God Emperor

Chapter 1328 - Force Back

Chapter 1328: Force Back Larbre Studio  Larbre Studio Zho Qilin was also a huge demonic figure who’d cultivated for more than 400 years. He’d even killed a few Saints. Why would he fear a young Saint who’d only appeared in the past few years? “I heard that you used spatial power to kill Qiu Lanshan from the Northern Region Saint Academy. Did that battle boost your ego? Now you think you can go up against a Heaven Pass Saint?” Zhao Qilin wore a mask, so one couldn’t see his expression, but one could hear the scorn in his voice. “It seems like you don’t plan on retreating,” Zhang Ruochen said. Clang! A sword clanged. The Abyss Ancient Sword appeared in Zhang Ruochen’s hand. As soon as the heavy sword and black light flew out, beams of Sword Qi appeared automatically in the sky. Other than Zhao Qilin, the other Night Emissaries all felt the strong pressure from the sword intent. Their legs turned weak and they retreated involuntarily. Merely the sword’s clang made some of the Night Emissaries bleed from the ears. Such strong sword intent. Zhao Qilin was shocked inwardly. He stopped looking down on Zhang Ruochen and hurriedly set up his saint soul territory. One hundred thousand threads of Demonic Qi rushed out of his body instantly. They spread out, turning this destroyed area into a dark demonic region. “The vast universe, all under me.” The saintly might on Zhao Qilin grew stronger and stronger. Under his golden mask, his eyes had turned blood-red. He looked both aggressive and eerie. “He cultivated the Vast Universe Gong,” Zhang Ruochen murmured to himself. The Vast Universe Gong was one of the strongest King Realm techniques. It wasn’t much weaker than the Six Extraordinary Books. Since Zhao Qilin had cultivated the Vast Universe Gong and reached the Heaven Pass Realm, his abilities definitely weren’t like an average Heaven Pass Saint. The other Night Emissaries were also strong, but they couldn’t be compared to a Heaven Pass Saint. Seeing Zhao Qilin use the Vast Universe Gong, they knew that Zhang Ruochen wasn’t easy to deal with. They all used techniques and retreated into the distance. Zhao Qilin took the initiative and attacked, pointing forward with two fingers. Icy Holy Qi poured out instantly. Crack, crack. The ground between him and Zhang Ruochen actually cracked from the reverberations. Zhang Ruochen stayed in place and stood up tall. He lifted the Abyss Ancient Sword and made a circle. A circle of Sword Qi flew out, resolving the attack. At the same time, he also stabbed forward quickly at Zhao Qilin’s forehead. The two entangled together, sometimes flying in the sky, sometimes chasing on the ground. They were actually an equal match. “Zhang Ruochen is so powerful,” an observing Night Emissary said. “His cultivation is enough to counter the leader. Compared to him, even the Deity is a bit weaker.” “Nonsense. Zhang Ruochen is powerful, but the Deity isn’t weak either. Who knows who’ll win in the end?” … Without a doubt, the Nine Heirs all shone brilliantly in this era. The Empress used all the resources of Kunlun’s Field to train each of them. Their cultivation speed and potential couldn’t be reached by the average pride. Probably only Time and Space Descendant Zhang Ruochen could steal their spotlight. “It should end now. Vast Universe Print.” Zhao Qilin’s voice passed through the voluminous demonic clouds. Then he formed a print with his hands and sucked away all the Spiritual Qi within hundreds of miles. A thousand-foot-long handprint fell from the sky. The lines in the palm contained abstruse Rules of Saintly Way. The ground caved in before the hand even landed. Zhang Ruochen raised his head and looked up. His eyes were calm and fearless. “Splitting Light in Great Void.” Three thousand runes appeared on the Abyss Ancient Sword. The Destruction of the Thousand-patterns burst forth, forming a black sword. The sword cut down, directly ripping apart the descending Vast Universe Print. Even Zhao Qilin fell from the sky. The Demonic Qi in the sky thinned a bit. There was a long bloody gash from Zhao Qilin’s left shoulder to his abdomen. It almost cut him in half. His eyes filled with disbelief. “How is this possible? You used the Nine-Life Sword Technique. That’s what I taught the First Saintess. How did you learn it?” In the distance, Xiao Mie was healing himself. He was also shocked. Xiao Mie wasn’t shocked that Zhang Ruochen could use the Nine-Life Sword Technique. He’d heard some secret information before and knew that Zhang Ruochen had a close relationship with the First Saintess. What shocked him was that Zhang Ruochen’s power actually surpassed Zhao Qilin. “An upper level Saint can actually be so strong. No wonder people told me that Zhang Ruochen is the top figure of the younger generation. Now I see that it’s not an exaggeration.” Xiao Mie put his green eyeballs back into their sockets. He walked to Zhao Qilin’s side, standing across from Zhang Ruochen. Zhao Qilin bowed slightly to Xiao Mie. “Palace Lord, please rest without worry. Hand this over to me.” “I’m afraid I can’t hand it over to you,” Xiao Mie said. “Can’t you see that Zhang Ruochen hasn’t used his full power yet and is only using you to practice his swordsmanship?” Zhao Qilin didn’t believe that Zhang Ruochen could be so strong. He had only been injured because he was too cocky. “Give me another chance,” he said. “I will definitely capture Zhang Ruochen.” “If I give you another chance, I’m afraid you’ll lose your life.” Xiao Mie didn’t have Zhao Qilin continue to attack. He lifted his right foot and stomped down. With a whoosh, a circular fire formation appeared. At first, the formation was only ten feet wide, but it gradually expanded. It went from 20 feet to 50, to 80, 100… “The Time and Space Descendant isn’t a typical cultivator,” Xiao Mie said. “Today, I will bully the weak and capture you personally.” The fire formation stretched to Zhang Ruochen’s feet. A gust of hot power flared in his face. His Spiritual Power was greatly damaged by the Crazy Alcoholic, but he’s still so powerful. The head of the Demonic Sect’s nine palaces really isn’t a simple figure. Zhang Ruochen was clear that he couldn’t get caught in Xiao Mie’s formation. Thus, he used the Luan Phoenix Deity Print Speed and rushed into the air with a luan and phoenix underfoot. “You think you can avoid the formation by going into the sky? If you meet a formation master, it means that there is no escape.” Xiao Mie smiled slightly and pointed into the sky. A fire formation actually appeared in the sky. It spun slowly and pressed down. Zhang Ruochen was hundreds of feet in the sky. There was a sea of fire both above and below him. The two large formations spun, turning his skin red-hot from the reflection. “Sword Seven.” The Holy Qi within Zhang Ruochen spun violently. Powerful sword intent burst forth. The Abyss Ancient Sword shone with miles of black light as thousands of beams of Sword Qi flooded out. The terrifying force of Sword Way made all the cultivators on the ground feel fear. They felt that Zhang Ruochen was like a top Sword Saint now. Whoosh! Zhang Ruochen transformed into a beam of light. Riding the Abyss Ancient Sword, he crashed against the center of the formation in the sky and passed right through. Boom! The fire formation shattered into various fireballs and fell down. “Sword Seven… Could it be that Zhang Ruochen has already become a Sword Saint?” Zhao Qilin gasped sharply. He finally realized the difference between him and Zhang Ruochen. He definitely couldn’t take that previous hit. At the same time, Qing Mo stood on the golden cobra’s head. Combining Holy Qi from the girl and cobra, she activated the origin power of the silver kitchen knife and hacked down on the formation on the ground. With a boom, silver sword light cut the fire formation in half. After the formation disappeared, there was only a miles-long sword mark on the ground. It was practically a dried river. “Divine relic… Ancient weapon…” Xiao Mie sensed a terrifying aura get released as the silver kitchen knife cut down. A shred of that power surpassed the Saintly Way. It was a god’s power. Only a divine ancient relic could have that kind of power. Xiao Mie pressed his hands against his head. Pain stabbed through his head. The Crazy Alcoholic had severely injured his Spiritual Power and saint soul earlier. It was acting up again. “Go. Go immediately…” While bearing the pain in his head, Xiao Mie activated his Spiritual Power and flew into the darkness as a streak of fire. On the other hand, Zhao Qilin opened a saint decree. Using the decree’s power, he carried the emissaries of the Demonic Night Palace and escaped. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get far. The golden cobra was very angry, thinking that these people had come to hurt Gu Songzi. It lunged forward, attacking Zhao Qilin and the Night Emissaries viciously, making them produce pained cries. Some were poisoned while others got swallowed up. Zhang Ruochen didn’t chase after them. He landed on the ground and clutched his chest with a pained expression. Forcefully using Sword Seven earlier had surpassed the limit of the three meridians. His body once again had piercing pain. His face was covered in cold sweat. “Lord, what’s wrong?” Qing Mo flew over and hurriedly supported Zhang Ruochen. “No big problem.” Zhang Ruochen shook his head. He sat down cross-legged and activated a technique. As Holy Qi and Chaotic Qi circulated through his meridians, the pain gradually disappeared. When he recovered, the golden cobra came from the distance and appeared before him. Its mouth was covered in blood and it looked extremely menacing. Qing Mo wasn’t afraid of it at all. “Little Gold said that it killed all of the Night Emissaries except Zhao Qilin. Zhao Qilin was injured quite heavily before fleeing with an escape spell.” Even Zhu Qingyi had failed before the golden cobra. It was naturally a very powerful savage beast. It was easy for it to defeat a group of Night Emissaries. “Xiao Mie’s Spiritual Power should at least be at Level 54,” Zhang Ruochen said. “With the addition of his knowledge in formations, very few people under the Saint King Realm can fight him. He only left because his Spiritual Power was hurt and he couldn’t use his full potential. He’ll definitely return when he recovers a bit. We won’t be his match at all.” “What should we do?” Qing Mo asked. “Leave this place and find somewhere to hide.” Zhang Ruochen was still recovering. He didn’t want to fight, lest problems arise for his three meridians. Otherwise, he would definitely take advantage of this chance to kill Xiao Mie and Zhao Qilin. There was no way he would let them escape. He walked into the Thousand-leaf Saint Heart Grass and took out the unconscious Zhu Qingyi. Then he put the grass into the Mercury Gourd. Finally, he and Qing Mo sat atop the golden cobra’s head and left this scorched land.