reputation and finding a powerful backing, Qin Yuru slowly put down her hand and flushed in anger. She lowered her voice to viciously threaten Qin Wanru, “Qin Wanru, you are seeking death. Do you know?” “Qin Yuru, what do you intend to do? Do you intend to prove that you are not Madam Di’s biological daughter?” Qin Wanru stared straight at Qin Yuru’s face, and said lightly. Qin Yuru was nervous and said loudly, “Nonsense!” “Regarding whether I’m talking nonsense, would you like to ask father to prove it? Father should know best whether you are Madam Di’s biological daughter, right?” Qin Wanru said rudely. “Qin Wanru, stop talking nonsense. I didn’t say that I’m not my mother’s biological daughter!” From Qin Wanru’s words, she could tell that Qin Wanru seemed to be aware of the plot of her mother and her. Qin Yuru became more anxious and glared at Qin Wanru with her face darkening. “Qin Yuru, I’m not interested in the plot of Madam Di and you. I just want to know why the handkerchief you gave me appeared in the hands of childe Wang?” Qin Wanru sneered and changed the subject. Hearing Qin Wanru change the subject, Qin Yuru was relieved and looked at Qin Wanru in puzzlement. She thought that Qin Wanru said that just because of the incident related to the handkerchief, not because she really knew something. At the thought of it, she felt slightly relieved. She was also surprised by the incident related to the handkerchief! “Why should I know about the incident related to the handkerchief? I only kept one of the handkerchiefs and then gave the rest to you. You said you gave them to Qi Rongzhi. Maybe Qi Rongzhi intended to frame you up. It has nothing to do with me!” Qin Yuru said in anger. “It has something to do with Qi Rongzhi?” Qin Wanru raised her lips with sarcasm. “Is there anyone else besides her? You also saw my piece of handkerchief. Regarding Qi Rongzhi’s handkerchiefs, you can ask someone to check the number of handkerchiefs in her place. If any of them is missing, she must be the one who framed you up. It has nothing to do with me. I’m just telling the truth! “Qin Yuru rolled her eyes and sneered. Since Qin Wanru had seen her through, she didn’t have to keep pretending! Qin Yuru didn’t like either of Qi Rongzhi and Qin Wanru, and it was best to make them quarrel with each other. The result was out of her consideration at all. The noisier they were in the quarrel, the better. Madam of Duke Xing could see that Qi Rongzhi was not a decent person at all and far inferior to her. “Why are you so sure that Miss Qi is the one, who intended to frame me up, rather than you?” Qin Wanru looked at her in disbelief. “Second sister, although I don’t like you, you are my sister after all. There are only two young ladies in our Qin’s Mansion, and we are always mentioned in the same breath. If something terrible happens to you, it also has an influence on my reputation. Although Qi Rongzhi has been raised in our mansion, she’s not related to us. Besides, she had an ambiguous relationship with my cousin. I can tell that she’s not a good person at first glance.” In order to win the trust of Qin Wanru, Qin Yuru simply mentioned what had happened between Di Yan and Qi Rongzhi again. She had fought for Di Yan’s favors with Qi Rongzhi. At the thought of it, she wished only if something terrible happened to Qi Rongzhi, and was extremely reluctant to see Qi Rongzhi live a life better than hers. “Qin Yuru, you are such a b*tch. What are you talking about!” As Qin Yuru finished her words, Qi Rongzhi’s voice suddenly came from the back of the rockery in front of them. Seeing Qi Rongzhi coming over in anger, Qin Wanru took two steps back to step aside. “You…” Qin Yuru didn’t expect Qi Rongzhi to show up suddenly, and took a step back in shock. Qi Rongzhi rushed over and reached out to slap Qin Yuru twice fiercely, while cursing, “Qin Yuru, you are a lascivious b*tch. You had an ambiguous relationship with my brother and then dumped him in an attempt to marry into a nobler family. Now you’ve moved to the capital and been engaged to Duke Yong’s Mansion, but you dare to keep thinking of my brother. Shame on you! ” She said that so loudly with rage and resentment that she almost sounded like shouting. “Qi Rongzhi, you are talking nonsense!” Qin Yuru was so anxious that her face turned pale. Although there were few people at the moment, if someone walked slowly, they would have heard it. Unlike Qin Wanru, Qi Rongzhi spoke in a particularly loud voice. “Am I talking nonsense? Do you want to ask my brother to come here? Qin Yuru, who do you want to marry? Don’t think about maintaining an ambiguous relationship with both of them at the same time. Stop bothering my brother anymore since you have decided to marry into Duke Yong’s Mansion for their status. My brother can marry another girl from a noble family. You are not his only choice! ” Qi Rongzhi said disdainfully and yelled at Qin Yuru rudely. She also had a terrible relationship with Qin Yuru, and they hated each other. In some respect, she even considered Qin Yuru even more distasteful than Qin Wanru. Now she was finally about to stand out, but Qin Yuru framed her up on this day. Some terrible things had happened on the day of her great joyful event. Qi Rongzhi had got the news and come over hurriedly. But she was called over by Qin Wanru before leaving the Qin’s Mansion. Qin Wanru told her that Qin Yuru also wanted to be adopted by Madam of Duke Xing as her daughter. With the help of Countess Yong and Madam Di, Qin Yuru would have a better chance than her. If Qin Yuru succeeded in being adopted by Madam of Duke Xing as her daughter, Qi Rongzhi wouldn’t get any other benefits besides the title of the adopted daughter of Madam of Duke Xing. This was the most intolerable thing to Qi Rongzhi. She wanted to marry an outstanding childe from an aristocratic family with the support of Duke Xing’s Mansion! She could never allow Qin Yuru to succeed in doing that. She knew well about her own situation. If it were not for Qin Wanru’s refusal, she would not get the chance to be adopted by Madam of Duke Xing. It was impossible that Madam of Duke Xing liked her a lot. She could tell from the etiquette of Madam of Duke Xing that Madam of Duke Xing was just perfunctory. At the thought of this, she would not allow Qin Yuru to be another adopted daughter of Madam of Duke Xing, otherwise Qin Yuru would inevitably overwhelm her with the backing of Duke Yong’s Mansion and Madam Di. After thinking about this, she decided to see clearly at the sight that something happened here. Later, she heard that she was mentioned and Qin Wanru explained it clearly, otherwise she would fail to bear it at that time. What happened next amused her much. Qin Yuru had been beaten heavily by Madam Di, as if Qin Yuru wasn’t Madam Di’s biological daughter.