The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1239 - Demon Realm’s Coup

Chapter 1239: Demon Realm’s Coup Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio The Demon Realm has only one seed of golden flames forbidden wood, and it is well known that it is in the hands of the Demon Emperor. “It was when the sixth princess was born…The Demon Emperor gave the seed as a blessing to the sixth princess …” This is a secret of the royal family, and it is really hard for outsiders to know. The golden flames forbidden wood seeds, to think that they are actually on her! Su Yu was surprised! The color of contemplation across his face is clear, and Su Yu’s eyes reveal a bright light. If the golden flames forbidden wood seeds can be planted and subsequently germinate, maybe the situation will be different. Purple-Eyed Demonic God sent the letter to the hands of every prince and princess. In official terms, the ninth princess escaped from the giant of the bitter sea and invited her brothers and sisters to come to the party and celebrate this. There is nothing wrong with this. Although the four maids were wary, they couldn’t stop them. The sixth princess who received the letterhead flashed with surprise. “Oh? Does it seem that Su Yu is unwilling to sit still? In addition to me, he had invited all my other brothers and sisters.” The Book God frowned slightly. “Your Highness is going to go?” “Of course!” The sixth princess smiled, revealing her white teeth that were as white as snow: “There will be another half a year to go before the sacrifice of the bitter sea. The chance for us to gather together will not be around for long anymore. Besides, Su Yu is the one to hold this party. Everyone else will come.” “Why, don’t you want me to go?” The sixth princess turned and looked at the Book God. There was a strange look in the eyes of the Book God before he replied, shaking his head and said, “No.” No one knows how he thinks. The rest of the princes and princesses received the letter, and the reply to the purpled-eye demonic god was affirmative. Though there is only one exception. “So, besides the seventh prince, are all the other princes and princesses willing to come?” Su Yu blinked after hearing the reply from Purple-Eyed Demonic God. The seventh prince, is that the gentle and amazing prince who has stunning abilities? Amongst the princes and princesses, although he is young, his strength is stable and usually in the top three, only under that of the eldest prince and sixth princess. His refusal was rather unexpected. Although, without him, it does not hinder the overall situation. Half a month later, all seven princes and princesses came to Seawatch City to visit their ninth princess. As the focus of attention today, the Ninth princess was released by Su Yu. She sat in the seat of the city, greeting the princes and princesses who came to visit. It was only until lunch before everyone was transferred to another living room. There is a prohibition set by the purpled-pupil demonic god around the living room, which can prevent any form of investigation or prying eyes from the gods. Looking at this scene, the princes and princesses who came had a flashing look across their faces. They knew that the main event was coming! The host was still the ninth princess, and she waited in the living room earlier for them to arrive. Only, when the princes and princesses went in, they found that the ninth princess was no longer on the main seat, and a silver-haired demon was on the main seat instead. The ninth princess who invited them, crouched under his feet like a spirit pet. The princes and princesses did not know who Su Yu was, but they knew for a fact that he held down the ninth princess. Some princes and princesses were indifferent to the situation, while others were uncomfortable with what they saw. The daughter of the magnificent demon emperor, but under the pressure of Princess Yunxia, ​​became a spiritual pet of another demon. “You demon, you are appreciated by Princess Yunxia. We understand, but today is the day when us brothers and sisters are reunited. Could you please ask an outsider to move aside and go away?” the second princess said. Su Yu glanced at her with a little appreciation. Among the nine princes and princesses, she was the only one who stood up for the dog. “Hehe, Her Royal Highness the second, crossing the river only to tear up the bridge after would hurt the owner of the city. Anyway, I invite you here to give you a chance to discuss your life and death. Otherwise, if you must find a suitable excuse for this meeting, I’m afraid it would not be that easy.” The second princess frowned. “You seem to know our situation! Are you not afraid that we will kill you?” “Destroy my mouth, sure, but how is it helpful to your situation? Because I know your situation, I convene this meeting for you today and would like to help you,” Su Yu said slowly. The second princess smiled, albeit mockingly. “Do you think that a small city lord is actually able to do that?” “Well, my identity as a small city lord is certainly not enough. What if I have another identity?” Huh? In the crowd, the sixth princess was surprised, and curiously looked at Su Yu. “Another identity? Couldn’t it be that you are a person of the Holy Magic Hall?” Su Yu smiled and shook his head. “If I am from the Holy Magic Hall, how can I be blamed in public by the Holy Magic Hall?” “Then you are the Princess of Yunxia herself? There does not seem to be any reason for you to further emphasize our situation in private, right?” The second princess refuted, with hate in her eyes. “Hahaha, Her Royal Highness, should I say that you are upright and rude, or that you are just so stupid? When you came, you should have seen the four maids of Princess Yunxia, keeping watch above the sea? You would think that they scrutinize my city because they are afraid that I am cold?” The rest of the princes and princesses were silent. When they came, they saw the signs. The situation of this demon did not seem to be as good as rumored. Princess Yunxia is watching him! “What’s your identity then? Tell us now!” The second princess said with hands on her hips. Su Yu narrowed his eyes. “My identity … Hehe, Great Eastern Alliance, acting god, Feather God!” As soon as this word came out, the audience was shocked. The sixth princess was secretly surprised. She was the only person who knew Su Yu’s true identity, but did not know that Su Yu dared to announce it out to the imperial royal family! “What? You are a foreigner! Mixed in my demon world, and also become a generation of city owners, what is the horror you seek to unleash?” The second princess immediately attacked and shot Su Yu whilst squinting her eyes. “Oh, Her Majesty, the second princess, please be calm and don’t rush.” A flash of purple light stopped her. “Purple-Eyed Demonic God, you, you, betrayed the demon world? Are you not afraid of the end, to be chased by the Holy Magic Hall?” the second princess screamed. Purple-Eyed Demonic God smiled and replied, “So, dare I ask the second princess, who is loyal to the demon world, what is your eventual outcome?” “I …” The second princess was speechless. She stayed loyal but ended up being selected as a sacrifice for the next sacrifice of the Bitter Sea. He looked at the rest of the princes and princesses. Although shocked, no one had a hostile reaction towards Su Yu. Instead, many princes and princes were more relieved. As an outsider, Su Yu is even more unlikely to be in cahoots with Princess Yunxia. They have a common enemy! “It seems you understand.” Su Yu smiled and glanced at the princes and princesses present. “You launch a coup, and I will find you a way to escape!” He was short and concise, getting a head start for the subject topic of today’s meeting. “Can you prepare a backdoor for us?” The second princess said, looking at Su Yu up and down, with a look of disbelief. “Is it that you still have a large number of Great Eastern Alliance masters to cope with the situation?” “I’m alone.” “What! How dare you say and claim something so big, why do you expect that you can help us prepare for the future and our escape?” The second princess shook her head. The other princes and princesses also looked calm and didn’t expect much. They know very well that the key to constraining their escape is their natural royal breath. With this breath, wherever they escape, they cannot escape the Holy Magic Hall. “Hehe.” Su Yu smiled lightly, holding the dog in his arms, and gently stroked her smooth fur with his right palm, stroking her head to her feet. The dog started shivering, and her bright eyes shimmered. But then, the dog suddenly exclaimed, “Ah! My royal … breath!” Yep! The exclamation attracted the attention of the princes and princesses. Brush —— Several princes and princesses stood up in horror, and their pupils opened wide. They clearly found that the royal breath exuded from the dog was completely eliminated, leaving nothing behind! At first glance, the dog was just an ordinary demon, and they couldn’t feel any trace of its royal breath. In this way, if they leave the Demon Realm, unless the Holy Magic Hall goes through all corners of Xing River, otherwise, they will not be found at all! After a short pause, their eyes burned with excitement as they stared hard at Su Yu. Of course, there was also a greedy look. As soon as the purpled-pupil demonic god’s eyes came back to its senses, he calmly protected Su Yu behind him and said softly, “To do this now, is it a tad too early?” However, his warning could not dispel the hot looks of excitement across the princes and princesses. If the nightmare of the Bitter Sea entangles them, they will be terrified for decades. Any hopes that they will see that it will not be there would be merely desperation. Now, they finally do get a glimpse of hope, despite it coming from a small city lord? Squinting to see that the princes and princesses have a tendency to run away and get out of control, Su Yu’s eyes looked slightly disappointed. A group of weaklings… “Sit down!” But at this moment, a sound full of magnetism, not loud, came out from the mouth of a prince who never got up. His facial features are fortitude, with clear and calm eyes, a calm temperament, giving a sense of reliability. The words fell, and the imperial princes and princesses went really quiet, and they sat down again, full of extreme respect for the prince. Su Yu saw this person. To command such majesty, it should be the rumored prince! He has the most potential to surpass the existing contemporary demon emperor. The eldest grandson raised his head, and a pair of deep and sharp eyes turned to Su Yu. Suddenly, Su Yu’s eyes felt a little stinging. His own eyes narrowed, and he secretly transferred a trace of Great Source Divine Origin to resolve the sting caused by his sharp eyes. “You do have the ability to give us an escape route, so what do we need to pay?” Su Yu smiled admiringly. “Finally met someone who knows what trading is!” “I help you to dissolve the royal breath, and you help me escape from the demon world,” Su Yu said. The eldest prince didn’t think about it for a long time, and on behalf of the present princes and princesses, agreed. “Yes! If our coup is successful, you can stay and leave as you like, but if we fail, we will take you out of the realm together, on the condition that you help us dissolve the royal breath.” “That is a deal!” The eldest prince bowed his head, and with Su Yu looking at the moment, his eyes were intertwined, and Su Yu, the representative of the Great Eastern Alliance, reached a cooperation with the demon royal family. Next, the two sides discussed the details. Only if he escaped from the demon realm, Su Yu would then dissolve the royal breath of the princes and princesses. Thus, before leaving, he needs to send a member of the royal family to follow Su Yu at every step, both for monitoring and protecting him. As for the candidate, the second princess volunteered and stared at Su Yu provocatively. “Leave it to me! I will never let this guy have the opportunity to sneak away and play tricks!” The princes and princesses looked at each other as they were discussing. The words of the second princess were not definitive. “Let the sixth princess do it!” The eldest prince said lightly. The second princess refused to accept. “I can do the job!” The eldest prince looked at her and shook his head. “You have a rash temperament, and you can’t hold back Su Yu, this demon.” After only a brief confrontation, the great prince could already make out Su Yu’s temperament and concluded that he must be a strategist. Only a smarter person can truly look out for Su Yu. Of the nine princes and princesses, the sixth princess is famous for her cleverness, and it is most appropriate to hand him to her. “You can just tell me that I’m stupid!” The second princess shook her fist angrily. The eldest prince, indifferent, looked towards the sixth princess. “Sixth Princess, what do you think?” “Giggle, of course, the princess is willing!” The sixth princess turned her eyes brightly and smiled as if the flowers were blooming. With a cunning look, she imprinted her stare on Su Yu. “Heartless man, it seems you can’t shake me away after all.”